Plainfield Garden Club

2013-12-12 Christmas Party & Workshop

Thursday, December 12th
6 pm
Holiday Party, Meals-on-Wheels Tray Decoration & Christmas Craft
Location: Mandy's Garage, 436 Hillside Avenue
What should you bring?

1. Clippers (for cutting wire and greenery)
2. Greens from your garden or Hillside gathering
3. Your volunteered party item below
4. Your wallet/checkbook to pay Sally for the wreath materials

Hostesses: Ramona Ferguson, Janet Burchett, Marty Dyke

Estimated crowd: 25 - 30

This party is always a great success in part because everyone contributes. We have divided up the evening into 5 different blocks of labor with one member in charge. Here are some quick descriptions of who is doing what and how you can help:

1. Mandy: Ground Zero
Mandy will a)clean her garage; b)provide 4 tables, 4 chairs; c)provide two tablecloths, one for food table, one for bar; d)garbage cans; garbage bags

2. Marty: Tables and Chairs
Do you have a table you can share? (Or chairs?) If so, please volunteer below. Marty to provide disposable tablecloths for easy clean up. Mandy has tablecloths for the two food and bar tables. Mandy & Marty to coordinate the set up.

Table Volunteers:
Mandy – 4 tables, 6' L and 4 chairs
Lorraine - 2 tables
Christine - 1 table
Diana - 1 table
Brenda - 2 tables and 16 chairs
Gail - 2 tables and 6 chairs
Tucker - 2 chairs
Tim - 4 chairs (more if needed)
Pam - 1 large table; 1 small table, 4 chairs

3. Lorraine: Meals-on-Wheels Tray Decorations
Lorraine will coordinate the cans, the ribbon, oasis, the picks, the greens, the wire for bows and picks for bows. She will make sure that some of the ribbon is cut to length and glued to the outside of the cans prior to the party. Lorraine will need volunteers to bring the greens for the tray decorations. She usually begs from the Wise Men tree sale on Elm or Williams. (We will also be going to Hillside to gather things as well as members bringing greens from their gardens.)

Prior to 6 PM, all the cans will be ribboned and filled with moist oasis. Lorraine has the boxes to transport the arrangements. Need volunteer(s) to transport them to the Westfield Baptist Church/Meals-on-Wheels, 170 Elm Street the next day.

Volunteers to Help Lorraine Procure and Prepare the Cans:
Tucker, Pam

Volunteers Bringing Greens:
Susan F., Tucker, Tim, Pam, Bernadette, Jeanne, Margaret, Mary

Volunteers to Bring Decorations on Friday, December 13th to Meals-on-Wheels
Diana & Brenda

4. Ramona: Drinks/the Bar
Ramona will need volunteers for alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, ice, coolers, cups and any other items like corkscrews, lemons, limes, etc., etc.

Volunteers to help with the bar:
Corkscrew - Ramona
Wine (1 red, 1 white) - Christine
Wine (1 red, 1 white) - Diana
Wine (1 red) - Peter
Wine (1 red, 1 white) - Patti
Wine (1 red, 2 white) - Tim
24 small bottles of water - Brenda
Ice, ice bucket, tongs - Ginny
Paper goods: 100 clear plastic cups; hot cups; stirrers/spoons; sm. napkins - Gail
Coke Zero, 12 pack small bottles or cans - Tucker
2-3 bottles of seltzer plus sliced lime - Pam
Coffee (with cream and sugar) Dunkin Donuts box - Ramona
Hot tea - Ramona
Ice and cooler - Ramona
Cider - Mandy

5. Janet: Dinner
Janet will need volunteers to make Mary's Turkey Chili and bring in slow cookers; salads; cornbread; 3 appetizers; 3 desserts; serving utensils.

Volunteers to help with Dinner:
Paper goods (plates, bowls, napkins, cups, utensils) – Lorraine
Salad - Brenda
Salad - Carroll
Dessert - Peter
Dessert - Patti
Dessert - Ginny
Appetizer - Patti
Appetizer (2 servings) - Bernadette
Mary's Turkey Chili - Gail
Mary's Turkey Chili - Janet
Mary's Turkey Chili - Janet
Cornbread (3 Trader Joe's pkgs) - Bev
Chili toppings: Onions, cheese, sour cream, oyster crackers, etc - Ginny
Serving utensils - Janet
Saran wrap, foil and large plastic storage bags for clean up/take away - Mandy

6. Sally: Christmas Boxwood Wreaths
Sally will coordinate the materials to make the wreaths. She will let us know what we all owe that evening – bring cash or checks. Sally will order plenty of Boxwood, wire, ribbon and other decorative inserts. (Please remember to bring greens from your gardens!) "Helping" Sally will probably just mean helping carry things to and from her car as she is Head Purchaser for the rest. Its just nice to have a group she can call in case she needs anything!

Volunteers to Help Sally:
Ginny, Gail, Tim and Susan F.

We will need a group of green-gatherers to head to Hillside cemetery on the tentative date of Wednesday, December 11th to gather greens. More information on this TBA. Greens to be shared from members' gardens are also welcome.

Please keep your receipts and submit to Pam for reimbursement (donated items appreciated!). THANK YOU!

1. Mandy Zachariades
2. Lorraine Ciemniecki
3. Susan Fraser
4. Elaine Merritt
5. Sally Booth
6. Janet Burchett
7. Marty Dyke
8. Ramona Ferguson
9. Christine Kamil
10. Diana Madsen
11. Brenda Anderson
12. Peter Simone
13. Patti Dunstan
14. Ginny Dughi
15. Gail Sloan
16. Tucker Trimble
17. Tim Kirby
18. Pam O'Toole
19. Bernadette Neill
20. Carroll Keating
21. Bev Gorman
22. Phyllis Alexander
23. Jeanne Turner
24. Janet's guest: Margaret Chowdhury
25. David Boyd
26. Alan Dandron
27. Mary Kent
28. Martie Weldon

Unable to attend: Nina Weil, Kathy Andrews, Susan Lorentzen
Your Name:
Will you be attending the Thursday, December 12th Christmas Party at 6 PM?
Can you bring greens?