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2014-01-22 Floral Design: Leaf Manipulation

Flower Arranging News…

Did you know that leaf manipulation is a big new trend in floral design? I am here to tell you that it is! Of course we all want to be on the cutting edge of design, so we are going to have a workshop on leaf manipulation. It will be at my home on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, at 10:00am.

Then we will have an opportunity to show off our new expertise when we have our In-House Flower Show on Wednesday, March 18. All 3 classes will have to incorporate some kind of leaf manipulation. Sounds fun, doesn't it? We will have more info about the show very soon.

Please sign up for the workshop so I know how many are planning to come. There may be a small fee for the leaves and any other materials we may need.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Tucker Trimble

Leaf Manipulation Workshop
Featuring Laura Haley
GCA National Chairman of Flower Arranging
10:00 AM
The workshop will be at Tucker's at 8 Eastgate Square, Westfield. Please park in the guest parking areas, not on the street.

You should bring clippers, a pincushion to hold the leaves, and a container that you can put the pincushion in (just for looks) if you would like. All plant material will be provided.

1. Tucker Trimble
2. Ginny Dughi
3. Sally Booth
4. Jeanne Turner
5. Martie Weldon
6. Kathy Andrews
7. Carroll Keating
8. Janet Burchett
9. Diana Madsen
10. Phyllis Alexander
11. Pam O'Toole
12. Marty Dyke
13. Bernadette Neill
14. Brenda Anderson
15. Tim Kirby
16. Susan Lorentzen
17. Gail Sloan
18. Ramona Ferguson

This workshop is in anticipation of our Floral Design-themed March Meeting:

Wednesday, March 19th
9 am
In House Flower Show: Award Winners
Click the above link for details and to sign up with your partner

[In anticipation of this In House Flower Show, a "Leaf Manipulation" Floral Design Workshop is being held January 22nd at Tucker's. CLICK HERE to learn more and to RSVP to the workshop]

Karen Jones presents: Designing in the Sogetsu Manner

Karen Jones will be coming to show us how to create designs using this technique. All members must bring:

* Clippers

* One Kenzan – which is a very heavy pincushion designed to hold branches without tipping over. We will have a link to a site so we can order them. They should be 2-3inches in diameter.

* One container to put your Kenzan in. There are cheap black plastic containers available but you may already have something or want to buy something you like. These containers should be at least 12-18" in diameter. They will be filled with water and the kenzan with the branches placed in it….and the reflection of the water element is very important. These containers can be black, dark green, brown…and should have sides no higher than 2 inches and a completely flat bottom. (Think of a 9 x 13" pyrex lasagna pan – and then get creative!) They can be rectangle, round, oval…any shape really.)

All plant material will be provided.

Location: Plainfield Country Club
Lunch immediately following the meeting at the Club

Hostesses: Phyllis Alexander, Kathy Andrews & Tucker Trimble

Click here to RSVP

Check out these sites on "Leaf Manipulation" in Floral Design

Keith Stanley

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