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Comfort Snaffle

Comfort Snaffle

Comfort Snaffle is an excellent alternative to the nutcracker type action of a common snaffle. Snaffle bits work with a pierce, restrict, and release action. The Comfort Snaffle has a milder effect because of the limited collapse of the mouthpiece and the roller disperses pressure accross the tongue, as opposed to the piercing of the regular snaffle. We find the comfort snaffle to be really good on horses that are not overly sensitive or insensitive to the bit. 4 3/4" mouth with

You must choose at least one option for either the Flat Shank or the HBT Shank:

The Flat Shank, 11024, adds leverage for extra control. Independent side movement.

The HBT Shank, 20024, is a mild shank that works well on horses that respond to light cues. Independent side movement.

Be sure to order the curb chain and the hooks if you do not already have them.


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