Stirrup Options

To showcase the different stirrups Freedom Saddle offers.

Bell Stirrup

The bell stirrups come standard on the Freedom Trail and Freedom West saddles.

$60.00 for set

No charge for exchange on Ranch (Wade) saddles.


Freedom Stirrups

Hardwood stirrup with smooth leather cover. Freedom stirrup has the same basic foot platform as the roper stirrup.


Roper Stirrups

Roper stirrups are standard on Ranch (Wade) saddles.

$85.00 for set

$25.00 fee for exchange on West and Trail saddles


Breakout Stirrups

Innovative metal stirrups with a hinged release system. Allowing the foot to be freed during a fall from the saddle.


Endurance Rawlide Stirrups

$80.00 for a set

No fee for exchange on Ranch (Wade) saddles

$20.00 fee for exchange on West and Trail saddles


Endurance Leather Covered Stirrups

Rawlide stirrups with matching saddle leather on outside of stirrup.

$100.00 for set

$15.00 fee for exchange on Wade saddles

$40.00 fee for exchange on West and Trail saddles


Tapadero Leather

Tapaderos can be added to the stirrup of your choice.

Standard $60.00

Basket weave tooling $20.00

Conchos $20.00 each



Wedges fill in the gap where the inside of your foot meets the stirrup. Giving better contact and reducing ankle pain.


Roll N Wrap

Roll N Wrap allows the stirrup to hang straight keeping knees comfortable.


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