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Reins for training and for show.

Single Poly Rein

5/8" single poly training rein 7 1/2' long with snaps. This is a light rein with a soft feel. Our most popular choice. Please choose your colors below under options: black, black/red, red, black/blue, blue, purple, green, silver, black/silver, black/tan, tan w/black leather, tan w/brown leather, brown/tan, brown. Other lengths available at an addional charge of $5.00. Call our toll free number to order custom lengths.


Climb Rope Rein

This rein has a hard core and solid body that allows for a firm grip. Rein made of 5/8 inch polypropalene climbing rope with brass snaps or leather buckles with brass hardware. Rein is 7 1/2 feet long and available in black, brown, black/teal and brown/black/tan.


Cotton Twist Rein

A soft rein with firm grip made of 5/8 inch cotton twist rope. 7 1/2 feet long with brass hardware. Available in black only with snaps or buckle ends.

Custom lengths are available with a $5.00 custom fee.


Yacht Rein

This 71/2 foot rein is made of a heavier softer feeling rope made of 5/8 inch polyproalene yacht rope. Available in black or white with snaps or buckles.


Large Poly Rein

Large double braid poly rope 7 1/2 feet long. This is a weighty rein with a soft grip that puts weight on the bit for instant release. Available in black, black/blue, black/tan, black/red and brown and with snaps or buckles.


Pulley Rein

Poly rein with action to equalize pressure at two positions. Great for helping horse transition from bosal to bit. Made with 5/8 inch or large poly rope in black or brown.


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