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Bridles and Headstalls

A Variety of Bridles, Headstalls and Bit Hangers all made at Casa Dosa in Oklahoma, USA, using English bridle leather and solid brass hardware.

Dosa Bridle with Caveson

Made of bridle leather and brass hardware, single cheek headstall, caveson and one leather rein


Dosa Bridle with Ring Caveson

Made of bridle leather and brass hardware, single cheek headstall, ring caveson (so curb can be changed for use with one rein or two) and one poly rein with straps or optional leather rein.


Dosa Snaffle Bridle

Shown with cyprium dee ring snaffle. Optional snaffle bits may be substituted with price adjustment. Make of English bridle leather, solid brass hardware in black or brown leather. Set includes headstall, snaffle bit 25-5745, and slobber rein. Youo must choose one option for black or brown leather and if no bit is chosen from the option list you will be sent the Snaffle bit 25-5745.


Paso Trainer Complete

This is a leather single cheek headstall with snaps or buckles and a bit hanger with snaps or buckles. Comes complete with flat leather nose and curb and two single poly reins with snaps in your choice of any of the 5/8" color selections. This is the basic trainer set. In black or brown leather. Shown with Snaps.


Poly Trainer Complete

Headstall has a poly rope crown. Comes with a leather throatlatch or poly rope lead line. Heavy duty equipment refined enough to show. Includes flat leather noseband, curb, leather bit hanger and 2 single poly reins. Black or brown leather.


Single Cheek Headstall with Buckles

Strong enough for every day work and refined enough to show in. Adjustments on each side. In black or brown bridle leather with brass hardware.


Single Cheek Headstall with Snaps

Made with snaps for easy change of nosepieces and bits with buckles on each side for adjustment. Heavy duty equipment but refined enough to show.

In the Options box below you will need to choose between black or brown leather.


Poly Single Cheek Headstall

Single cheek headstall with a poly crown. Optional throatlatch or lead line. Heavy duty equipment but refined enough to show.


Bit Hanger with Buckles or Snaps

A single leather strap with buckles or snaps at each end and adjustment buckle on one side. Designed to work in combination with single cheek headstalls for double rein capability. Heavy duty equipment but refined enough to show. Made of bridle leather in black or brown with brass hardware. Great for show or daily work.


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