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Bits - Snaffle

The snaffle bridle is without doubt the most overlooked tool in Paso training today. This tool encourages the horse to hold the bit, follow a soft feeling rein and just generally be more relaxed and confident when properly used. The Ride a Better Gaited Horse DVD series by Larry Whitesell is an excellent source for information on how to use a snaffle bit effectively.

We have a good selection of snaffle bits in various styles, metals and price ranges.

Dosa Snaffle Bridle

Shown with cyprium dee ring snaffle. Optional snaffle bits may be substituted with price adjustment. Make of English bridle leather, solid brass hardware in black or brown leather. Set includes headstall, snaffle bit 25-5745, and slobber rein. Youo must choose one option for black or brown leather and if no bit is chosen from the option list you will be sent the Snaffle bit 25-5745.


Myler Snaffle

This Myler Snaffle bit has stainless steel 2 1/2" western dee with sweet iron snaffle copper inlay 5" mouth


Myler Snaffle

Stainless steel western dee with Cyprium snaffle mouth.


Myler Snaffle

Black steel dee with sweet iron copperf inlay mouth.


Myler Comfort Snaffle

Stainless steel western dee with sweet iron Comfort Snaffle copper inlay mouth.


Snaffle Bit

Western dee, stainless steel rings, sweet iron mouth.


Snaffle Bit

Black Satin snaffle mouthpiece with copper inlay, antique with German silver trim dee.


Snaffle Bit

Sweet iron snaffle with copper inlay. 2 3/4" ring with German Silver dots.


A Whole Bit Better - Book and DVD set

Book and DVD set. A DVD clinic and a 130 page informational paperback quidebook of the horse's mouth, how bits work, how to properly and effectively bit a horse, and the Myler Bitting System philosophy and designs. Written for all levels of equine enthusiasts.


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