Foam Trim & Accents
Located in Rockledge, Florida

Foam Medallions and Wall Plaques

Decorative outdoor foam wall art and medallions, made from polystyrene foam. Ready for exterior installation.
Custom design and fabricated medallions are available in many sizes. These medallions are coated with a synthetic hard coat for exterior use. These medallions are used as decorative architectural accents on homes and commercial buildings. Background frame shapes can be changed to meet your requirements.

Flying Heron Foam Medallion - FM20151 Foam Medallion - FM20152 FM 50213 Double Palm Oval Floral Medallion 20162 FM 51 Oval Fleur Dis Lis Foam Medallion
Flying Heron Foam Medallion - FM20151

Flying Heron Foam Medallion - FM20151

This flying heron foam medallion was hand painted and ready for installation.