Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Geary, Mrs. Paul S. (Dorothy "Dee" Hecht) '48

1948 - 1949 Treasurer Book, Active: Geary, Mrs. Paul May 27, 1948 June 8, 1949 June 15, 1950 June 1951 June 1952

1430 Highland Ave, Plainfield (1953)

Home also listed as 1440 Highland Avenue

Dorothy "Dee" Hecht Geary

Dorothy "Dee" Hecht Geary

Paul and Dee Geary

Paul and Dee Geary

Dorothy"Dee" Hecht Geary

Dorothy Hecht Geary
World War II Red Cross

Dorothy Hecht Geary, of Orlando, Flal, died peacefully Sunday, April 30, 2000.

Mrs. Geary was born in Plainfield, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hecht. She was married to Dr. Paul Geary for more than 50 years until his death in 1987.

She was active in community service working with the Red Cross in World War II and serving as President of Junior League. She was a member of the Plainfield Country Club. While living in Plainfield she was a member of the Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church. In Orlando, Mrs. Geary was a member of the First Presbyterian Church or Orlando.

She is survived by her son, Dr. Paul Geary, Jr. of Orlando and eight grandchildren, Anne Geary Joseph of Jacksonville, Fla., Susan Geary Clark of New Canaan, Conn., Dr. Elizabeth Geary Lichtmacher of San Francisco, Ca., Peter Geary of Westfield, Robert Geary of New York City, Sean Geary of Orlando, Daniel Geary of Orlando, and Caitlin Geary of Orlando. She will also be missed by her nine great-grandchildren, Sarah, Jack, Caroline, and Margaret Joseph; Amelia and Natalie Clark; Jeremy and Paul Lichtmacher; and Ryan Geary.

Graveside services will be 10 AM Monday at Hillside Cemetery in Scotch Plains. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 PM Sunday at Higgins Home for Funerals, 209 West 8th Street, Plainfield.

Memorial contributions can be made to Westminster Towers, 70 West Lucerne Circle, Orlando, FL 33801

Dr. Paul Geary

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Since there is little new Monday politically in the papers or the blogs except for Jerry posting another union endorsement, the nurses. Again these endorsements mean you better give me what I want even if it is not in the public interests, time permits a change in pace.

Earlier I wrote about the General Surgical Staff at Muhlenberg in 1950. It was so long ago I forgot the title of the blog. I did not have time to recall those practicing the Surgical Specialties. So here goes

Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat:
Resident Consulting Surgeons (Senior staff members exempt from ward duties but actively practicing)
Robert Childers
Archie Paulson
Roger Cooley
Senior Attendings
Lucien Hirsch
Douglas Kramer
John Sheedy
Jerome Wolfe (eyes only)

Junior Attending
Albert Falcone

Orthopedic Surgery
Resident Consulting Surgeon
Harold Corbussier
Senior Attending Surgeon
E..H. Dogget
Elmer Weigel (F.A.C.S.)
Junior Attending Surgeon
Hugh Babbitt
George Marts
Assistant Junior Attending
William K. Goodspeed
Paul Kandra

Neuro Surgery
Senior Attending
Thomas S.P. Fitch (F.A.C.S.)

Genito-Urinary Surgery
Senior Attending
Raphael Cantini
Thomas Morris
Junior Attending
Nicholas Falcone
Ralph Ferencheck
Thoracic Surgery
Senior Attending
Paul Geary
Junior Attending
Philip Kunderman

Some highlights about these docs that some may remember.. Dr. Doggett's office was I believe on the corner of 8th and Park across from the Library. He has a large dog Great Dane or Boxer that stayed in his office with him. Dr Weigel lived on Inman Ave, and kept chickens. He had a side business of supplying eggs to members of the Surgical services who thought they were most beneficial.. George Marts had been a flight Surgeon during WW2 and had his own airplane. He and Hugh Babbltt had offices in what was once doctor's row destroyed for the High School. Dr Corbussier had served in either the Spanish American or WW1 wars and always rode a horse at the head of the 4th of July parade when it went down Park Ave.

Dr. Fitch was one of the few Neurosurgeons in the Central and Northern part of the State. he was very dignified looking with his goatee. He always complained about other physician's handwriting, his was so good that if one could decipher every third word one could understand what he was talking about.

Paul Geary was the only chest surgeon in the Plainfield- Amboy - New Brunswick area. In those days Chest Surgery was limited to lung disease, heart surgery, the main focus today was unknown. Dr. Kunderman started with Geary but moved to New Brunswick.

EJ. O'Brian a GP removed more tonsils annually than all the EENT guys. Jerry Wolfe was the only one limiting himself to opthamology. Cataract surgery. was touch and go, the patient after the operation had to lie flat in bed for days with the eye covered and a weight on the dressing. Afterwards they wore milk bottle thick lenses in their glasses. How times have changed.

Urology was a rough trade. The prostate operation at that time could best be described as brutal and the rate of infection post-op was high.

Princeton Class of 1957

Geary, Paul, Jr., ' ,57 1430 Highland Ave., Plainfield, N. J

Dr. Paul Geary, Jr.

Dr. Paul Geary MD practices thoracic surgery and general surgery in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Geary graduated with an MD 50 years ago.

Dr. Paul Geary Jr.

May 7, 1992
Dr. Paul Geary Jr., Orlando, and Mrs. James Otey McClellan, Hilton Head, S.C., announce the engagement of their daughter, Susan Hope Geary, Chicago, Ill., to Kevin James Clark, Stamford, Conn., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Clark, Daufuskie Island, S.C. The wedding is in August. She graduated from Garrison Forest High School, Baltimore, and Denison University, Granville, Ohio. He graduated from Trinity High School, N.Y., and Duke University, Durham, N.C.

Dorothy H. Geary

143-38-2668 December 15, 1909 April 30, 2000 90 years FL 32806 (Orlando, Orange County)

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Hillside Cemetery

September 14, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

1952 Check Book

No. 933
March 31, 1952
Dorothy Geary
Camera Center 2.75
Dr. Pirone Exp. 5.00

1958 Check Book

No. 1336
Dec. 29, 1958
Dorothy Geary

1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook

May 21, 1959

1975-1976 The Junior League of Plainfield

1946-1946: Mrs. Paul Geary

1949-1950 Program

This small brochure was found in the bottom of a box belonging to Barbara Tracy Sandford '50. 12/22/13

1949-1950 Program

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

1916 Breeder of English Setters

July 26, 2002 South Plainfield Observer

Geary House May be Burial Site

During Tuesday's meeting, the Planning Board voted to allow a subdivision of six houses on the site of the old Geary House located on Plainfield Ave., despite the fact that there may be a family plot on the property.

According to Board Attorney Chris Nelson, there is no law in South Plainfield which would prevent the developer from building if there is a burial site, however there are State statutes which must be followed if a site is discovered. The builder, Strong Tower Development, will have to abide by a strict code of laws before they can begin building.

The suggestion that there may be a burial site was contained in a letter from Alice Tempel of Environmental Commission. She wrote that Larry Randolph, also a member of the Environmental Commission, had obtained evidence of a family burial place.

Enclosed with the letter was a copy of a Courier-News story from 1980 showing the base of a tombstone behind the residence. Randolph noted that neighbors also confirmed having seen two small gravestones in the backyard. The story in the Courier News told about the possibility of Geary House being haunted by two five year-old girls who rise from their graves to haunt the then 160-year old house. The girls, dead from more than 100 years, were doomed to wander the 15-room mansion forever.

Randolph also added that when former owner Charles Strassle gave South Plainfield Historical Society a tour of the property, they remember him pointing out the tombstone base. Richard Veir of Monmouth University, a leading New Jersey expert on historic tombstones, also confirmed that the stone in the Courier News photograph looks like a tombstone base, possibly from the 19th century.

September 2, 2014

South Plainfield

South Plainfield's suburban character was established after World War II, when the Geary Farm on Plainfield Avenue was developed into what became known as Geary Park.Shortly thereafter, various housing developments sprang upthroughout the north side of the borough, increasing South Plainfield's population from 8,000 in 1959 to 18,000 in 1960.Commercial and industrial uses were attracted to the borough in the 1960s and '70s.The highlights were the construction of the Golden Acres Shopping Center, the Middlesex Mall and the Prudential building.In the bicentennial year of 1976, South Plainfield's population was 23,000. It remains at about that number today.

Geary Farm on Plainfield Ave.