Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Valiant, Mrs. John (Katharine Drayton) '40

1940 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. John Valiant 7/5/40 Pd. 2/24/41 Pd.
In the margin is the notation "May 1940"

1941 - 1942 - 1943 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. John Valiant 12/31/41 Pd. Note in margin "resigned"

Myrtle Avenue, North Plainfield

Related to PGC members "McGee"
The Valiants were related to the large McGee clan as this marker attests. Our McGee members included:

Mrs. James R. (Emma Prentice McGee) Joy '33
Mrs. Harry Livingston (Susan M. Howell) McGee '18
Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) McGee '22
Henry Augustus (Emma Louise Whiting) McGee '22

Katharine Drayton Valiant was related to PGC President:
Mrs. Clifford Myron (Margaret Drayton) Baker '32

Our Baker members included:
Mrs. Albert Hoffmann (Emma H. Baker) Atterbury '15
Mrs. John Whitney (Theodora Faber) Baker '22

1909 Plainfield Directory:

Drayton, John B Mrs, h. 982 Hillside av
DRAYTON J WISALL, insurance broker, 319 Watchung av, h. 212 E 5th

New York Times Wedding Announcement March 3, 1904


PLAINFIELD, N.J., March 2 – In the presence of 300 society folks from this city, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, Miss Elizabeth Gordon Valiant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Valaint of Myrtle Avenue was married this evening to Charles Francis Corning of Baltimore. The ceremony was performed in the First Methodist Episcopal Church at 6:30 P.M. by the Rev. Dr. W. C. Snodgrass.

Miss Mary F. Valiant acted as maid of honor, and the bridesmaids were Miss Elsie Brokaw and Miss Isabelle Milne of North Plainfield, Miss Margaret Corning, sister of the groom, and Miss Nellis Valiant of Churchill, Md. The best man was John W. Corning, twin brother of the bridegroom, and the ushers were Joseph D. Chesney, Parker Dix, and A. J. Corning, Jr. of Baltimore and John Valiant, Jr., of Plainfield.

Following the reception at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corning left for the South on a wedding trip. They will make their home in Baltimore, where the bridegroom is the head of a large business concern.

March 3, 1904

Yale Class of 1906

Donald Ashbrook McGee was married in Plainfield, N. J.,
October 17, 1908, to Miss Mary Ellen Valiant, who was born
in Baltimore, Md., the daughter of John Valiant and Mary
Elizabeth (Jordan) Valiant. One daughter:

Elizabeth, born Plainfield, N. J., May 14, 1911.–hci/page-26-history-of-the-span-classsearchtermclassspan-of-1906-yale-college–hci.shtml

Obituary for John Valiant

John Valiant 2009-11-19
MSNBC updated 3:16 a.m. ET Nov. 19, 2009 Levittown - John Valiant of Doylestown died Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009. He had just celebrated his 86th birthday eight days prior, surrounded by his family.He is survived by his wife, Marion Schiodt Valiant, with whom he shared 61 years of love.Born in Plainfield, N.J., he was the son of the late John and Katherine Drayton Valiant.He...
read more

New York Times Wedding Announcement June 25, 1919

Miss Katharine Drayton a Bride

The marriage of Miss Katharine Drayton and John Valiant, son of Mr.s John Valiant, took place yesterday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henry Depew. The Rev. Dr. John Sheridan Zelia, who served as an army chaplain in France, performed the ceremony.

Hillside Cemetery

October 20, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

Hillside Cemetery

Ocotber 20, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

"Crowned Without Conflict"

Hillside Cemetery

October 20, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

John and Mary Valiant

New York Times July 15, 1911

Mrs. Drayton Weds R. H. Depew

The wedding of Mrs. Margaret Manning Drayton and Richard Henry Depew both of Plainfield, N.J., took place at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon in Grace Church chantry. The Rev. Melville Knox Bailey officiated. The bride is prominent in Plainfiled society and in charity work. Mr. Depew is President of the State Trust Company of Plainfield, President of the Plainfield Protective Association and is active as an insurgent Republican in New Jersey. He is a New York Insurance broker, doing business as Abram, See & Depew.

New York Times January 12, 1896

A WEEK'S EVENTS IN PLAINFIELD.; Numerous Receptions – Doings of Clubs and Societies.

PLAINFIELD, Jan. 11. – A reception was given by Mrs. I C. Pierson of Watchung Avenue, Tuesday evening. She was assisted in receiving by her daughters, Mrs. Malcolm MacKenzie of New-York and Miss Mabel Pierson; Miss Corbitt of New-York, Miss Cochran of Wilmington, Del., and Miss Hunter of North Adams, Mass.

The members of the North Plainfield Dramatic Club were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bailey, Jackson Avenue, Tuesday evening. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Keneey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neeley, Mr. and Mrs. James Harper, Miss Mary Hughes, Miss Ellen Mullon, and Frank Off.

A Past Master's jewel was presented to Calvin H. Rugg of Jerusalem Lodge, F. and A.M., Tuesday evening. The same evening John J. Lynch, for several years President of the Plainfield Catholic Club, was presented with a gold-headed cane by the members of the club.

A. D. Shepard and family of the Gables have gone to Buckingham, New York, for the Winter.

The class of '96 of the North Plainfield school was entertained by Miss Emma and Miss Bertha Stevens Wednesday evening.

Mrs. John Valiant of Craig Place gave a reception and tea Wednesday. She was assisted in receiving by Mrs. H.K. Carroll, Mrs. A. A. Tafty, Mrs. F. H. Randolph, Miss Grace Carroll, Miss Bessie Valiant, Miss Florence Valiant, and Miss Mary Steiner.

The Park Club gave an entertainment Wednesday night at the clubhouse on Washington Avenue. The patronesses were Mrs. C. A. Reed, Mrs. Samuel St. John McCutcheon, and Mrs. J. H. Howell.

Miss Imogene See of Sing Sing, N.Y., is a guest of Mrs. Elmer E. Runyon of Madison Avenue.

Miss Eda Mills of Summit Avenue gave a party to her friends Wednesday night.

Miss Mollie Lawrence of New York and Miss Mather of Bound Brook are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman of Crescent Avenue.

Miss Emily Coriell of Church Street is visiting in Brooklyn.

Miss Edith Allen of Webster Place is spending the Winter in Flushing.

Mrs. J. H. Ackerman and daughter, Lydia, have returned from a two month's trip to the Pacific coast.

Miss Randolph, daughter of Thompson F. Randolph of New-York, is visiting her sister Mrs. Judson Bonnell of East Front Street.

Mrs. Lewis of Binghampton, N.Y., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Ginna of Watchung Avenue.

Miss Rachel Fay Buckley of Newburg, N.Y., and Harry Ellis Green of Plainfield were married Wednesday night at the bride's home.

Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Moore of Ithaca, N.Y., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Squires of North Plainfield.

Miss Laura J. Runyon of East Fifth Street is visiting friends in Philadelphia.

Miss Harriet Loomis of New York City is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Morse of Franklin Place.

Miss Josie Burlingham of Albany Normal College is a guest of ex-Councilman Seymore G. Smith of Crescent Avenue.

Miss Jennie Foster of New York and Howard Foster of Princeton Colelge are guests of D. N. Groendyke of Mercer Avenue.

Miss Helen L. Moore of New York is the guest of her sister Mrs. S. A. Cruikshank, of Belvidere Avenue.

Miss Freeman of Rahway is visiting her aunt, Mrs. W. C. Ayres, of West Second Street.

Miss Baldwin of Baltimore has gone home, after a visit with her uncle Councilman J. H. Valiant of Craig Place.

Howell Division, no. 97, Sons of Temperance, celebrated its twenty-seventh anniversary Wednesday evening. AMong those present form the out of tow were A. P. Sutphen of Somerville, Grand Worthy Patriarch Ross Slack of Excelsior Division of Trenton, Past Grand Worthy Patriarch Fred Day of Newark and Worthy Patriarch Evenson of Newark, and Worthy Patriarch Evenson of Philadelphia. James J. Perine of Brooklyn is the only living charter member of the division.

Mrs. Yerkes, wife of the Rev. Dr. D. J. Yerkes of the First Baptist Church, has gone to Greenville, S.C., to visit a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Ackerman, who are making a tour around the world, are now at Hongkong.

1906 Yale

Donald Ashbrook McGee was married in Plainfield, N. J.,
October 17, 1908, to Miss Mary Ellen Valiant, who was born
in Baltimore, Md., the daughter of John Valiant and Mary
Elizabeth (Jordan) Valiant. One daughter:

Elizabeth, born Plainfield, N. J., May 14, 1911.

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Womens Auxiliary

Mrs. John Valiant
1017 Madison Avenue

Mrs. John Valiant
38 Myrtle Avenue, N.P.

1909 Plainfield City Directory

Valiant Mary, wid John, h 38 Myrtle av N P

Email request May 13, 2013

Barr, Mrs. Frank Seymour (Helen Letitia Brewster) '32
Barr, Mrs. W. Manning (Marjorie) '39
Valiant, Mrs. John (Katharine Drayton) '40
Baker, Mrs. Clifford Myron (Margaret Drayton) '32
Atterbury, Mrs. Albert Hoffmann (Emma H. Baker) '15
Baker, Mrs. John Whitney (Theodora Faber) '22
Loizeaux, Mrs. Charles E. (Elizabeth or "Betty" Manning Barr), Jr. '69

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From: <>
Date: Mon, May 13, 2013 at 11:40 AM
Subject: New "Contact Us" submission from Brian Manning Smith

You've received a new submission from your "contact us" through your "Plainfield Garden Club" Andy's Web Tools web site.

name: Brian Manning Smith


I am the great grandson of Mary G. Manning (Born 1857, lived in Plainfield, died in Brooklyn 1938). In her will was written "bequeath to my nieces, ELIZABETH MANNING, MARGARET BAKER, and KATHARINE VALIANT, ......". I am trying to contact a current descendant of either Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Valiant to gather/confirm some family history. I wonder if one of your members could help me?

Crescent Avenue Historic District

Application to the National Register of Historic Places

122 East Ninth Street
c. 1890

In 1895, the home of William H. Drayton, "Stock broker, N. Y."

1975-1976 The Junior League of Plainfield

1931 - 1933

Hillside Historic District

August 29, 2015

Hillside Historic District has announced a new website:

They have neatly listed the homes in the district in a similar fashion to our Homes & Gardens page.

It is no exaggeration to say that the PGC helped build Hillside. In fact our first club meeting took place at Mrs. Connor's home at 999 Hillside. Take a look at our PGC Hillside Historic District resident members:

807 Hillside Avenue
Browne, Miss Elizabeth B. '37

810 Hillside Avenue
Barnhart, Mrs. Noah Chisholm (Susan Stevens) '15

816 Hillside Avenue
Zerega, Miss Bertha Virginia '23

817 Hillside Avenue
Lawton, Mrs. Richard M. (Edith Clarke) '21

832 Hillside Avenue
Yates, Mrs. Frederick Washburn (Bertha Kedzie Cornwell) '15

921 Hillside Avenue
Detwiller, Miss Laura Cecelia '29
Detwiller, Mrs. Charles H. (Catherine or "Cath" Campbell), Jr. '57

922 Hillside Avenue
Atterbury, Mrs. Albert Hoffman (Emma H. Baker) '15

930 Hillside Avenue
Corey, Mrs. Ella J. '15

937 Hillside Avenue
Hunn, Mrs. John T. Sharpless (Hope Ivins) '37
Ivins, Mrs. DeWitt Clinton (Louise Morton Fox) '15
Ivins, Mrs. Clinton Fox (Marguerite Carpenter) '33

945 Hillside Avenue
Stevens, Mrs. Horace N. (Helen Coburn) '15

950 Hillside Avenue
Harlow, Mrs. Edward Dexter (Elise Cochran Martin) '15
Martin, Mrs. Francis A. (Mary Keech Turner) '22

955 Hillside Avenue
Wallace, Mrs. Frederick W. (Grace Seccomb) '15
deForest, Mrs. Henry Lockwood (Amy Brighthurst Brown) '33

966 Hillside Avenue
Warren, Mrs. Frank D. '15

970 Hillside Avenue
Barnhart, Mrs. Noah Chisholm (Susan Stevens) '15
Kroll, Mrs. Alexander (Nancy Dwinnell or Mrs. Prince H. Gordon) '60

975 Hillside Avenue
Runkle, Mrs. Harry Godley (Jennie Fitz Randolph) '15
Albin, Mrs. Leland D. (Jennie Hoag) '36
King, Mrs. Victor E. D. (Yasmina S.) '78
Whitehead, Mrs. James Harold (Jean Fitz-Randolph Heiberg) '43

980 Hillside Avenue
Hall, Mrs. Frederic L. (Anne Garrigues Wigton) '68
Stuart, Mrs. Linden (Jeanette W.), Jr. '52
Wigton, Mrs. Charles Benson (Garrigues) '45

982 Hillside Avenue
Baker, Mrs. Clifford Myron (Margaret Drayton) '32
Valiant, Mrs. John (Katharine Drayton) '40

985 Hillside Avenue
Stevens, Mrs. John Peters ("J.P.") '15
Stevens, Mrs. Horace Nathaniel (Helen Coburn) '15
Stevens, Mrs. John Peters ("J.P."), Jr. (Edith S.) '37
Stevens, Mrs. Robert Ten Broeck (Dorothy Goodwin Whitney) '37

996 Hillside Avenue
Wallace, Mrs. Frederick W. (Grace Seccomb) '15
Murray Townsend
Mooney, Mrs. Wandell McMaster (Alice Joy McGee) '47

999 Hillside Avenue
Conner, Mrs. William A. (Florence Tupper) '15
Wigton, Mrs. William Garrigues (Ann Hayes) '55

1000 Hillside Avenue
Lawrence, Mrs. Chester B. (Florence B.), Jr. '22

1005 Hillside Avenue
McWilliams, Mrs. Howard (Anna Louise Waldbridge/Mrs. Paul Taylor Brown) '22

1007 Hillside Avenue
Lockwood, Mrs. Frederick M. (Hazel Marshall) '52
Marshall, Mrs. Henry P. (Dorothy Burke) '30

1009 Hillside Avenue
Tracy, Mrs. Evarts '22
Tracy, Mrs. Howard Crosby (Minerva Bingham Lamson) '15
Tracy, Mrs. J. Evarts (Caroline Frederica Streuli) '22

1019 Hillside Avenue
Baker, Mrs. Clifford Myron (Margaret Drayton) '28

1030 Hillside Avenue
Stillman, Mrs. William Maxson (Ethel Lucile Titsworth) '42

1035 Hillside Avenue
Streuli, Mrs. Alfred F. H. (Frederica Michelle Dwyer Hooper) '15

1045 Hillside Avenue
Timpson, Mrs. Lewis Gouverneur (Helen Frances Waring) '15
Waring, Mrs. Orville G. (Dorothy Fleming) '35

1046 Hillside Avenue
Genung, Mrs. Alfred Gawthrop (Dorothy or "Dot" Madsen) '69
Madsen, Mrs. John (Evelyn or "Evie" Wilson) '70

1300 Prospect Avenue
Streuli, Mrs. Alfred F. H. (Frederica Michelle Dwyer Hooper) '15
Tracy, Mrs. J. Evarts (Caroline Frederica Streuli) '22

1234 Watchung Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs. E. Vickers '41

1239 Watchung Avenue
Brown, Miss Edna M. '34