Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Trewin, Mrs. Charles Sidney (Annette V.) '45

1943 - 1945 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. Trewin (no notation made in the columns for payment)

1945 - 1946 Treasurer Book, Active: Trewin, Mrs. Sidney 12/1/45 5/14/46 May 14, 1947 June 18, 1948 June 8, 1949 May 29, 1950 May 1951 June 1952

1958 - 1983 Address: 21 Myrtle Avenue, North Plainfield

Daughter was Plainfield Garden Club Member Mrs. C. Benson (Dana Trewin) Wigton, Jr. '59

Shakespeare Garden 50th Anniversary Party

Top Photo: Barbara Sandford

Bottom Photo: Annette Trewin and Dodie Roome

Shakespeare Garden 50th Anniversary Party

June 1978

Annette Trewin and Dodie Roome

Shakespeare Garden 50th Anniversary Party

June 1978

Back of Photo:
Annette Trewin - Dodie Roome

Washington Park Historic District North Plainfield


Saturday, December 10, 4:00 - 9:00 PM. Tour starts at Church of the Holy Cross, corner of Washington and Mercer Avenues.

Founded in 1988, North Plainfield's only historic district will be featured in a Holiday house tour titled 'Architectural Treasures of North Plainfield'. Nine of the District's homes – mostly Victorians – will be featured, all dressed up for the Christmas holidays.

Tickets are $25 the day of the tour and may be purchased the Holy Cross Church, the tour's starting point, where maps will also be available.

Dear Washington Park Association:

Please link our website to your website. We
will do the same.

Plainfield Garden Club was established in 1915 and many of our early
members were residents of North Plainfield. You can read about the 250+
ladies on the website under "History"

Probably most notable was founding member Mrs. Charles Walter (Mary
Isabella Simpson)McCutchen '15

Other North Plainfield-Plainfield Garden Club Residents include:

Campbell Mabel C. Raper Mrs. William Hall 1928
Eaton Mary Winifred Parlin Mrs. Charles Aubrey 1915
Fleming Helen Hyde Mrs. Austin Lloyd 1919
Foster Fannie C. Groendyke Mrs. John Gray 1915
Hackman Elizabeth or "Betty" Reppert Mrs. Robert K. 1970
Howell Romaine Ray Mrs. Josephus H. 1922
Hyde Helen Miss 1917
Hyde Elilzabeth Kepler Mrs. Charles L. 1917
Hyde Carolyn Knowland Mrs. Frank de Lacey 1919
McGee Emma Louise Whiting Mrs. Henry Augustus 1922
McGee Sarah M. Howell Mrs. Henry Livingston "Harry" 1918
McGee Mary Alice Yerkes Mrs. Walter Miller 1922
Middledith Sarah Augusta Flanders Mrs. James F. 1920
Morison Fanny C. Lemmon Mrs. Nathaniel H. 1916
Murray Mrs. J. Everett 1920
Tingley Miss Dorothea 1932
Trewin Annette Mrs. C. Sidney 1945
Wells Mrs. Henry C. 1920
Wells Nancy G. Mrs. John R., Jr. 1957

We have just begun to post our archival information on line. If
interested, we could send you the addresses of these members. We are
always interested in learning more about them and welcome photographs of
their homes and gardens.

Enjoy the season -

The Ladies of the Plainfield Garden Club

1974 Junior League Designer Showcase: The Martine House

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Cover to Page 25

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Page 26 to End

In addition to saving the 1988 Program for the Designers Showhouse of Cedar Brook Farm (aka The Martine House) which was organized by the Muhlenberg Auxiliary, PGC Member Anne Shepherd also kept the 1974 Designers Showcase of the very same home, organized by the Junior League.

Within the program pages, you will find mentioned many PGC members. They include: Clawson, MacLeod, Kroll, Davis, Wyckoff, Stevens, Loizeaux, Swain, Hunziker, Connell, Foster, Dunbar, Elliott, Fitzpatrick, Gaston, Hackman, Holman, Lockwood, Morrison, Royes, Rushmore, Sanders, Williams, Barnhart, Bellows, Burger, Burner, Carter, Clendenin, DeHart, Detwiller, Eaton, Eckert, Fort, Frost, Gonder, Keating, Laidlaw, Loosli, Madsen, Mann, Marshall, Miller, Moody, Moon, Morse, Murray, Mygatt, Barrett, Peek, Perkins, Pfefferkorn, Pomeroy, Pond, Royes, Samek, Sandford, Sheble, Stevens, Shepherd, Stewart, Stout, Trewin, Vivian, Zeller, Cochran, Mooney and Hall.

June 4, 1916 New York Times


E. Burd Grubb Marries Miss Helen MacQuoid in Roselle, N.J.

ELIZABETH, N.J., June 3 – One of the largest weddings ever held in New Jersey was solemnized in St. Luke's Church at Roselle tonight, when Miss Helen MacQuoid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. MacQuoid, became the bride of E. Burd Grubb of Burlington. More than 2,700 invitations were issued, among the invited guests being President and Mrs. Wilson and Secretary and Mrs. McAdoo.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. C. Wood, pastor of St. Luke's Church, assisted by the Rev. John S. Fearnley of St. Mary's Hall, Burlington. In the bridal party were Miss Gertrude Mott of Burlington, as maid of honor; Miss Edith Berdan and Miss Adele Birdsall of Roselle, Miss Helen Coyne of Elizabeth, Miss Dorothy Van Gorder of Pittsburgh, Miss Frances Bain of Newburgh and Miss Beatrice Hollaway of Beverly, as bridesmaids, and Miss Helen Morre, a cousin of the bride, and Miss Violet Grubb, a sister of the bridegroom, as flower girls.

William Cortright, Jr., of Beverly was the best man, and the ushers were Thomas Hollaway and Thomas Kite of Beverly, William Kirk and Richard Mott of Burlington, Frederick Wheeler of Philadelphia, Zacharia Belcher, Jr., of Newark, and Sydney Trewin and Joseph Janes of Roselle.

The bridegroom's father, the late General E. Burd Grubb, was Minister to Spain during the Harrison administration.

Charles Sydney Trewin, New York, N.Y. Bi-Monthly Bulletin of the American Institute of Minining Engineers

Proposed by J. A. Singmaster, Wm. H. Shearman, Thomas T. Read.
Born 1891, Phila., Pa. 1909 Stevens Prep., Hoboken, N.J. 1913 Stevens Tech., Hoboken, N. J., M.E. 1913 - 15, Power Division. 1915-17 Technical Asst. to Genl. Supt., New Jersey Zinc Co., (of Pa.).
Present position: Merch. Engr., Tech Dept., New Jersey Zinc Co.

Charles Trewin (1891 - 1971)

Name Charles Trewin
Families Trewin family
Born October 28, 1891
Died February 1971 (79 years old)
Last Known
Residence Plainfield, Union County, NJ (New Jersey), 07061

Annette V. Trewin (1894 - 1994)

Annette V Trewin (1894 - 1994)

Name Annette V Trewin
Families Trewin family, V family
Born May 3, 1894
Died March 5, 1994 (99 years old)
Last Known
Residence Plainfield, Union County, NJ (New Jersey), 07060

Annette Trewin

1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook


Caption: GARDEN CLUB GIFT – Mrs. Albert L. Stillman, chairman of the Shakespeare committee of the Plainfield Garden Club, places identification card on English hawthorne in Cedar Brook Park. Watching, left to right, are: Mrs. Morris S. Benton, Mrs. Edward H. Ladd 3rd and Mrs. C. Sidney Trewin, club members. (Coronet, Photo by E. T. Wiggins)

100 Attend Open House at Shakespeare Garden

About 100 persons attended an informal tour of the Shakespeare Garden in Cedar Brook Park yesterday afternoon. The outdoors open house marked the 30th anniversary of the garden, one of about a dozen in the United States.

Mrs. Robert F. MacLeod of 11 Brook Lane, president of the Plainfield Garden Club, and members of the club's Shakespeare committee, headed by Mrs. Albert L. Stillman of 73 Leland Ave., described to visitors the 100-odd varieties of plants and shrubs in the garden.

The Garden Club, the Shakespeare Club and the Union County Park Commission established the garden 30 years ago. It now consists of 17 beds and two long borders in a park area of about 150 by 40 feet, located off Randolph Rd.

The ideas was to include all the plants and shrubs – there are 44 of them, Mrs. Stillman said – mentioned by Shakespeare in his plays and sonnets.

Other Plants Included

But the garden was so large, Mrs. Stillman said, that it was agreed upon to include other plant varieties in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

All of the 44 varieties mentioned in the bard's works are labeled by markers, which include the particular Shakespearean quotations referring to them.

The garden was laid out 30 years ago by a landscape architect from Olmsted Brothers of Boston. The Garden Club and the Park Commission split the cost. The garden is cared for by a Park Commission gardener, and supplemental work is done by the Garden Club's Shakespeare committee.

Mrs. Samuel T. Carter Jr. of 940 Woodland Ave., the club's first Shakespeare committee chairman was unable to attend the outdoors open house yesterday.

Termed "Second Finest"

Mrs. Carter, author of the book, "Shakespeare Gardens," has termed the Plainfield garden the second finest in the nation. She has said top honors belong to a Shakespeare garden in Rockefeller Park in Cleveland, Ohio. Established in 1915, the Cleveland garden was one of the first to be planted in the United States.

Mrs. Stillman said Shakespeare gardens bring together flowers grown in England in one period of garden history from being lost to U.S. gardens. The projects also add beauty to public parks and provide a place where Shakespeare poetry is illustrated with living plants and shrubs.

Mrs. Stillman's Shakespeare committee includes Mrs. Morris F. Benton, Mrs. C. Sidney Trewin, Mrs. Victor R. King, Mrs. William P. Elliott and Mrs. George J. His.

Mrs. Edward H. Ladd 3rd, horticultural chairman of the club, was also among those who pointed out features of the garden to guests.

The hospitality committee included Mrs. Henry DeForest, Mrs. Benton, Mrs. Ladd, Mrs. His and Mrs. King.

Punch was served by Mrs. William P. Elliott, Mrs. Trewin and Mrs. His.

1958 Mrs. Trewin

1973-1974 PGC Directory

1974-1975 Directory

1949-1950 Program

This small brochure was found in the bottom of a box belonging to Barbara Tracy Sandford '50. 12/22/13

1949-1950 Program