Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Clawson, Mrs. Frank Titsworth (Marion Drake Woodcock) '41

1940 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. Frank T. Clawson 4/14/41 Pd
NOTE: Written in pencil next to her name is "Apr. 1941"

1941 - 1942 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. Frank T. Clawson 12/15/41 Pd. 12/16/42 Pd. 12/22/43 Pd. 12/18/44 Pd. 12/11/45 5/21/46 May 14, 1947 June 14, 1948 JUne 23, 1949 June 15, 1950 June 1951 June 1952

1942 Address: 672 West 7th Street

1958 Address: 1032 Edgewood Avenue

Sister-in-law was Mrs. Asa Fitz Randolph
Runkle, Mrs. Harry Godley (Jennie Fitz Randolph) '15
Whitehead, Mrs. James Harold (Jean Fitz-Randolph Heiberg) '43

Father's house (Clarence Woodcock) was 678 West 7th Street

June 23, 1922 New York Times article

WIN ON GOLF LINKS.; Mrs. Ard and Mrs. Sloane Take Four-Ball Event at Plainfield.

Special to The New York Times. ();
June 23, 1922,
, Section Sports, Page 20, Column , words

PLAINFIELD, N.J., June 22.–Mrs. Frank C. Ard and Mrs. Robert Sloane, with a card of 67 net, won the four-ball golf event for women at the Plainfield Country Club today. Other leading net scores were: Miss Zoe Terry and Mrs. C.D. Boice, 74; Miss Kate Bomann and Miss Louise Patterson, 75; Mrs. H. R. Moyer and Mrs. Frank T. Clawson, 88.

June 10, 1897 New York Times article

Hubbard - Titsworth

The marriage of Bessie Evelyn Titsworth, daughter of Joseph M. Titsworth of West Seventh Street, Plainfield, NJ and Frank James Hubbard took place last evening at the home of the bride. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. Dr. A. H. Lewis. Miss Ethel L. Titsworth, sister of the bride, was the maid of honor, and Charles E. Lawrence of Brooklyn was the best man. The ushers were W. C. Hubbard, brother of the bridegroom; Dr. Marcus L. Clawson, and Dr. Frank T. Clawson, cousin of the bride, all of Plainfield.

Relationships with the PGC:

Stillman, Mrs. William M. (Ethel Lucille Titsworth) '42

Business card for Frank T. Clawson


August 15, 1916 New York Times obituary

CLAWSON – At Plainfield, New Jersey, on SUnday August 13, 1916, Augustus Holmes, son of Dr. Frank T. Clawson, in his 18th year. Services at his late residence 672 West Seventh Street, Plainfield, on Tuesday, August 15 at 3 PM. Interment at Hillside Cemetary

672 West Seventh Street

Plainfield Library Photo File

G-700 1934 Y Grimstead House at 672 West Seventh Street 672 West 7th Street Queen Anne house with large overhanging front gable, second-storey oval window, tower at left, wrap-around porch, and two-storey, three-bay carriage house.

The Sabbath Recorder, Volumne 90 1922

CLAWSON – Henrietta Titsworth, daughter of Jacob and Susan Woodruff Titsworth, was born at Bridgetown, N.J., November 28, 1831 and died at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Asa F. Randolph, 912 West Seventh Street, Plainfield, N. J., Februaray 19, 1922.

When she was a child her family moved from Bridgeton to New Market, N.J. Early in life she became a member of the Piscataway Seventh Day Baptist Church of New Market. She transferred her membership to the Plainfield Church of the smae faith in 1887, and for thirty-five years she was a faithful member, and active in the work of the church until failing health denied her that happy privilege.

She was married to James Clawson on November 6, 1853. They established their home near New Market where they lived until 1868, when the moved to Farina, Ill. In 1876, the returned East and lived for ten years in Dunellen, N.J., after which they moved to Plainfield, where they have since resided.

Six children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Clawson. Two little girls, Julia and Anna, all they had at that time, died of diptheria in 1864. An infant son, Wallace, died in 1871. The suriving children are Marcus L., physician, Luella, wife of Asa F. Randolph, and Frank T., dentist and all are living in Plainfield.

Mr. and Mrs. Clawson have had a very unusual experience in length of life and in the number of years which they lived together. In November, 1921, they celebrated their ninetieth birthdays and the sixty-eighth anniversary of their marraige. Mr. Clawson feels very keenly the loss of the loving companionship of these many years. During the years of declining physical strength Mr. and Mrs. Clawson have been cared for with great love and tenderness at the home of their daughter.

The following paragraph is taken from the local paper published on the day after her death:

"Mrs. Clawson has lived a quiet life, with tasts wholly domestic, and her interests wrapped up in her family and home. Her only other affiliations have been with the activities of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, of which she and her husband have been life-long members. Her faculty of making and keeping friendships were specially notable, wna d alarge cirlce of friends will miss her bright, happy nature, and her hospitable wasy of the olden days. Her declining years have been blessed with a freedom from tempotal cares, and the marked affection of husband and children, all of whom live here, and who have left no opportunity to add to her joy. Her unusual health has been a blessing vouchsafed to a few at her age, and it has been a source of consolation all these years that both she and her husband have been able to finish out th elong years of a useful life amid pleasant surroundings from which she slept quietly away last evening."

The farewell serive held at the home on Tuesday afternoon, February 21, was conducted by Pastor James. L. Skaggs and Rev. Edwin Shaw. Mr. Roy E. Titsworth sang two approbriate selections. Interment was made in Hillside Cemetery.


November 14, 1895 New York Times


In Aid of Muhlenberg Hospital – Good Attendance and Reason for Expecting Financial Success – The Booths.

PLAINFIELD, N. J., Nov. 13 – There was a grand opening of the kirmess at the Columbia Cycle Academy Monday night, and the building was decorated very elaborately.

Not since the charity ball have the society fold here been interested in a like event for such a worthy cause. The kirmess is given for the benefit of Muhlenberg Hospital, and, judging from the attendance at the opening night, the hospital will be greatly bettered financially.

Booths have been very prettily arranged about the academy, making an exceedingly tasty show. The equipment of the booths is as follows:

French Booth – Mrs. Albert Hoffman Atterbury, Mrs. Irving H. Brown, Mrs. Charles B. Corwin, Miss Bessie Ginna, Mrs. George C. Evans, Mrs. Charles J. Fisk, Mrs. Ellis W. Hedges, Miss E. E. Kenyon and Miss Whiton.

Florentine Booth – Mrs. I. N. Van Sickle, Mrs. David E. Titsworth, Mrs. W. M. Stillman, Mrs. John D. Titsworth, Mrs. F. A. Dunham, Miss Louise Clawson, Miss Bessie TItsworth, and Mrs. Lulu Lewis.

Gypsy Booth – Mrs. Joseph W. Reinhart, and Mrs. Howard Fleming.

Venetian Booth – Mrs. Hugh Hastings, Miss Emelie Schipper, Mrs. George A. Chapman, Miss Havbiland, Mrs. Samuel Huntingont, Mrs. Emil Woltman, Mrs. Samuel St. J. McCutchen, Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. C. S. West, Mrs. W. E. Lower, Miss E. R. Cock, Mrs. Frank O. Herring, Miss Huntington, Miss Maud Van Bosckerck, Miss MacCready, Miss Clara D. Finley, Miss Ahrens, Miss Aynne MacCready, Miss Mondanari, Miss Graff, Miss Yerkes, Miss Gertrude Walz, and Miss Pierson.

Japanese Booth – Mrs. Charles Seward Foote, Mrs. George Clay, Mrs. S.P. Simpson, Mrs. L. Finch, Mrs. Constantine P. Ralli, Mrs. William Lewis Brown, Mrs. L. Dennis, Mrs. WIlliam Pelletier, Miss Ellis, Miss Anthony, Miss Dryden, Miss Morgan, Miss Bowen, Miss Lawrence, and Miss Rodman.

Spanish Booth – Mrs. S. A. Cruikshank, Mrs. A. T. Slauson, Mrs. J. F. Wichers, Mrs. T. H. Curtis, Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman, Mrs. T. A. Hazell, Mrs. H. L. Moore, Mrs. D. T. Van Buren, Mrs. E. H. Mosher, Miss Harriott, Miss Louise Patton, Miss Maud Lord, Miss May Kirkner, Miss Louise Van Zandt, Miss Annie Horton, Miss Titsworth, and Miss Meredith.

German Booth – Mrs. Mason W. Tyler, Mrs. Logan Murphy, Mrs. John H. Oarman, Mrs. Charles J. Taggart, Mrs. Benjamin R. Western, Mrs. J. E. Turill, Mrs. Arthur T. Gallup, Mrs. Horsley Barker, Mrs. John Haviland, Mrs. George Wright, Mrs. Amra Hamragan, Mrs. William L. Saunders, Mrs. William Wright, Miss Annie Murphy, Miss Wright, Miss Western, Miss Bartling, Miss Helen Warman, Miss Emma Adams and Miss Ann Thorne.

Stationery Booth – Mrs. John Gray Foster, Mrs. Elliott Barrows, Mrs. A. W. Haviland, Mrs. John D. Miller, Mrs. James R. Joy, and Miss Emily R. Tracy.

Parisian Flower Stall – Mrs. Harry M. Stockton, Mrs. Evarts Tracy, Mrs. Daniel F. Ginna, Mrs. W. H. Ladd, Mrs. Frederick Yates, Miss Marlon Dumont, Miss Ginna, Miss Baker, Miss Huntington, and Miss Van Bosckerck.

Refreshments were dispensed by Mrs. Orville T. Waring, Mrs. George W. Van Bosckerck, Mrs. John Bushnell, Mrs. Gifford Mayer, Mrs. George H. Goddard, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. H. P. Reynolds, Mrs. C. C. Guion, Mrs. N. P. T. Finch, Mrs. Henry McGee, Mrs. De Revere, Mrs. Ruth C. Leonard, Mrs. George W. Rockfellow, Miss Annie Opdyke, Mrs. Van Alstyne, Mrs. Utzinger, Mrs. Nelson Runyon, Mrs. Henry Tapsley, Miss Martine, Miss Edith Allen, Mrs. J. Parker Mason, Mrs. J. K. Myers, Mrs. Walton, and Mrs. H. C. Adams

Courier News Articles

Clawson C. C., Mr. wife E.H. ?/?1928 Annotation death
Clawson C. C., Mr. wife E.H. 10/11/1937 News
Clawson E.H., Mrs. husband C.C. 10/2/1950 Annotation death
Clawson Frank T. 12/11/1941 News
Clawson Frank T. 7/31/1949 Annotation death
Clawson Frank T. 8/2/1949 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 2/27/1953 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 3/11/1954 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 4/27/1954 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 3/8/1955 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 4/26/1955 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 4/15/1963 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 11/6/1963 News
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 8/12/1964 News death
Clawson Jack M. wife MaryJune (Besson) 8/13/1964 News death
Clawson MaryJune (Besson) husband Jack M. 8/12/1964 News

Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson 4/6/1935 News
Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson 1/8/1942 News
Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson 9/17/1951 Obituary
Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson 9/18/1951 News
Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson 9/19/1951 News
Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson 9/19/1951 News
Fitz-Randolph Asa Burt wife Louella Clawson n.d. News
Fitz-Randolph Louella A. Clawson husband Asa Burt 4/6/1935 News
Fitz-Randolph Louella A. Clawson husband Asa Burt 7/25/1957 News
Fitz-Randolph Louella A. Clawson husband Asa Burt 7/25/1964 News
Fitz-Randolph Louella A. Clawson husband Asa Burt 8/26/1965 News
Fitz-Randolph Louella A. Clawson husband Asa Burt 8/26/1965 Obituary
Fitz-Randolph Louella A. Clawson husband Asa Burt n.d. News

Asa Burt Fitz-Randolph

ID: I124126
Title: Dea.
Given Name: Asa
Surname: Fitz Randolph
Sex: M
Change Date: 14 JAN 2011
Birth: 18 JUL 1870 in New Jersey
Census: 1880 Hillborough, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Note: age 9
Residence: 1929 Plainfield, Union Co., New Jersey
Death: 15 SEP 1951

Father: Nathan Hull FITZ RANDOLPH b: 14 DEC 1844 in Plainfield, Union Co., New Jersey
Mother: Eliza Galvin BURT b: 13 OCT 1841 in Glenville, Schenectady Co., New York

Marriage 1 Luella A. CLAWSON b: 24 JUL 1867 in Illinois
Note: marriage not yet proven

1974 Junior League Designer Showcase: The Martine House

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Cover to Page 25

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Page 26 to End

A sponsor and photographed: Mrs. Peter R. Clawson

In addition to saving the 1988 Program for the Designers Showhouse of Cedar Brook Farm (aka The Martine House) which was organized by the Muhlenberg Auxiliary, PGC Member Anne Shepherd also kept the 1974 Designers Showcase of the very same home, organized by the Junior League.

Within the program pages, you will find mentioned many PGC members. They include: Clawson, MacLeod, Kroll, Davis, Wyckoff, Stevens, Loizeaux, Swain, Hunziker, Connell, Foster, Dunbar, Elliott, Fitzpatrick, Gaston, Hackman, Holman, Lockwood, Morrison, Royes, Rushmore, Sanders, Williams, Barnhart, Bellows, Burger, Burner, Carter, Clendenin, DeHart, Detwiller, Eaton, Eckert, Fort, Frost, Gonder, Keating, Laidlaw, Loosli, Madsen, Mann, Marshall, Miller, Moody, Moon, Morse, Murray, Mygatt, Barrett, Peek, Perkins, Pfefferkorn, Pomeroy, Pond, Royes, Samek, Sandford, Sheble, Stevens, Shepherd, Stewart, Stout, Trewin, Vivian, Zeller, Cochran, Mooney and Hall.

May 1982 Designer Showhouse: 1127 Watchung Ave

Cover to Page 25

Page 26 to Page 51

Page 52 to Page 75

Page 76 to Back Cover

**Designer: Mrs. Peter R. Clawson

1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook

1975-1976 The Junior League of Plainfield

Mrs. Peter R. Clawson (Kay)
Voting Board Member, Placement

Plainfield Library Bio Card

August Holmes Clawson

James Clawson

Frank Titsworth Clawson (b. 21 Jan 1869, d. 31 Jul 1949)

Frank Titsworth Clawson (b. 21 Jan 1869, d. 31 Jul 1949) cont.

Clarence Woodcock (b. 18 Dec 1851, d. 04 Mar 1931)

Ellena Thompson Woodcock Gaston (Mrs. Clawson's sister)

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

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Monday Afternoon Club Membership