Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Vivian, Mrs. Richard C. (Lucille Hutchings or "Diddles") '74

1981 - 1983 Address: 1381 Rahway Rd, Plainfield (1981/1983)

1984 - 1985: Active

Sister-in-law is Plainfield Garden Club member Mrs. Robert P. (Joan) Vivian '81

May 17, 1982 First Meeting of Executive Board

May 17, 1982 First Meeting of Executive Board

May 17, 1982 First Meeting of Executive Board

1984 Questover Designer Showhouse

Questover Program pages 1 through 55

Questover Program pages 56 through 106

Questover Program pages 107 through 131

Subject: Re: 1984 Designer Show House at 1160 Central Avenue
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Date: Mon, December 12, 2011 3:46 pm
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I was stationed in the hall with a grand staircase. I THINK it was decorated by Dootsie Laidlaw. My memory is a bit dim. Jane Burner
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Subject: 1984 Designer Show House at 1160 Central Avenue

Found yet another mystery in Anne Shepherd's archives . . . a Courier-News article dated Thursday, May 10, 1984 about a designer showcase house located at 1160 Central Avenue in Plainfield. (I think that is a misprint and the address should be 1060 Central Ave) The name of the house is "Questover" Is there any relationship to the garden club? Currently, we have no record of a member living there. Maybe a member helped decorate the house?

If you can remember any detail, please write back! Susan

Here is the direct link to the 1984 Archives. Please scroll to the bottom
to see the 4 photos of the house:

From December 13, 2011:

Huge correction!! It was Diddles Vivian who decorated the staircase and hall. I got Diddles and Dootsie mixed up. . After 30 years, I can't feel too badly.
Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas! Jane [Burner]

December 20, 2011

Anne Shepherd recalled that Diddles Vivian, sister-in-law to PGC member Joan Vivian, was from Bermuda and may have moved back there accounting for her short term in the club.

The Westfield Leader Thursday, March 15, 2001

Lucille Vivian, 76, Active Volunteer; Founded Interior Decorating Firm

Lucille Hutchings Vivian, 76, of Oxford, MD, died on Sunday, March 4, at the Talbot Hospice House in Easton, Md.

Born in Paget, Bermuda on September 28, 1924, the daughter of the late Nathaniel W. and Florence Hutchings, she had lived in Scotch Plains before moving to Oxford in 1986.

After attending Mount Saint Agnes in Bermuda, Mrs. Vivian worked for Trimingham Brothers in Bermuda.

She returned to school from 1969 to 1971, attending the New York School of Design, and launched her own interior decorating company, Interiors, Inc.

While living in New Jersey, she was a member of the Crescent Avenue Presybterian Church in Plainfield and the Garden Club of America. She was also a member of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Oxford. She additioinally did extensive volunteer work for various charities.

She was predeceased by her husband, Richard Clement Vivian, in 1946.

Surviving are a daughter, Diana V. Brian of Oxford; a son, Richard C. Vivian of Wittman, Md.; two sisters, Elizabeth Hutchings of Bermuda and Diana Hutchings Milani of Litchfield, Conn.; two brothers, Neil White Hutchings and Charley Henry Ford, both of Bermuda, and six grandchildren.

Memorial services were held on Thursday, March 8, at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Oxford. Graveside services will be held at the Christ Church Cemetery in Warwick, Bermuda, at a later date.

Arrangements were under the direction of the Fellows, Helfenbein & Newman Funeral Home in Easton, Md.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Talbot Hospice Foundation, 586 Cynwood Drive, Easton, Md. 21601

2001 Jan Mar Apr May Newsletters

April 2001 Newsletter:

Mrs. Richard C. Vivian (known to one and all as Diddles) died March 4th in Oxford, MD where here children, Richard and Dana, live. Services were held on a lovely spring-like day in the charming little stone church in Oxford. - JV

JV = Joan Vivian, Diddles' sister-in-law and Plainfield GC member

Residence of Leslie L. Vivian, 789 Belvidere Avenue

In this illustrated book, the Courier-News has sought to present some of the representative homes of The Plainfields and adjoining territory, together with such other buildings of interest and importance as would serve to convey an idea of the physical attractioins of one of the most beautiful and healthful cities in the Metropolitan District. The homes reflect the desirability of this community as a place of residence.

The churches, schools, clubs and public buildings pictured serve to give the stranger some conceptions of the beauty of the city and its right to be termed the "Queen City" of New Jersey.

With picturesque Watchung Hills as a background, this section with all its natural advantages, plus a progressive spirit, coupled with high class local governing bodies and a live Chamber of Commerce, is pecularily adapted for home sites and, as a result, it has enjoyed a steady and healthy growth for many years.

publication circa 1917

Mary Diana Hutchings Milani

Mary Diana (Hutchings) Milani (1922-2011)

Mary Diana Hutchings was born on July 21st, 1922 at 'Beau Se Jour', Paget, Bermuda to Nathaniel William Hutchings, and Sarah Shuter Hutchings. 'Di' was the middle child with Elizabeth Hutchings and 'Rusty' Neil Hutchings preceding her. Lucille 'Diddles' Hutchings Vivian and George 'Fordie' Hutchings were her younger siblings. Having been born in Paget, Di always thought of herself as a Paget girl loving the access to town and to the South Shore and to Coral Beach particularly. Her middle child birth position made her well suited to relate to a wide range of people. Di had many friends.
Di grew up in Salt Kettle at 'Greenbank' in a time when horses and bicycles, ferries and boats were the only transport. It was a youth of sailing, riding, swimming and fishing. Di attended teas at Government House, dances at the 'Manse' and enjoyed evenings at Inverurie just across the water.She often talked of working with her mother and May at 'Ship's Inn' as well as collecting her family horses from guests at Belmont. After graduating from Bermuda High School for Girls 1939, Di enjoyed working at The Princess Hotel helping to edit mail for the war effort. In 1941 she married Louis Charles Milani at Christ Church in Warwick, the family church for the Hutchings and the Smiths. She continued to be a Paget girl raising her four children: Louis Charles 'Butchie' Milani , Judd Hutchings Michael Milani, Bettina Florence Woods, and Nancy Anne Miller at 'Greystones' on Lovers Lane.
Di moved to the states with her family in 1963, and lived in Farmington, CT, Chevy Chase,MD, and in Litchfied CT. She often travelled to Bermuda to visit family in the last three decades of her life. Di was often seen taking the Paget ferry once again or with her family at Coral Beach.
She died peacefully in Litchfield, CT on November 30th from natural causes. A granddaughter described her as feisty with a kind heart. A nephew called her 'dickty'. Di had the Hutchings' sense of style, their kindness, and their charm. She had the Shuter's strength of will, as well as their sense of social justice. Di used to like to watch ABC's 'This Week' with one of her daughters. She leaves behind her four children and the following six grandchildren:Louis Charles Milani, Hayes Nathaniel Milani, Mary Jennifer Milani, Ana Christina Hutchings Milani, Nathaniel Hutchings Woods, Alexander Robert Woods. Her three great grandchildren are Marcus Nathaniel Milani, Lorna Chamonix Milani and Preston Hutchings Woods. There will be a memorial service for Mary Diana Hutchings Milani on January 21st, 2012 at St.Michael's Episcopal Church, Litchfield, CT. Exact time to be announced.

Published in Litchfield County Times on December 23, 2011

1984 Bev Reid's party

Diddles Vivian

1984 Bev Reid's party

Diddles Vivian

1984 Bev Reid's party

Diddle Vivian on far left. Ann Wigton in the striped blouse.

1984 Bev Reid's party

Diddles partially obscured by man in blue jacket. In that group is also Mrs. Sheble in the dress with the pink trim.

Cath Detwiller, partially out of the photo, in the navy & white floral print dress.

Evie Madsen in the long floral dress speaks to "J" Morse on her right and Elisabeth Nash Cochran on her right.

Cocktail party circa 1984 at Bev Reid's

Evie Madsen on right side. Partial view of the top of Liz Cochran's head next to Evie. "J" Morse with white long sleeved dress and pocketbook speaking to Evie.

One PGC member thinks that may be Meechy Loosli in the background facing right, with pink trimmed dress. However, another memer thinks it is Mrs. Sheble.

The woman partially blocked by the gentleman in the long light blue dress is Diddles Vivian.

Cath Detwiller far left in blue and white printed dress.

1984-1985 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club