Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Shoemaker, Mrs. J. Rex (Cora Barry) '42

1941 - 1942 - 1943 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. J. Rex Shoemaker 3/31/42 Pd. 12/26/42 Pd. 12/2/43 Pd. 12/15/44 Pd. 12/3/45 6/46 June 28, 1947 July 15, 1948 July 1949 June 30, 1950 June 1951 June 1952

1942 - 1958 Address: 821 Kensington Avenue, Plainfield

1970 - 1981 Address: 925 West 7th

1982 Address: 501 West 7th

1984 - 1985: Sustaining

Mother-in-law was Mrs. Ellery B. Shoemaker '20

April 1982

February 20, 1915 New York Times engagement announcement

Shoemaker - Barry Engagement

WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 – Mr. and Mrs. David S. Barry announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Cora Barry to J. Rex Shoemaker, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Shoemaker of Plainfield, N.J. The wedding date has not yet been fixed.

925 West Seventh Street

Plainfield Library Photo

G-723 1934 Y Grimstead House at 925 West Seventh Street 925 West 7th Street Four-square colonial revival with truncated hip roof and large gable dormers at front and right side, balcony on front gable, wrap-around porch with pedimented center entrance, full-height projection at right rear, William O. Whitney.

821 Kensington Avenue

Plainfield Public Library
Detwiller Archives;collection=blueprints/search_results;architect=detwiller;collection=blueprints;_page=9/blueprint;id=9806;num=225/

Collection Detwiller
Title Conversion of Building
Description Conversion of building for Mr. Theodore H. Wolcott
Work Type Alteration and/or Addition

Blueprint ID D-9806
Permit NOP555
Year of Permit 1973
Microfilm Roll 0214
Microfilm Frame 0392
Address 821 Kensington Avenue
Historic District
City Plainfield
Architect Charles Detwiller Jr.
Architect Firm
Owner Theodore H. Wolcott
Business Owner
City of Plainfield
Planning Department
Historic District Addresses
Address 814-822 Kensington Avenue
Block 638
Lot 8
Year Built c. 1880
Architectural Style Victorian Vernacular
Historic District Putnam Watchung

925 West Seventh

Plainfield Public Library
Detwiller Archives;collection=blueprints/search_results;architect=detwiller;collection=blueprints;_page=21/blueprint;id=12219;num=514/

The digital image for Roll 0238, Frame 202 is not available. This may be due to poor reproduction quality of the original building plan. Please refer to the microfilm (offline, housed in the Archives) and the corresponding Roll and Frame.
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Collection Detwiller
Title Addition to House of Mr. Thomas Cogan 925 West Seventh Street Plainfield N.J.
Description Plans and elevations for a full-height addition and a front porch extension to a two-and-a-half-storey house.
Building Type Residence
Work Type Alteration and/or Addition
Elevation Yes
Condition Acceptable
Blueprint ID D-12219
Permit 3887
Year of Permit 1910
Microfilm Roll 0238
Microfilm Frame 0202
Condition 1003
Address 925 West Seventh Street
Historic District
City Plainfield
Architect Charles H. Detwiller
Architect Firm
Owner Thomas Cogan
Business Owner

1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook

1973-1974 PGC Directory

1974-1975 Directory

January 17, 1962 The Express from Lock Haven, PA

Deaths J. Rex Shoemaker J. Rex Shoemaker of Plainfield, N. J., died there suddenly yesterday noon, of a heart attack. He was a native of Lock Haven, son of the late Ellery B. and Elizabeth Reed Shoemaker. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Thomas Miner and two grandchildren, all Plainfield. Burial will be in Plain field.