Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Morse, Mrs. George Maxwell Randall (Jeanette or "J" Clawson Miner) '74

1975 - 1990 Address: 812 Dixie Lane
1990 - 1996 Address: 1117 Applewood Drive, Freehold NJ 07728

1984 - 1988: Active
1989 - 1994: Affiliate
1995 - 1996: Resigned

July 10, 1913 New York Times obituary

MORSE - July 7, at Plainfield, N.J., George Maxwell Randall Morse, husband of Mary Holly Morse. Services at Grace Church at 3 o'clock Thursday. Carriages will meet train leaving Liberty St., New York City, C. R. R. of N.J. at 2 o'clock. Boston papers please copy.

March 18, 1981 Meeting Minutes

From the Corresponding Secretary file

postmark Feb 20 1996

Jeanette C. Morse
1117 Applewood Drive
Freehold, NJ 07728

Dear Jane –

The time as come for me to resign from the Plainfield Garden Club. As an active member I thoroughly enjoyed the work. Since I have been down here for six years, and driving less and less, I think I should put my efforts in Applewood projects. I do miss seeing my old Garden Club friends. My best to all of you.

Jeanette Morse

February 17 1996

from the Corresponding Secretary file

Corresponding Secretary Annual Report June 13, 1996

Shakespeare Garden 50th Anniversary Party

June 1978

Top Photo: Nancy Pfefferkorn

Bottom Photo: Jay Morse

Shakespeare Garden 50th Anniversary Party

Jay Morse

Shakespeare Garden 50th Anniversary Party

Back of Photo

J Morse

Obituary for Charles Miner, Mrs. J. Morse's brother

Aug. 15

News has been received her of the death at St. Louis, Mo., of Charles Miner. Mr. Miner was born in Oriskany Falls about 54 years ago and was a son of the late Hon. David M. and Arabell Miner. He lived in this place till he reached manhood at which time he obtained a position on the railroad. For many years he has been agent for the Mexican Central railroad. By his courteous bearing and rare conversational ability he made friends everywhere and he has a large circle of friends in the United States and in Mexico. About one year ago he suffered a stroke of paraylsis which left his nerves in a bad condition and was indirectly the cause of his death. He is survived by his wife and one daughter of St. Louis, Mo., two sisters, Mrs. J. Morese of Plainfield, N.J., and Miss Ellen Miner of this place, and two brothers, B.D. Miner of this place and Williard M. Miner of New York.

Oriskany Falls, New York

Clawson Family Tree

George Maxwell Randall Morse (son of George Maxwell Randall Morse and Mary Howe Holly) was born 09 Feb 1909 in Plainfield, NJ, and died 05 Jun 1973 in Plainfield, NJ. He married Jeanette Clawson on 24 May 1935 in Plainfield, NJ, daughter of Frank Titsworth Clawson and Marion Drake Woodcock.

More About George Maxwell Randall Morse and Jeanette Clawson:
Marriage: 24 May 1935, Plainfield, NJ.

Children of George Maxwell Randall Morse and Jeanette Clawson are:
+Marion Woodcock Morse.
+Randall Howe Morse.

"J"'s father Frank Titsworth Clawson

Frank Titsworth Clawson (son of James Clawson and Henrietta Kurlin Titsworth) was born 21 Jan 1869 in Illinois, and died 31 Jul 1949 in Plainfield, NJ. He married (1) Agusta Holmes on 01 Nov 1894 in Plainfield, NJ, daughter of Captain Augustus Holmes. He married (2) Marion Drake Woodcock on 03 May 1906 in Plainfield, NJ, daughter of Clarence Woodcock and Jeanette Hillman.

Notes for Frank Titsworth Clawson:
Frank graduated from Plainfield HS in 1886. Arrangements were made for him to apprentice with Dr. Frank S. Wells' dental office. He worked for Dr. Wells for 2 years and then 2 years at New York Dental College, graduating in 1890.

He opened his own office upstairs from Dr. Wells office, 517 Central Avenue where he stayed until he build and equipped his offices on 525 Park Avenue.

Frank built the house at 672 West Seventh Street and furnished it just in time for his wedding to Augustus Holmes in 1894. It is said the home cost $10,000 to build and purchase the land.

More About Frank Titsworth Clawson:
Date born 2: 1869, Illinois.22
Residence: 1900, Plainfield Ward 3, Union, New Jersey.22

More About Frank Titsworth Clawson and Agusta Holmes:
Marriage: 01 Nov 1894, Plainfield, NJ.

More About Frank Titsworth Clawson and Marion Drake Woodcock:
Marriage: 03 May 1906, Plainfield, NJ.

Children of Frank Titsworth Clawson and Agusta Holmes are:
Agustus Holmes Clawson, b. 12 Nov 1898, Plainfield, NJ, d. 13 Aug 1916, Plainfield, NJ.
Agusta Holmes Clawson, b. 23 Jun 1903, Plainfield, NJ, d. 13 May 1997, McLean, VA.
Francis Myra Clawson, b. 23 Jun 1903, Plainfield, NJ, d. 06 Aug 1907, Plainfield, NJ.

Children of Frank Titsworth Clawson and Marion Drake Woodcock are:
+Franklin Wells Clawson, b. 26 Feb 1908, Plainfield, NJ, d. 25 Apr 1992, Lively, VA.
+Jeanette Clawson, b. 20 May 1912, Plainfield, NJ, d. 22 Mar 2005, Freehold, NJ23.
+Margaret Clawson, b. 23 Nov 1914, Plainfield, NJ, d. 09 May 2003, Williamsburg, VA.
+Barbara Clawson, b. 11 Jul 1918, Plainfield, NJ, d. 18 Apr 2008, Lancaster, VA.

"J"'s mother Marion Drake Woodcock

Marion Drake Woodcock (daughter of Clarence Woodcock and Jeanette Hillman) was born 03 Jan 1882 in Manhattan, NY, and died 01 Feb 1970 in Plainfield, NJ. She married Frank Titsworth Clawson on 03 May 1906 in Plainfield, NJ, son of James Clawson and Henrietta Kurlin Titsworth.

More About Marion Drake Woodcock and Frank Titsworth Clawson:
Marriage: 03 May 1906, Plainfield, NJ.

Children of Marion Drake Woodcock and Frank Titsworth Clawson are:
+Franklin Wells Clawson, b. 26 Feb 1908, Plainfield, NJ, d. 25 Apr 1992, Lively, VA.
+Jeanette Clawson, b. 20 May 1912, Plainfield, NJ, d. 22 Mar 2005, Freehold, NJ75.
+Margaret Clawson, b. 23 Nov 1914, Plainfield, NJ, d. 09 May 2003, Williamsburg, VA.
+Barbara Clawson, b. 11 Jul 1918, Plainfield, NJ, d. 18 Apr 2008, Lancaster, VA.

Jeanette Clawson Morse

Jeanette Clawson (b. 20 May 1912, d. 22 Mar 2005)
Jeanette Clawson (daughter of Frank Titsworth Clawson and Marion Drake Woodcock) was born 20 May 1912 in Plainfield, NJ, and died 22 Mar 2005 in Freehold, NJ23. She married George Maxwell Randall Morse on 24 May 1935 in Plainfield, NJ, son of George Maxwell Randall Morse and Mary Howe Holly.

More About Jeanette Clawson:
Date born 2: 20 May 191223
Social Security Number: 139-38-2185.23
SSN issued: New Jersey.23

More About Jeanette Clawson and George Maxwell Randall Morse:
Marriage: 24 May 1935, Plainfield, NJ.

Children of Jeanette Clawson and George Maxwell Randall Morse are:
+Marion Woodcock Morse.
+Randall Howe Morse.

812 Dixie Lane

Plainfield Public Library
Detwiller Archives

The digital image for this blueprint is not available. This may be due to poor reproduction quality of the original building plan. Please refer to the microfilm (offline, housed in the Archives) and the corresponding Roll and Frame.
Prev Next
Collection Detwiller
Description Alteration
Blueprint ID D-8829
Permit 37340
Year of Permit 1950
Microfilm Roll
Microfilm Frame
Address 812 Dixie Ln.
Historic District
Architect Firm Charles Detwiller
Business Owner G.M. Morse

1984 Questover Designers Showhouse Program

Questover Program pages 1 through 55

Questover Program pages 56 through 106

Questover Program pages 107 through 131

1974 Junior League Designer Showcase: The Martine House

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Cover to Page 25

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Page 26 to End

In addition to saving the 1988 Program for the Designers Showhouse of Cedar Brook Farm (aka The Martine House) which was organized by the Muhlenberg Auxiliary, PGC Member Anne Shepherd also kept the 1974 Designers Showcase of the very same home, organized by the Junior League.

Within the program pages, you will find mentioned many PGC members. They include: Clawson, MacLeod, Kroll, Davis, Wyckoff, Stevens, Loizeaux, Swain, Hunziker, Connell, Foster, Dunbar, Elliott, Fitzpatrick, Gaston, Hackman, Holman, Lockwood, Morrison, Royes, Rushmore, Sanders, Williams, Barnhart, Bellows, Burger, Burner, Carter, Clendenin, DeHart, Detwiller, Eaton, Eckert, Fort, Frost, Gonder, Keating, Laidlaw, Loosli, Madsen, Mann, Marshall, Miller, Moody, Moon, Morse, Murray, Mygatt, Barrett, Peek, Perkins, Pfefferkorn, Pomeroy, Pond, Royes, Samek, Sandford, Sheble, Stevens, Shepherd, Stewart, Stout, Trewin, Vivian, Zeller, Cochran, Mooney and Hall.

Park Golf Club

New York Times August 18, 1901


Results of Weekly Marches at Hillside and Park Clubs.

PLAINFIELD, N. J. Aug. 17 – Notwithstanding the warm weather, there was a good attendance at the links of the Hillside Golf Club today. In the contest for the Mellick Cup, played this morning, Miss Maude Van Boskerck carried off the honors, the scores being: Miss Maude Van Boskerck 116, 12 - 104; Miss Herwarden, 110, 4 - 106, Miss May Holly, 137, 30 - 107; Miss May Wharton, 150, 35 - 115; Miss Louise Holly, 172, 25 - 137.

In the play for the Golf Committee Cup on the Hillside links, T. R. Van Boskerck led W. L. Glenny today by three points. The scores were: T. R. Van Boskerck, 92, 12 - 80; W. L. Glenny, 88 6 - 83; Walter Peterson, 99, 15 - 84; W. C. Faber, III, 27 -84; C. W. Abbott, 94, 8 - 86; C. A. Stevenson, 116, 24 - 92; C. C. Burke, Jr., 111, 19 - 92; E. W. Hedges, 115, 22-93; J. W. Sandford, 107, 13 -94; E. W. Newkirk, 122, 27 - 95; H. C. Tracey, 123, 17 - 96; L. H. Van Buren, 113, 15 - 98; J. R. Blake, 118, 18 -100; H. C. Munger, 114, 12 - 102; R. Rushmore, 127, 20 -107.

There was a comparatively small field in the weekly competition for the President's Cup at the Park Golf Club, and first and second honors went to Joseph L. Myers and Charles L. Nichols, respectively, who are newcomers in the race, while Charles B. Morse took third place. Senator Charles A. Reed still leads for the trophy.

The score cards better than 100 were: Joseph L. Myers, 117, 30 - 87; Charles L. Nichols, 119, 30 - 80; Charles B. Morse, 107, 15 - 92; William R. Faber, 113, 21 - 97; H. G. Phillips, 124, 25 - 90; Henry C. Wells, 118, 19 - 99.

Smithsonian Archives

Creator:Rogers, Henry J. 1811-1879
Title:Henry J. Rogers Papers, 1844-1896
Dates:1844, 1844-1896
Notes:Henry J. Rogers (1811-1879) was an inventor and a pioneer in the development of the telegraph
Summary:These papers include correspondence with Samuel F. B. Morse, Alfred Vail, and Matthew Fontaine Maury. Also included are patent applications, material documenting his pioneering work in nautical signal systems, a "Historical Sketch of the Electric Telegraph" by Rogers, and a certificate signed by Joseph Henry and Alexander Dallas Bache attesting to the quality of Rogers' design for an insulated wire for submarine and subterranean telegraph lines
Restrictions:Use of this record unit requires prior arrangement with the Archives staff
Topic:History of science and technology
Subjects:Bache, A. D (Alexander Dallas) 1806-1867, Henry, Joseph 1797-1878, Maury, Matthew Fontaine 1806-1873, Morse, Samuel Finley Breese 1791-1872, Rogers, Henry J. 1811-1879, Vail, Alfred 1807-1859
Form/Genre:Collection descriptions, Mixed archival materials
Local Number:SIA RU007390

Memories from Elizabeth Morse


1. John Ora Beverly Coates, b. 28 Feb 1874 in Newtown, New Brunswick, Canada, to Herbert and Elizabeth Jane ("Eliza") Coates, the youngest of 13 children. [The following is from a 5 page account by Elizabeth Morse.] At 15, Ora left home and went first to Boston and then to Philadelphia. He worked for Armour and Co. in Philadelphia around 1900. He moved to New York City by 1905 and started O.B. Coates and Co., selling flour wholesale on commission to NYC bakers. After he married, the family lived in a 7-room apartment at 5 West 82d. Street. Ora was a slim, good-looking man with a sparkling wit and was widely read although not formally educated beyond age15. Ora was brought up a Free Baptist in Newtown, N.B. and disapproved of alcohol. He was a deacon in the Calvary Baptist Church in N.Y. (In Plainfield, the Coates attended the First Park Baptist Church.) He did well in business and built a 5-bedroom house in Watchung, N.J., called "The Oakes", where he owned 52 acres of land, including giant old oaks and an ancient Indian trail.

"The house which my dad had built in 1905 was designed by Mr. Hollingsworth, a noted architect who lived in Scotch Plains. Its ground floor consisted of a huge living room with a beautiful fieldstone fireplace with a Hickory wood mantel. There were six hanging lamps with Tiffany shades around the outside of the large living room (33 feet long with an entrance way of 15 feet). Double doors with amber pebbled panes separated the living room from the dining room. The light of the fire could be seen from the walnut paneled dining room as dinner progressed. A beautiful Tiffany chandelier provided light and atmosphere at a round oak expandable table for dinners which at that time were served by a maid. On the second floor there were six bedrooms, a sewing room which served also as my brother's bedroom and three baths. Mother's bedroom had a brick fireplace. There was a guest room to accommodate the aunts and visitors who came frequently. Life was so lively in the Watchung house, with many New York visitors, and Plainfield friends for dinner and bridge. All this changed after the stock market crash in 1929." E. Morse.

The family lived there in the summer and in New York City in the winter. Robert went to Trinity School in New York. When his son Robert (b. 1910) reached High School age, the family moved permanently to Watchung. The daughters Elizabeth (b. 1918) and Margaret (b. 1920) commuted to the Hartridge School and Robert to Plainfield High. In the late 1920's Ora sold several carloads of grain before he had purchased it, and when the price rose, he went bankrupt. He was very honest and paid all his obligations, having eventually to sell his house and much of the land in Watchung. The family moved to a smaller house at 827 Madison Avenue in Plainfield, where Elizabeth and Harold Morse later lived in the third floor apartment after they were married. Robert, played no sports and couldn't get a scholarship to Princeton. The family pooled funds and were able to send him. Ora Coates died 28 May 1949 at his home a 827 Madison Avenue of a heart attack. He had been reported to the police as missing but was found in his bed by his son-in-law, Harold Morse.

On O.B. Coates, by Elizabeth Morse, 15 April 2003, Gambier, OH.

Ora Beverly Coates was one of eleven children born to _____________ in Newtown, New Brunswick, Canada. In 1905 he married Emily Letitia Pearce in New Brunswick. He followed his sister to the USA. Francis Coates (Aunt Frank) had come to Philadelphia and then to New York City where she became part of two corporations dealing with handicrafts (Aird, Coates, and Carter) and (Coates, Carter, and Metzger). [N. remembers visiting Aunt Frank and then going to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.] Ora Beverly Coates built a country house of good size in Watchung, NJ, designed by Mr. Hollingsworth of Berkeley Heights, 4 bedrooms, a guest room, and a maid's room, 3 baths, beautiful central stairs opening in to 33 foot living room wit a large foyer. The driveway came in under an ancient oak, 5-6 feet in diameter. A dining room was divided from the living room by large paneled double doors. When there was a fire in the slate stone fireplace with a walnut mantel, there were reflections dancing on the pebbled amber colored glass windows in the double doors. Both rooms had French doors leading to the 33 foot porch, overlooking a view of the first ridge of the Watchung Mountains. The hedge of bayberry above the apple orchard defined the farm areas, garden, and house. Grape vied were interspersed with rows of apple trees. There was a trail out form the kitchen past a cluster of five dogwood trees and on down through teh woods to the Eaton land. Above the house an old Indian trail led through the woods and up onto he top of the hill where there was grass. The property was called "The Oaks". The stock market crash forced him to sell his love and joy in order to support Robert through Princeton. Robert Pearce Coates graduated from Princeton in 1933, Summa Cum Laude, the pride, love, and joy of our family, the iorst to go to college. We all went to college, private school, and piano lessons with Miss Florence Nichols. Margaret Emily (1942) and Elizabeth Leah (1940) graduated from Wilson College, Chambersberg, PA.

Bev Coates commuted to New York City for his flour business all the rest of his life on the Jersey Central. The aunts, mother's two sisters Geta and Mauda and dad's sister Frances regularly visited Plainfield or Watchung and always came for Chirstmas and holidays. Greta dn Maude trained as nurses at thel old New York Hospital. Dad's sister Frances used her ingenuity with crafts and later renting safe rooms to young women. Elizabeth Morse.

Robert's sisters Elizabeth Leah Coates Morse and Margaret Emily Coates are your great aunts Elizabeth and Margaret. Aunt Elizabeth (b. 1918) graduated from Hartridge School and Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa., class of 1940, with financial assistance from her aunts Maud and Greta Pearce and the New York Times Agency. She earned Master of Education and MLS degrees from Rutgers, and eventually coordinated all the elementary school libraries in Plainfield. She served as President of the New Jersey School Library Association. Elizabeth married Harold G. Morse, the grandson of Henry Gardner Morse of Fitchburg, Mass., a nephew of Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872) U.S. painter and inventor, June 26, 1944. They lived first at E. 21st St. Brooklyn, where Harold was base photographer for the U.S. Maritime Service at Sheepshead Bay. Harold was a graduate of Plainfield High School and the American Institute of Banking. Harold learned photography in the merchant marines in World War II and was a commercial and industrial photographer for 45 years. He knew Richard Avedon. He was active much of his life in the Boy Scouts of America. He was a Rotarian, and he and Elizabeth were active in the Clan Blaire Society. Harold died 9 Feb 1996 at the Hospital of the Univ. of Pa. They had four children

Elizabeth Coates Morse

Obituary: Elizabeth Leah Coates Morse, 87, died on May 5, 2006 in Fort Collins, CO, after a stroke. Elizabeth moved to Fort Collins in 2003 and previously lived in Gambier, OH; Monroe Lake, PA, and Plainfield, NJ

Elizabeth was born on August 3, 1918, in New York City and was the daughter of John Ora Beverly Coates and Emily Pearce Coates. She lived in New York City and later moved to Plainfield, NJ where she resided for almost 60 years.

Her early education was conducted at the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Plainfield from which she graduated in 1936. She later received her undergraduate degree from Wilson College in 1940 and earned Masters degrees in Education and Library Science from Rutgers University in 1961 and 1963. She was a librarian for the Plainfield Public School system for over 25 years and served in 1968 as President of the New Jersey School Library Association.

On June 23, 1943, she married Harold G. Morse in Plainfield. He died in 1996.

Elizabeth was passionate about art, music, and creative writing and truly appreciated how art bridged people and cultures together. She was a gifted poet and wrote throughout he life. Elizabeth was a member of the New Jersey Choral Society for many years. Her students over the years, plus her children, Nieces, and nephew saw her as a loving counselor. Elizabeth avidly pursued genealogy, tracing her ancestry to the Blair Clan of Perth, Scotland and her husband Harold's lineage to Ulysses S. Grant and Samuel F.B. Morse.

Elizabeth enjoyed reading and always had a book or two with her at all times. She never turned down a chance to play a hand of bridge. She had a lively spirit. For many years Elizabeth was a member of the First Park Baptist Church in Plainfield.

She was preceded in death by her husband Harold; her brother Roberts Coates; her sister Margaret (Bay) Coates and brother Andrew Coates. She is buried in Hilside Cemetery, Plainfield, N.J. See

January 12, 1896 New York Times

A WEEK'S EVENTS IN PLAINFIELD.; Numerous Receptions – Doings of Clubs and Societies.

PLAINFIELD, Jan. 11. – A reception was given by Mrs. I C. Pierson of Watchung Avenue, Tuesday evening. She was assisted in receiving by her daughters, Mrs. Malcolm MacKenzie of New-York and Miss Mabel Pierson; Miss Corbitt of New-York, Miss Cochran of Wilmington, Del., and Miss Hunter of North Adams, Mass.

The members of the North Plainfield Dramatic Club were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bailey, Jackson Avenue, Tuesday evening. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Keneey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neeley, Mr. and Mrs. James Harper, Miss Mary Hughes, Miss Ellen Mullon, and Frank Off.

A Past Master's jewel was presented to Calvin H. Rugg of Jerusalem Lodge, F. and A.M., Tuesday evening. The same evening John J. Lynch, for several years President of the Plainfield Catholic Club, was presented with a gold-headed cane by the members of the club.

A. D. Shepard and family of the Gables have gone to Buckingham, New York, for the Winter.

The class of '96 of the North Plainfield school was entertained by Miss Emma and Miss Bertha Stevens Wednesday evening.

Mrs. John Valiant of Craig Place gave a reception and tea Wednesday. She was assisted in receiving by Mrs. H.K. Carroll, Mrs. A. A. Tafty, Mrs. F. H. Randolph, Miss Grace Carroll, Miss Bessie Valiant, Miss Florence Valiant, and Miss Mary Steiner.

The Park Club gave an entertainment Wednesday night at the clubhouse on Washington Avenue. The patronesses were Mrs. C. A. Reed, Mrs. Samuel St. John McCutcheon, and Mrs. J. H. Howell.

Miss Imogene See of Sing Sing, N.Y., is a guest of Mrs. Elmer E. Runyon of Madison Avenue.

Miss Eda Mills of Summit Avenue gave a party to her friends Wednesday night.

Miss Mollie Lawrence of New York and Miss Mather of Bound Brook are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman of Crescent Avenue.

Miss Emily Coriell of Church Street is visiting in Brooklyn.

Miss Edith Allen of Webster Place is spending the Winter in Flushing.

Mrs. J. H. Ackerman and daughter, Lydia, have returned from a two month's trip to the Pacific coast.

Miss Randolph, daughter of Thompson F. Randolph of New-York, is visiting her sister Mrs. Judson Bonnell of East Front Street.

Mrs. Lewis of Binghampton, N.Y., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Ginna of Watchung Avenue.

Miss Rachel Fay Buckley of Newburg, N.Y., and Harry Ellis Green of Plainfield were married Wednesday night at the bride's home.

Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Moore of Ithaca, N.Y., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Squires of North Plainfield.

Miss Laura J. Runyon of East Fifth Street is visiting friends in Philadelphia.

Miss Harriet Loomis of New York City is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Morse of Franklin Place.

Miss Josie Burlingham of Albany Normal College is a guest of ex-Councilman Seymore G. Smith of Crescent Avenue.

Miss Jennie Foster of New York and Howard Foster of Princeton Colelge are guests of D. N. Groendyke of Mercer Avenue.

Miss Helen L. Moore of New York is the guest of her sister Mrs. S. A. Cruikshank, of Belvidere Avenue.

Miss Freeman of Rahway is visiting her aunt, Mrs. W. C. Ayres, of West Second Street.

Miss Baldwin of Baltimore has gone home, after a visit with her uncle Councilman J. H. Valiant of Craig Place.

Howell Division, no. 97, Sons of Temperance, celebrated its twenty-seventh anniversary Wednesday evening. AMong those present form the out of tow were A. P. Sutphen of Somerville, Grand Worthy Patriarch Ross Slack of Excelsior Division of Trenton, Past Grand Worthy Patriarch Fred Day of Newark and Worthy Patriarch Evenson of Newark, and Worthy Patriarch Evenson of Philadelphia. James J. Perine of Brooklyn is the only living charter member of the division.

Mrs. Yerkes, wife of the Rev. Dr. D. J. Yerkes of the First Baptist Church, has gone to Greenville, S.C., to visit a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Ackerman, who are making a tour around the world, are now at Hongkong.

May 15, 2012 Louise Kendall Morse Tweedy

SAN ANGELO Louise Kendall Morse Tweedy passed away at her home at the Tweedy Ranch on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 surrounded by her family. Louise was born June 9, 1921 in Plainfield, New Jersey. She was the youngest daughter of Lorine May Cross Morse and Edward Kendall Morse.

Louise's education began at Hartridge School in Plainfield and continued with Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut. As a young adult she attended a cooking school in New York City. She worked as an assistant x-ray technician and helped with physical therapy at Muhlenburg Hospital in Plainfield. Louise enjoyed mechanical drawing and drew blueprints for the engineering department of International Motors. Additionally, she was a member of the Junior League of Plainfield, New Jersey. She was also a member of the twentieth century club.

Louise spent her early years at East Hampton, Long Island; Crystal Lake in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and Nantucket, Massachusetts. She attended youth camp in Vermont.

Louise lived in Plainfield until her marriage to Andrew Mellick Tweedy of Knickerbocker, Texas. They were married in Plainfield at the Grace Episcopal Church on November 10, 1945. They moved to Knickerbocker where Andrew was managing the Tweedy family ranch. Louise quickly adapted to her new environment of West Texas and began helping Andrew with daily tasks on the ranch. She enjoyed horseback riding and later passed on her passion for the sport to her children. She was also a wonderful host. Due to her warm hospitality, the Tweedy home at Knickerbocker was a comfortable, inviting place for friends and relatives to relax and enjoy hours or days of conversation and recreation.

From 1954-1956, she volunteered time at the Knickerbocker school as a substitute teacher, theatrical properties mistress and helped organize events for school programs. In 1956, Louise and Andy moved to San Angelo while her daughters attended San Angelo schools returning to Knickerbocker in 1963. She was active with scouting programs for her daughters. She volunteered for the Young Women's Service League.

Louise was a competitive person and enjoyed games. She engaged her time playing bridge with her dear friends. She was an avid golfer and served as president of the Women's Golf Association in 1966. In 1972 and 1975, she won the Women's Championship at the San Angelo Country Club.

Louise followed her father and husband as a skilled marksman and enjoyed hunting ducks, dove, and quail. She, also, loved to fish on Dove Creek and the Gulf Coast.
Louise was preceded in death by her husband Andrew Mellick Tweedy, her sisters, Mary Lorine Morse, Margaret Morse Fargo, her brother in law Alvin W. Fargo, brother in law John B. Tweedy, and sister in law, Elizabeth T. Sykes.

Louise is survived by her daughters, Barbara Vannan Tweedy of San Angelo, Patricia Tweedy Wagner and her husband, Logan Wagner of Austin, and Sandra Mellick Tweedy of Knickerbocker and her granddaughter Eugenia Fenn Wagner of Austin. Her nieces, Lorine Fargo and Jane Fargo of Edison, New Jersey. A nephew Alvin Fargo and his wife Sara of Kentfield, California. Della Messer, her dear friend and companion. Her in laws: Dr. Edwin Sykes of San Angelo and Mardie Tweedy of Denver, Colo. Also numerous cousins and their spouses: Phil and Anne Ardery of Louisville, KY, Helen Tweedy of Silverdale, Wa, Barbara Flowers of Marina del Ray, CA. Also, Anne and Morris Reese of San Angelo, Edwin Sykes of San Angelo, Mellick and Barbara Sykes of San Antonio, Tx, Drew Sykes of Knickerbocker, Tx., Joe and Melinda Waring and Eva and Lee Horton of San Angelo, Charles and Diana Waring of Dallas, Tx., Richard Waring of Houston, Tx., Julie Ardery and Bill Bishop of Austin, Tx, Sarah and David Manning and Katherine Tweedy and Gerald Nelson of Denver, Co., Christopher and Susan Tweedy of Denver Co., John and Beret Tweedy of Boulder, Co. and their mother, Helen Chenery; Ryland and Pam Howard of San Antonio, Tx. and many more loved cousins, nieces and nephews.

Honorary pallbearers are Helen McAshan, Virginia Holland, Mary Kennemer, Charlene Stokes, Wanda Hagan, Odalia Martinez, Anne Reese, Eva Horton, Julie Ardery, Melinda Waring, Kate Tweedy, Lanna Duncan and Leslie Wilkenson.

A special appreciation is extended to Dr. Chris Barnett who was an encouraging advocate for Mother. Louise was also devoted to Lita Alamany and Eva Palacios for their weekly understanding and support.

A memorial service will be held at 11AM Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Arrangements are by Johnson's Funeral Home.

Memorials may be made to Knickerbocker Community Center ( P.O. Box 111, Knickerbocker, Tx, 76939) Baptist Memorial Hospice , Emmanuel Episcopal Church or a charity of choice .

.Published in GoSanAngelo from May 18 to May 20, 2012

1952 Check Book

No. 953
June 27, 1952
Harold Morse
Misc. 1.50
Plant Sale 5.00

1956 Check Book

No. 1189
February 12, 1956
Harold G. Morse
2 copy negatives & prints, photos of Cedarbrook Park

1947 Check Book

No. 678
Nov. 19, 1947
Harold G. Morse
Photo of Conservation Window

1948 Check Book

No. 706
Mar. 30, 1948
Harold J. Morse
Photograph Bird

No. 707
Apr. 1, 1948
Elizabeth B. Dunbar
Bird Window

No. 708
Apr. 1, 1948
Margaret C. Ladd
Bird Window

January thru June 1996 Board and General Meeting Minutes

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Womens Auxiliary

Mrs. G. M. R. Morse
948 Kenyon Avenue

Mrs. Phillip C. Morse
930 Kenyon Avenue

Mrs. D. J. Randall
88 Mercer Avenue, N.P.

Mrs. Morse

Crescent Avenue Historic District

Crescent Avenue Historic District form for the National Register of Historic Places

827 - 31 Third Place
c. 1880
In 1894, the home of George M. Randall, "commerce, N.Y."

Wide projecting brackets with heavily scrolled brackets – half round window in the gable pediment – canopy head windows supported with small brackets.

Two apartments – ten rooms.

This farmhouse style, painted a pristine white, relates well to the days of the primed of the Historic District.

Crescent Avenue Historic District

Crescent Avenue Historic District form for the National Register of Historic Places

336-38 Franklin Place
In 1895, the home of Joseph E. Morse, "engineer, Tide Water Oil Company, Bayonne, N. J."

The tower roof has a unique use of two rows of double modillions. The projecting gable is supported by heavily scrolled brackets. The ornate fretwork pattern in the gable is in nearly original condition. Original front door.

There is much style and strength in this house with the bold architectural forms and the corresponding motifs. This is an excellent example of the fine mixture of Victorian architecture contained in the District. The replacement of the shutters is the only architectural feature needed to return the house to its original form.

1990 Application for the GCA Zone IV Historic Preservation Award: Marge Eillott

1990 Application for the GCA Zone IV Historic Preservation Award: Marge Elliott

April 7, 1984 "Belles and Beaux" Scotch Plains Tercentennial Fashion Show & Luncheon

1974-1975 Directory

Plainfield Historical Society Memorabilia From the Archives of Barbara Tracy Sandford

This is a sampling of materials saved by Barbara Sandford in her "Plainfield Historical Society" file.

Plainfield Historical Society Memorabilia

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1985-1986 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club

1985-1986 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club

1985-1986 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club

Photos from the Archives of Barbara Tracy Sandford ca 1980's

Photos from the Archives of Barbara Tracy Sandford ca 1980's

These photos are of a floral design workshop held in Barbara's home, 1275 Denmark Road, conducted by PGC member Marge Elliott. One photograph shows Jeanette Morse, Anne Marie Seybold and Peg Brook.

Jeanne Turner writes the following:

3 ladies I knew fairly well... Lady on left is J Morse ( Jeannette)
I believe, who was a great friend of Barbara. If the deer were kind I still have a plant She gave me. Lady in middle is Anne Marie Seybold who use to tell us fascinating Stories of growing up in Germany in a time when her family were part of the Royal Connection..we saw each other every Thursday as we restored costumes in the tower Room at The Drake House. Lady on right was Peg Brook who at one time was Treasure at the Historical Society Of Plainfield and had a home near Barbara in Wolfeboro, NH.

1993-1994 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club

1989-1990 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club

Cocktail party circa 1984 at Bev Reid's

Evie Madsen (center); "J" Morse in white dress

Cocktail party circa 1984 at Bev Reid's

Fanny Day in the blue and white print dress
"J" Morse in white dress on far left

1984-1985 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club

1995-1996 Annual Report

January 12, 2014 Release of Barbara Tracy Sandford's 1969 slides

The year 1969 was memorable. The nation's headlines were filled with news of Nixon's 1st year in the White House; anti-Vietnam War demonstrations; Woodstock; Neil Armstrong's walk on the Moon; and the Miracle Mets.

Barbara Sandford was busy here in Plainfield with beautifying the new public library and park; inspiring the Club with the Vest Pocket Park civic project; and finally garnering some recognition from the mayor's office for her efforts. See it all here: 1969 Plainfield

**Mrs. Morse is thanked for her work on the Beautification Committee

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership