Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Gaston, Mrs. Hugh M. (Elizabeth Thomson) '54

1953 - 1975 Address: 737 Dixie Lane, Plainfield

1975 NOTE: Mrs. Hugh M. Gaston is crossed off the membership list

PGC Member Mrs. J. Harold (Marion Foster) Loizeaux '40 may be related through marriage to Mrs. Gaston. J. Harold Loizeaux's mother was Catherine Thomson Loizeaux. She was not a member of the PGC.

May also be related to Mrs. John Adamson Darsie (Mary Beemis) '25

Tribute to Mrs. Hugh M. Gaston December 15, 1976 by Anne Marie Seybold

December 15, 1976

It is with deep regret that we record the death of Elizabeth Thomson Gaston – Mrs. Hugh M. – on December second and offer sincerest sympathy to her family.

"Cui" as she was affectionately known, will be remembered particularly as chairman of the Shakespeare Garden where she worked faithfully and, I might add, at times against great odds.

She willingly shared her understanding of plant material and wide knowledge of horticulture.

Th Garden Club meant much to Cui. During her long illness which she faced with such courage, her joy was to hear of its activities.

Her friends will remember Cui with admiration and affection.

May I ask this tribute to be recorded in today's minutes and a copy sent to Mrs. Gaston's family.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Marie Seybold

From the Corresponding Secretary file


June 12, 1978

Plainfield Garden Club celebrates
50th Anniversary of Shakespeare Garden

PLAINFIELD - The Plainfield Garden Club, a member of The Garden Club of America, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of teh Shakespeare Garden at Cedarbrook Park on June 13. The Union County Park Commissioners and Mayor Paul O'Keeffe have been invited as special guests at the observance.

The Garden Club members, with the Union County Park's help and cooperation, have maintained the garden since it was established in 1928 by the Shakespeare Society of Plainfield and the Plainfield Garden Club.

The garden is composed exclusively of plants, herbs, trees, and shrubs, named in Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. Two years ago, the Plainfield Garden Club members designed and planted a knot garden which is a patterned or geometric design often found in English gardens. The knot garden is planted with gray and green santolina and the border is germander. On June 13, this garden will be dedicated in memory of Mrs. Hugh Gaston, a former member of the Plainfield Garden Club and devoted worker in the Shakespeare Garden for many years.

The Garden Club members not only have dedicated many hours a week planting and weeding in the Garden under the supervision of Mrs. Robert Hackman, Mrs. Arthur Seybold, and Mrs. Victor King, but also have made many donations to the Garden. In April, each member brought an authentic plant to the regular meeting, and Mrs. Edward Ladd III gave an English Hawthorne tree.

Mrs. Bruce Reid is restoring the markers for the plants which identify the quotes from Shakespeare that the plants are mentioned in.


. . . the Shakespeare Garden has been maintained by the club for 50 years

Shakespeare Garden September 1989

Elizabeth King – June Kenworthy – Hugh Gaston

Shakespeare Garden September 1989

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Hillside Cemetery

September 14, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

1984 Questover Designers Showhouse Program

Questover Program pages 1 through 55

Questover Program pages 56 through 106

Questover Program pages 107 through 131

1974 Junior League Designer Showcase: The Martine House

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Cover to Page 25

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Page 26 to End

In addition to saving the 1988 Program for the Designers Showhouse of Cedar Brook Farm (aka The Martine House) which was organized by the Muhlenberg Auxiliary, PGC Member Anne Shepherd also kept the 1974 Designers Showcase of the very same home, organized by the Junior League.

Within the program pages, you will find mentioned many PGC members. They include: Clawson, MacLeod, Kroll, Davis, Wyckoff, Stevens, Loizeaux, Swain, Hunziker, Connell, Foster, Dunbar, Elliott, Fitzpatrick, Gaston, Hackman, Holman, Lockwood, Morrison, Royes, Rushmore, Sanders, Williams, Barnhart, Bellows, Burger, Burner, Carter, Clendenin, DeHart, Detwiller, Eaton, Eckert, Fort, Frost, Gonder, Keating, Laidlaw, Loosli, Madsen, Mann, Marshall, Miller, Moody, Moon, Morse, Murray, Mygatt, Barrett, Peek, Perkins, Pfefferkorn, Pomeroy, Pond, Royes, Samek, Sandford, Sheble, Stevens, Shepherd, Stewart, Stout, Trewin, Vivian, Zeller, Cochran, Mooney and Hall.

May 1982 Designer Showhouse: 1127 Watchung Avenue

Cover to Page 25

Page 26 to Page 51

Page 52 to Page 75

Page 76 to Back Cover

**PROGRAM: Mrs. Robert B. Thomson

May 9, 1974 Spring Potpourri Guestbook

Email Exchange March 2013 re: Campbells/Dixie Lane/Gaston

Plainfield Garden Club <>
Mar 16 (2 days ago)2013

to elizabethfarao.
Dear Ms. Faraone:
Thank you so much for writing to us! We are so happy you found the list of homes at of our members – nearly 100 years of residences and gardens in Plainfield.
I see from the 1940 census that your maiden name was "Campbell" – were you related to the Campbells that were in our club? They are:

Campbell, Mrs. William Hall (Mabel C. Raper) '28
Davis, Mrs. F. Edgar (Dorothy Campbell) '60
Detwiller, Mrs. Charles H. (Catherine or "Cath" Campbe…
Zelie, Mrs. John Sheridan (Henrietta Shapleigh Campbell) '17

Do you happen to know or remember these neighbors on Dixie:

717 Dixie Lane
Foster, Mrs. David Scott (Constance "Connie" Elena Titus) '46

737 Dixie Lane

Gaston, Mrs. Hugh M. (Elizabeth Thomson) '54

747 Dixie Lane

Goddard, Mrs. Frederick W. '16

754 Dixie Lane

Foster, Mrs. David Scott (Constance "Connie" Elena Titus) '46

812 Dixie Lane

Morse, Mrs. George Maxwell Randall (Jeanette Clawson or "J" Miner) '74

We have quite a few homes listed at but all have a "relationship" to a club member. We hope your childhood home does as well. If so, we would love to include the photo in our list.
Thank you again –
Susan Fraser
Plainfield Garden Club
Founded 1915
Please come to visit us in the Shakespeare Garden Saturday, June 1st for our Shakespeare-in-Bloom celebration!

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The contents of the new entry:

Name: Elizabeth Faraone
Address: 836 Carlton Avenue


I noticed you have a list of Plainfield homes and thought you might want to include
the home I grew up in on Dixie Lane. I can send you a good photograph of it. Here
are the specifics from the 1940 cencus. I think it was built in 1922, but I'm not

740 Dixie Lane

Household Members Age
Head Meville H Campbell 54
Wife Bertha H Campbell 54
Son Gordon W Campbell 24
Daughter Margaret Campbell 18
Maid Thoras Peterson 38

Elizabeth Faraone
Mar 16 (2 days ago)

to me
I don't know if Mrs. Campbell (Bertha) was a member of the Garden club. There is a strong possibility that the Campbells of 740 Dixie Lane were related to the Campbells of the Garden Club but I can't find proof of it online.

We were the second family to live in the home at 740 Dixie Lane. A third family is living there now. The Campbells sold their home to us shortly before Melville's death in 1969. It was in original condition but in need of repair and my father never repaired it properly. I felt sad about that.

Mr. Campbell had been a civil engineer and had a lot to do with the design and construction of the home. He really knew what he was doing. We never had any wild animals burrow their way into our attic. That's quite a feat, as our neighbors often complained of squirrels finding their way into their homes. The floors on the first and second floor were parquet, the doors mahogany, the kitchen and pantry typical for a modest home of the 1920s, the bathrooms very comfortable and a simple white, with large, deep tubs (reminded me of the bathrooms in the guest cottages of the Hearst Castle - smaller, of course, but made with the same materials). The third floor, we were told, was for the nurse (their only daughter was severely developmentally disabled - I remember meeting her) and the cook. There was a bell system throughout the house used to summon them. The Campbells must have been a very special family. They were completely devoted to caring for their daughter. The master bedroom was hers and they laid a vinyl floor over the parquet to accommodate her needs.

I wish there was a committee of concerned and knowledgeable neighbors who would guide owners in the restoring of their homes. I know there are now laws that prevent the destruction, but the laws are not enough. Many years ago, I took a week long tour of the Great Camps of the Adirondacks. The man who owned Sagamore and Uncas made a special effort to influence the new owners of other camps to restore their homes properly. If not for his grace and tact, the treatment and fate of those great, Victorian estates in the Adirondacks would have been very different.

The Gastons lived across the street from us. Hugh, his first wife and son Lou, were living in their home in 1968. His wife suffered from mental illness but she appeared to be a very refined woman. When she died, Hugh married a lovely woman and they remained in the home. Lou kept their lawn manicured and both wives tended a lovely garden. The Gastons were lovely neighbors who tolerated our eye sore of a house. Their home was sold in the 1990s.

My favorite family on the block were the Lightburns. They lived in the brick home Edison built for his daughter. Mary Lightburn raised the funds for the new Plainfield Public Library.

2013-10-27 Email Exchange

Dear Mrs. Faraone,

I stumbled upon your email exchange with the Plainfield Garden Club when I was searching for something else. To the best of my recollection, my family rented 717 Dixie Lane from about 1954 to 1958. I remember the Gastons. Mary Lightburn (the daughter of the Mary Lightburn you mention, I think) was one of my best friends. We were in the same class at Hartridge (1964). My mother, Victoria H. Furman, was an active member of the Plainfield Garden Club. She and my father, Gerald S. Furman, were friends with the Loizeaux and Detwillers. The Loizeaux daughter was also at Hartidge, Class of '64.

I notice there is no photo of my mother on the Notable Members list. I will try to remember to scan the photo I have of her at the Plant and Bake Sale at Drake House in 1962 and email it to you.

Sandy Furman

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