Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Nash, Mrs. William Bryan (Blanche Pelz) '23

1928 Treasurer Book April 15th $5.00 listed as Mrs. W. B. Nash.
1929 Treasurer Book Active April $5.00
1930, 1931, 1932, 1933 Treasurer Book Active

1932 Address: 622 West Eighth Street

1934 Treasurer Book: Active Mrs. W. B. Nash 1/13/34 PAID Transferred Associate
1934 Treasurer Book Associate: Mrs. W. B. Nash 6/19/34 PAID
Treasurer Book Associate: 1935, 1936

1937 Treasurer Book, under Associate: Mrs. B. P. Nash 5/10/37 Pd.

1938 Treasurer Book, Associate: Mrs. B.P. Nash 1/10/38 Pd 2/11/39 Pd. 1/8/40 Pd. 1/6/41 Pd.

1941 - 1942 - 1943 Treasurer Book, Associate: Mrs. Blanche P. Nash 12/10/31 Pd. 12/8/42 Pd. 12/1/3 Pd. 12/8/44 Pd. 12/10/45 May 29, 1946 May 14, 1947 "c." June 4, 1948 June 8, 1949 May 29, 1950 May 1951 June 1952

1942 Address: 938 Madison Avenue

1953 Address: 909 Park Ave, Plainfield

1958 Address: 770 Belvidere Avenue, Plainfield

1970 Address: 606 Crescent Avenue, Plainfield
NOTE: Mrs. Blanche P. Nash is listed as "Sustaining Member"

1973 Address: 961 Oakwood Avenue, Edison
Listed as a "Sustaining Member"

1975 Address: 961 Oakwood Pl, Plainfield
NOTE: Mrs. Blanche P. Nash is crossed off the membership list

Blanche Nash passed away February 7, 1976.

NOTE: Mrs. Nash was one of the few women who asked for her maiden name to be listed with the annual directory. Consequently, there is some confusion when searching for "William B. Nash" and only finding "Blanche P. Nash" or "Blanche Nash"

Mrs. Nash's daughter is Mrs. Homer P. (Elizabeth Nash) Cochran '52
Mrs. Nash's daugher-in-law is Mrs. Philip W. Nash '57

June 2011: Delivered an invitation to Shakespeare-in-Bloom to 938 Madison Avenue. 961 Oakwood Place is noted "does not exist" 909 Park Avenue noted "apartments"

May be related to the following PGC Members:

Hetherington, Mrs. Ferris (Grace Bryan Yeargan) '37
Robinson, Mrs. Harry A. (Lilla Bryan) '20

Is this Mrs. Blanche Nash or Mrs. Garrett Smith?

January 5, 2011. When shown this photograph, Anne Shepherd is 100% certain that the woman photographed wearing the corsage is Mrs. Blanche Nash. The writing on the back of the photo, not entirely clear, says it may be Mrs. Garrett Smith.

August 2011

Anne Shepherd says that the woman photographed here is Mrs. Helen Nash – Blanche's mother-in-law. Anne recalled that her friend always referred to her own grandmother as "Blanche" and pronounced a particular way "Blawaunch"

April 2012

Tabby Cochran, a relative of Mrs. Nash, confirmed this indeed was not Blanche.

Is this Mrs. Blanche Nash or Mrs. Garrett Smith?

August 23, 1916 New York Times Article


Seven Judges for Exhibit at Plainfield Sept. 23 Announced

Vinton P. Breese, Dr. J. E. DeMund of Brooklyn; Dr. Henry Jarrett of Philadelphia; R. F. Height of Lakewood, NJ; James E. Meade of Brooklyn; C. N. Denault of Pittsfield, Mass, and Udo M. Fleischmann of this city are among those who have accepted invitations to act as judges at the fifth annual show of the Plainfield Kennel Club, which is to be held at the Horse Show Grounds in Plainfield, NJ on Saturday, September 23. The club is composed of a number of prominent fanciers of this city and New Jersey and the committee have provided more than $800 worth of prizes to be won outright for the various breeds as well as 200 trophies in the unclassified specials and for the various breeds, which means a large entry.

Edmund L. Mackenzie is President of the club, S. S. Carvalho and John F. Zerega, Vice Presidents; John H. O'Donohue, Secretary, and John A. Conway, Treasurer. The Bench Show Committee is made up of William B. Nash, Thomas K. Dray, John G. Bates, C. F. Neilson, Francis G. Lloyd, John A. Conway, John J. O'Donohue, Morris Kinney, and Richard J. Harrigan. W. H. Purcell will be superintendent and entry blanks can be had at his office, 29 Broadway, this city.

The show is to be held for benefit of the local Volunteers Auxillary, an association of some of the most prominent people in Plainfield to care for the dependents of members of the National Guard of the State now on duty on the Mexican border.

Elisabeth Nash Cochran

Published: September 10, 2002

COCHRAN-Elisabeth Nash, of Plainfield, NJ, died on September 7, 2002. Widow of Homer P. Cochran. Surviving are three sons: The Rev. Fergus Cochran of Dorset, VT, Thomas N. Cochran of Far Hills, NJ and James W. Cochran of Johnstown, PA; five grandchildren; and two greatgrandchildren. A memorial service will be held at Crescent Ave. Presbyterian Church, Plainfield, on Saturday, October 19, at 11 AM

Anne Shepherd's memory of the Nash family

They used to call her 'Grandmama' and she was always "Blanche" [pronounced Blawn-che]. Her husband was William Bryant.

Her daughter-in-law was Helen Nash, she married Philip. They had three children: My friend Patty; Tony and Elisabeth. Tony was William Bryant the 3rd. He was killed in a very tragic way. It was a car accident and before seatbelts. He had a crash, but the door popped open and he hit his head on the curb. Very sad.

January 8, 2011

Tribute In Memory Of Blanch P. Nash

938 Madison Avenue

Plainfield Library Photo File

G-387 1934 Y Grimstead House at 938 Madison Avenue 938 Madison Avenue Three-bay Dutch colonial revival with awning over center front, partial view of garage in rear. Van Wyck Brooks

Hillside Cemetery

September 14, 2011

William Bryan Nash II

Hillside Cemetery
September 14, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

Anne Shepherd told a story that one of the Nash sons was tragically killed in town in an automobile accident. He was the grandson of Mrs. Blanche Nash.

Nash marker

Hillside Cemetery

770 Belvidere

Detwiller Plans at the Plainfield Public Library;collection=blueprints/search_results;architect=detwiller;collection=blueprints;_page=2/blueprint;id=14244;num=32/

The digital image for Roll 0101, Frame 10 is not available. This may be due to poor reproduction quality of the original building plan. Please refer to the microfilm (offline, housed in the Archives) and the corresponding Roll and Frame.
Prev Next
Collection Detwiller
Title Fire Escape for Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sheelen
Description Plans, sketches, specifications, and elevations for a fire escape for a third-storey apartment.
Building Type Residence
Building Use Apartment/Units
Work Type Alteration and/or Addition
Elevation Yes
Condition Dark
Blueprint ID D-14244
Permit 45256
Year of Permit 1974
Microfilm Roll 0101
Microfilm Frame 0010
Condition 1001
Address 770 Belvidere Avenue
Historic District
City Plainfield
Architect Charles H. Detwiller, Jr.
Architect Firm
Owner Frank Sheelen
Business Owner
City of Plainfield
Planning Department
Historic District Addresses
Address 757-783 Belvidere Avenue
Block 904
Lot 10
Year Built None
Architectural Style vacant parcel
Historic District Netherwood Heights

770 Belvidere

Detwiller Plans at the Plainfield Public Library;collection=blueprints/search_results;architect=detwiller;collection=blueprints;_page=2/blueprint;id=9037;num=36/

Blueprint ID D-9037
Permit 45256
Year of Permit 1974
Microfilm Roll 0210
Microfilm Frame 0620
Condition 1003
Address 770 Belvidere Avenue
Historic District Netherwood Heights
City Plainfield
Architect Charles H. Detwiller, Jr.
Architect Firm
Owner Frank Sheelen
Business Owner
City of Plainfield
Planning Department
Historic District Addresses
Address 757-783 Belvidere Avenue
Block 904
Lot 10
Year Built None
Architectural Style vacant parcel
Historic District Netherwood Heights
Collection Detwiller
Title Fire Escape for Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sheelen 770 Belvidere Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.
Description Plans, plot plan, and elevations for a fire escape.
Building Type Residence
Work Type Alteration and/or Addition
Elevation Yes
Condition Acceptable

1995 May and June Board and General Meeting Minutes

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Women's Auxiliary

Mrs. W. B. Nash
904 Grant Avenue

1909 Plainfield Directory

Nash Augustus C, student, h 946 Prospect av
Nash Charles I, broker, h 138 De Lacy av, N. P.
Nash James J, produce, h. 9 The Madison
Nash Vincent W., coal dealer, 686 s 2d, h 946 Prospect a
Nash Vincent W Jr, attorney-at-law, 221 Park av, h. 165 North av

770 Belvidere Avenue

1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook

April 23, 1965 Garden Club History Reviews Past 50 Years

A history of the Plainfield Garden Club was presented to members Wednesday by Mrs. Edward H. Ladd 3rd at the club's annual meeting in the home of Mrs. Edgar F. Davis, 1080 Rahway Rd. Mrs. Alexander Kroll was co-hostess.

The history has been published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Garden Club, which was formed in 1915.

The first part of the history was written by a charter member, now deceased, Mrs. Thomas Van Boskerck. The second part, covering the years from 1940-1965, was written by Mrs. Gerald Furman, and highlights the accomplishment of all the departments of the club.

Special emphasis is given to the three continuing projects: the Shakespeare Garden started in 1927; the Dogwood Collection, sponsored since 1946; and the Iris Garden begun in 1932; all in Cedar Brook Park. These three gardens have received national recognition and many awards for excellence.

The Union County Park Commission has just named the dogwood planting, "The Harriette R. Halloway Cornus Collection," in appreciation of the club's many years of service to park activities. Miss Halloway, 90, is the Garden Club's oldest living member and an authority on cornus and iris.

Mrs. Edwin J. Fitzpatrick, nominating chairman, present the slate of officers which was elected as follows: President, Mrs. Wayne J. Holman Jr.; first vice president, Mrs. David Sanders; second vice president, Mrs. F. Gregg Burger; treasurer, Mrs. William K. Dunbar Jr.; recording secretary, Mrs. C. Northrup Pond; and corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. Benson Wigton Jr.

Mrs. Holman and Mrs. Sandford will attend the annual meeting of the Garden Club of America in Cleveland, Ohio from May 10-14. Mrs. Holman will present a resume of recent program given by members of the Plainfield Club on the botanical background of the mallow plant family.

Mrs. John Wells of Valley Road, Watchung, said the club will again give scholarships to the Audubon summer camps or the N. J. State School of Conservation at Stokes Forest, as has been done since 1941. School teachers and scout leaders are eligible to apply for the scholarships.

A colored movie, entitled "Wings Over Blitzen," was shown, picturing wildlife in its natural state in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Ore.

Tea followed the meeting. Mrs. C. Benson Wigton and Mrs. Blanche P. Nash presided at the tea table, which was decorated with an arrangement of white spring flowers.

1973-1974 PGC Directory

1974-1975 Directory

Detwiller blueprint

August 8, 2015

Library offers trove of vintage Plainfield home blueprints for sale

Plainfield homeowners and history buffs are getting a one-of-a-kind opportunity as the Plainfield Public Library prepares to offer upwards of 3,000 blueprint originals from its Detwiller Collection for sale to the public.

The blueprints offered for sale are part of a trove of many thousands recovered from a dumpster at City Hall by the late Plainfield architect and artist Charles Detwiller.

While many of Plainfield's grand homes and mansion are among the blueprints (though fewer than originally, owing to some 'fingering' before strict controls were put in place), the appeal of the collection will be stronger for those who live in or admire the more modest vintage homes from the turn of the 20th century to the World War II era.

These homes include many classic Tudors and other 'cottage' and 'revival' styles, as well as 'foursquares', ranches and Cape Cods and more contemporary stules.

These represent the bulk of Plainfield's building stock from its most expansive period and they were often enough improved or expanded – giving rise to the need for plans showing the original building and the proposed alterations to be filed with the City's inspections department.

It is those blueprints, which have now been cataloged and digitized, that are being offered for sale. In library parlance, they have been de-accessioned, meaning that they no longer need be kept permanently by the Library and are available for dispostion to private parties.

The Library has a portal to the Charles Detwiller Blueprint Collection on its website (see here) and has made a complete list of the blueprints for sale also available online (see here).

The list is alphabetized by street name, and then number. However, I would advise reading the Library's instructions closely so you make the proper notations for your request (see here) – easing the staff's task in finding the item(s) in which you are interested. Paying attention to the suggested time frames needed and numbers of items per request will help you avoid headaches. So, please read and follow the instructions carefully – as carpenters like to say, 'measure twice, cut once'.

The sale will run from September 1 to November 13, 2015 in a two-step process –

You check the offerings to find items that interest you, making careful notations; and

You and the Library work out a pick-up appointment, at which you will be able to view the actual items and make a final decision on your purchase.

Single-page blueprints are priced at $50 each and multiple-page sets at $100. Cash or credit cards are fine, but the Library will not accept personal checks.

Proceeds of the sale will be used to finance the further digitization of the blueprint collection – meaning that we can look forward to another offering of materials at some future point.

The Detwiller Collection is absolutely unique in its size and scope, covering decades of Plainfield history and thousands of buildings throughout the city. Plainfield residents owe Charlie Detwiller a debt of gratitude for his perspicacity that cannot be repaid.

And we owe a debt of gratitude to Library Director Joe Da Rold for the vision that saw in these rescued documents an invaluable resource for the community, and devised means and methods of ensuring these fragile records would be available to Plainfield residents permanently through having them digitized.

Mr. Detwiller is the late husband of PGC Honorary member Cath Detwiller. Mr. Detwiller's Aunt Laura was a long-time member of the PGC and a very talented botanical artist. Read about the Detwiller family here:

Detwiller, Mrs. Charles H. (Catherine or "Cath" Campbell), Jr. '57

Detwiller, Miss Laura Cecelia '29

And Mr. Detwiller's in-laws:

Campbell, Mrs. William Hall (Mabel C. Raper) '28

Davis, Mrs. F. Edgar (Dorothy or "Dottie" Campbell) '60

Detwiller blueprints 606 Crescent Avenue