Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Lare, Mrs. William Sloane (Dorothy) '54

1953 Address: 825 Carlton Avenue

This is the former carriage house to the Ginna estate 1127 Watchung Avenue

Mrs. Daniel F. (Katherine Whiting Lewis) Ginna '15 was a founding member of the Plainfield Garden Club.

Plainfield GC Member Mrs. Roger Drew (Catherine Whiting Ginna) Mellick '28 grew up at the 1127 Watchung Avenue estate.

From Plainfield, New Jersey's History & Architecture by John Grady and Dorothe Pollard

A Courier News article once headlined "Carlton Mews" as "Plainfield's most elegant hayloft." No one would ever argue the point. The carriage house of the Ginna estate was converted by the Lare family between 1921 - 1924 and beautifully renovated by Lucy and Raymond Rose in 1961. Many original features including the G-for-Ginna weathervane and tiles unearthed from a three-hundred-foot rose arbor along Carlton Avenue were preserved and recycled.

Throughout the Roses' tenure, Carlton Mews contributed its incomparable charm to the city's many charitable functions through architectural tours, a designer show house, and summer garden parties. That tradition continues today in a setting of floral abundance.

Our camera catches a view rarely seen in present-day Plainfield – the entrance to an old, brick-walled stable yard. Preserved by the Roses to provided a dining terrace outside the kitchen door, its narrow dimensions originally helped steady the horses during daily grooming sessions.

May 1982 Program: Plainfield Renaissance Designers' Showhouse

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Carlton Mews

Serenity, beauty, antiquity and solitude descrive the Old English Garden at Carlton Mews adjacent to the Designers' Showhouse property. Nestled in a corner of the garden is the original stable of the Stephen A. Ginna farms, now a private residence.

Built around 1862, the barn was converted into a home by Mr. and Mrs. William Sloane Lare, who sought the help of Henry G. Osterman to landscape the barnyard in 1922. Over the years the beautiful effect we enjoy today has been achieved by the continual efforts of Henry's son George and George's sons Kenneth and Alfred.

The pathways leading to the large piazza and its floor are laid with terracotta tiles hand-kilned in the 1880s that were taken from Mr. Ginna's rose trellis, which extended from Watchung Avenue to Putnam Avenue. The picture windows of the house were the carriage doors, and the original weathervane atop the roof bears the Ginna G.

The garage on the property, formerly a tack house, was relocated from Kensington Avenue and is surrounded by hawthorne and evergreen trees.

In 1965 George Osterman designed the sundial garden and the herb garden for the present owner, Lucy M. Rose. Thirty species of herbs are cutlivated, dried and used for cooking year after year.

Wel-Swept Herb Farms, Post Murray, NJ Cye Hyde
Osterman & Sons Nursery, Middlesex, NJ
Ebers Garden Furniture, North Plainfield, NJ

Cooperstown, NY Newspaper -- possibly 1920

Mrs. W. Sloane Lare of Plainfield, N.J., arrived yesterday with her little child and nurse to spend the month of August at the home of Mrs. C. W. G. Ross, taking her meals at the New Fenimore. Mr. Lare is expected to arrive later in the month for a fortnight's stay.

1955 Check Book

No. 1177
October 20, 1955
Garden Club of America
memorial to Dorothy Lare

No. 1178
November 2, 1955
New York Botanical Garden
contributioin to Research Labaratory Building Fund

No. 1179
November 2, 1955
Vance Florist
spray for Mrs. Edward Jones

Charles S. Lare Williams College '43

Plainfield, NJ

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1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook

June 6, 1992 Historical Society of Plainfield Secret Gardens Tour

June 6, 1992 Historical Society of Plainfield Secret Gardens Tour

1. Drake House
2. Shakespeare Garden
3. Victorian Hideaway, 935 Madison Avenue

4. Holly, Box and Ivy, 836 Arlington Avenue
King, Mrs. Victor R. (Elizabeth J.) '48

5. Green-Wreathed Carriage House, 825 Carlton Avenue
Lare, Mrs. William Sloane (Dorothy) '54

Handsome pines provide a living frame of privacy for the garden of a storybook, Tudor carriage house, built in 1852 and converted in the 1920's. Terra cotta tiles from Victorian rose allele and the arbor pave the entrance patio designed during a 1961 restoration – and here the magic begins as living herbal topiary provides an aromatic welcome.

Visitors are greeted by a mural in the style of Rufus Porter, depicting the landscape of a bygone age when today's secret garden was only a stable yard, a dream unfulfilled. Clear, fresh color prevails within, spiced with nasturtium, marigold, gentian and poppy. The building's original features – stall doors, wrought iron hardware, exposed brick walls – have been carefully preserved and transformed into strong decorative elements. Weathered paneling and ancient beams rescued from homes long gone lend architectural interest to the kitchen, and the owner's interior flower garden, a melange of floral paintings, ascends the graceful staircase.

A shed addition opening off the living room, once a potting shed, contains a newly-designed powder room. The hall leads on to an enchanting terrace of brick and slate, enhanced by further examples of topiary art. The scent of potted herbs mingles with the fragrance of a culinary herb garden conveniently located just beyond the gate.

Creative discipline is the hallmark of both house and garden. About the grounds, carefully positioned shrubs and evergreens, an espaliered pyracantha and lush island plantings reveal the gardener's affinity for form and texture. And for dramatic staging! The garage, with its eye-catching window boxes, now plays the role of rustic potting shed with panache.

This is the Carriage House to 1127 Watchung Avenue
Ginna, Mrs. Daniel F. (Katherine Whiting Lewis) '15

6. England Revisited, 922 Hillside Avenue
Atterbury, Mrs. Albert Hoffman (Emma H. Baker) '15

7. Hillside in Bloom, 1314 Highland Avenue
Noss, Mrs. Henry (Edith Edwards Tyler) '66

8. Elegant Serenity, 1332 Prospect Avenue
Van Boskerck, Mrs. Thomas Rowe (Lucy Otterson) '15

9. Hidden Harmony, 1401 Chetwynd Avenue

10. Petals on the Paving, 1081 Rahway Road
Barlow, Mrs. DeWitt Dukes (Mary Lee Brewer), Jr. '65

11. Woodland Idyll, 1275 Denmark Road
Sandford, Mrs. Webster (Barbara Tracy) '50

Lafayette College 1832 - 1912

Columbia University 1941