Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Mellick, Mrs. Roger Drew (Catherine Whiting Ginna) '28

1929 Treasurer Book Active $5.00 Mrs. Roger Mellick was not listed in the 1928 Treasurer Book
1930 Treasurer Book Active
1931 Treasurer Book: Mrs. Roger Mellick – Resigned – Pd.

1932 Directory* Address: Woodland Avenue (possibly #1281)

* = This directory is not dated but presumed to date from the year 1932.
NOTE: Mrs. Roger D. Mellick, Woodland Avenue is crossed out in the 1932 directory by hand with the handwritten notation "Moved"

Mrs. Roger Drew (Catherine Whiting Ginna) '28 is the daughter-in-law of Mrs. George Phelps (Ella Hartley) Mellick '15

Mrs. Roger Drew (Catherine Whiting Ginna) '28 is the daughter of Mrs. Daniel F. (Katherine Whiting Lewis)Ginna '15

Roger Drew Mellick

George Phelps Mellick (Andrew D. Mellick4, Daniel (Malick) Meleck3, Aaron (Ehrenreich)(Moelich,Malick) Melick2, Johannes (Mellick) Moelich1) was born 13 SEP 1862 in New Jersey, and died Unknown. He married Ella Hartley OCT 1884 in New Jersey. She was born 3 JUN 1864 in New York, and died Unknown.

Child of George Phelps Mellick and Ella Hartley is:+ 10 i. Roger Drew Mellick was born 13 SEP 1894 in Plainfield, Union County, New Jersey, and died 1968.

Roger Drew Mellick and Catharine Whiting Ginna

. Roger Drew Mellick (George Phelps Mellick5, Andrew D. Mellick4, Daniel (Malick) Meleck3, Aaron (Ehrenreich)(Moelich,Malick) Melick2, Johannes (Mellick) Moelich1) was born 13 SEP 1894 in Plainfield, Union County, New Jersey, and died 1968. He married Catharine Whiting Ginna ABT 1917, daughter of Daniel Frederick Ginna and Catharine Whiting Lewis. She was born 22 JUN 1895 in New Jersey, and died Unknown.

Child of Roger Drew Mellick and Catharine Whiting Ginna is:+ 11 i. Catharine Ginna Mellick was born ABT 1918, and died 24 DEC 1966.

Catharine Ginna Mellick Gilpin

Catharine Ginna Mellick (Roger Drew Mellick6, George Phelps Mellick5, Andrew D. Mellick4, Daniel (Malick) Meleck3, Aaron (Ehrenreich)(Moelich,Malick) Melick2, Johannes (Mellick) Moelich1) was born ABT 1918, and died 24 DEC 1966. She married McGhee Tyson Gilpin. He was born 26 APR 1919 in Virginia, and died 7 MAY 2000 in Virginia.

Child of Catharine Ginna Mellick and McGhee Tyson Gilpin is:+ 12 i. Living Gilpin.

Drew Gilpin Faust

Notable Kin: The New England Ancestry of Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard's 28th President
Martin E. Hollick

When Amy Gutmann, president of the University of Pennsylvania, introduced Drew Gilpin Faust at her inauguration as Harvard's 28th president on October 12, 2007, she said that Harvard had at last in its 371 year history chosen, and with a dramatic pause she continued, a southerner. With all due respect to her upbringing in Virginia, Dr. Faust was born in New York City, which is slightly north of the Mason Dixon Line. Her father, McGhee Tyson Gilpin, was a thoroughbred horse breeder and Princeton graduate of 1942. His ancestry includes families from Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania, including his maternal grandfather, Lawrence Davis Tyson, a 1883 graduate of West Point and U.S. Senator from Tennessee. Faust's mother, Catharine Ginna Mellick was from New Jersey and her ancestry is a mixture of New Jersey and New England forebears.

Through her mother President Faust has two great-great-grandmothers with considerable New England ancestry. Mary Whiting (Stowers), the wife of George Cook Lewis, a physician in New Jersey and Elizabeth Dunn (Ayers), wife of Andrew D. Mellick, of Plainfield, New Jersey, provide Faust with two Mayflower lines to Edward Fuller and Gov. William Bradford. She also descends from at least two New Jersey residents whose Mayflower lines were once accepted, but now remain either unproven or incorrect: Temperance (Bonham), wife of Zebulon Ayers and Desire (Walker), wife of Joseph Freeman. Faust has two ancestors of known royal descent, coincidentally, both women: Mrs. Agnes Harris Spencer and Mrs. Elizabeth St. John Whiting.

President Faust is a direct descendant of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards, 18th century divine who was largely associated with the Great Awakening as well as the third president of Princeton. Among the noted progeny of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards we find his grandson, Aaron Burr, the third U.S. Vice President, Faust's first cousin, six times removed; First Lady Edith Kermit Carow (Mrs. Theodore) Roosevelt, a third cousin, three times removed; as well as short story writer O. Henry, the wife of inventor Eli Whitney, and poet Robert Lowell. Through her descent from Alice Richards, wife of William Bradford, Jr., Faust is part of the Bradford/Richards/Hinckley family group which includes the late actor Christopher Reeve, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, film icon Clint Eastwood , and inventor George Eastman (all Bradford descendants), both Presidents Bush and FDR, Senator John F. Kerry, and Mormon President Gordon Hinckley (Richards descendants).

Faust's Mayflower descent from Edward Fuller is through his son Samuel Fuller whose wife was Jane Lathrop, the daughter of the Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House. The Lathrop family group includes Presidents Grant, FDR, and both Bushes, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his father the late George Romney, both father and son publishers Charles Scribner, poet Hart Crane, park architect Frederick Law Olmstead, governor of New York and two-time presidential candidate, Thomas Dewey, actress Dina Merrill, fellow historian, John Lathrop Motley, U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace, Clint Eastwood (again), traitor Benedict Arnold, Psycho actor Anthony Perkins, the Dulles brothers Allen and John Foster, poets Henry Wadworth Longfellow and Oliver Wendell Holmes, and the latter's son, the Supreme Court Justice, Chief Justice Melville Weston Fuller, the wife of Thomas William Lamont, namesake of one of Harvard's libraries, the wife of Leland Stanford, railroad magnate and benefactor of the university which bears his name, and TV chef and icon, Julia Child.

Another major family group that President Faust is a part is the Bulkeley family, derived from her ancestress Elizabeth St. John Whiting whose mother was Sarah Bulkeley. Descendants of Elizabeth St. John Whiting include President Coolidge, film icon Bette Davis, and Anne Foster Bellows, the wife of Thomas Hill, the 20th president of Harvard. The larger Bulkeley family includes both presidents Bush, astronaut Alan Shepherd, Ralph Waldo Emerson, patriot John Hancock, and another film legend, Katharine Hepburn.

President Faust descends from Jeremiah Mason and Mary Clark, also ancestors of Senator Kerry, her sixth cousin, once removed. Jeremiah's paternal grandparents were Daniel Mason and Margaret Denison, she a descendant of William Denison and Margaret Chandler, early immigrants to Roxbury, Mass. Their granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Patience (Dudley) Denison married John Rogers, the 5th president of Harvard. John and Elizabeth (Denison) Rogers were the parents of Margaret Rogers, the wife of John Leverett, the 7th president of Harvard, and Elizabeth Rogers who married John Appleton who were, in turn, the parents of Margaret Appleton, the wife of Edward Holyoke, the 9th president of Harvard. A sister of Margaret (Appleton) Holyoke was Elizabeth who married Jabez Fitch and was an ancestress of Abbott Lawrence Lowell, the 22nd president of Harvard. Thus the Denison family can now claim at least five Harvard presidents in their ranks.

Through the ancestors of Jonathan Edwards, Faust is also a descendant of Thomas Willet, the first mayor of New York City, her birthplace, and the Rev. Thomas Hooker, founder of Hartford, Connecticut. Lastly, the Rev. Jonathan Edwards' maternal grandfather was the Rev. Solomon Stoddard, Harvard Class of 1662, whose mother Lucy Downing, was the daughter of Emanuel Downing and Lucy Winthrop, the sister of Gov. John Winthrop, whose sermon on the Arabella, President Faust quoted in her inaugural speech. Through the Downings, Faust is a kinswoman to the Adams family, including both presidents and the later professors of Harvard, Brooks and Henry Adams.

Presented below in modified notable kin style is the ancestry of President Faust. Note that ancestors Elizabeth C. Tompkins and George Cook Lewis were not traced further and may have additional New England ties.

Catharine Drew Gilpin, b. 18 September 1947, New York, New York, now known as Drew Gilpin Faust, A.B. Bryn Mawr (1968), A.M., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (1975); McGhee Tyson Gilpin & Catharine Ginna Mellick; Kenneth Newcomer Gilpin & Isabella McGhee Tyson, Roger Drew Mellick & Catharine Whiting Ginna; Henry Brooke Gilpin & Hattie Newcomer, Lawrence Davis Tyson & Bettie Humes McGhee, George Phelps Mellick & Ella Hartley, Daniel Frederick Ginna & Catharine Whiting Lewis; Bernard Gilpin & Sarah Thomas, Benjamin Franklin Newcomer & Amelia Louise Ehlen, Richard Lawrence Tyson & Margaret Louise Turnage, Charles McClung McGhee & Isabella McNutt White, Andrew D. Mellick & Elizabeth Dunn Ayers, Stephen A. Ginna & Elizabeth C. Tompkins, George Cook Lewis & Mary Whiting Stowers; Simeon Ayers & Abigail Dunham, Uriah Morris Stowers & Catharine Spencer Whiting; Ezekiel Ayers & Charlotte Cotheil Freeman, James Dunham & Ursula Dunn, Mason Whiting & Mary Edwards; Zebulon Ayers & Temperance Bonham, Matthew Freeman & Margaret Cotheil, John Dunham, Jr. & Mary Gilman, Hugh Dunn & Abigail Carman, William Whiting, Jr. & Anna Mason, Timothy Edwards & Rhoda Ogden; Joseph Freeman & Desire Walker, John Dunham & Mary Drake, Jeremiah Dunn & Sarah Hull, William Whiting & Anna Raymond, Jeremiah Mason & Mary Clark, Rev. Jonathan Edward & Sarah Pierpont; Benajah Dunham & Dorothy Martin, Benjamin Hull, Jr. & Sarah Drake, Samuel Whiting & Elizabeth Adams, Daniel Mason, Jr. & Dorothy Hobart, Timothy Edwards & Esther Stoddard, James Pierpont (Harvard Class of 1681) & Mary Hooker; Edward Dunham & Mary Bonham, Benjamin Hull & Rachel York, Rev. John Whiting (Harvard Class of 1653) & Sybil Collins, William Adams (Harvard Class of 1671) & Alice Bradford, Daniel Mason & Margaret Denison, Jeremiah Hobart & Elizabeth Whiting, Richard Edwards & Elizabeth Tuttle, Solomon Stoddard & Esther Warham, Samuel Hooker (Harvard Class of 1653) & Mary Willet; Nicholas Bonham & Hannah Fuller, Rev. Joseph Hull & Agnes (–), William Bradford, Jr. & Alice Richards, John Mason & Ann Peck, Edward Denison & Elizabeth Weld, Samuel Whiting & Elizabeth St. John (RD) (parents of Elizabeth), William Edwards & Agnes Harris (RD), Anthony Stoddard & Lucy Downing, Rev. Thomas Hooker & Susannah Garbrand, Thomas Willet & Mary Brown; Samuel Fuller & Jane Lathrop, William Bradford (MF) & Alice Carpenter, Thomas Richards & Welthean Loring, William Denison & Margaret Chandler, Sir Oliver St. John & Sarah Bulkeley, Emmanuel Downing & Lucy Winthrop; Edward Fuller (MF) & (–), Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House.

Sources: The immediate ancestry of President Faust is gleaned from newspaper articles: "In Faust, Early Bold Streak" by Marcella Bombardieri and Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe, 25 February 2007; New York Times 22 October 1942 (parents' engagement), 31 December 1966 (mother's obit), 22 June 1947 and 3 April 1983 (obits of her Gilpin grandparents), 4 December 1968 and 31 July 1989 (obits of her Mellick grandparents), 20 December 1916 (engagement of her Mellick grandparents), 24 August 1925 and 25 March 1951 (obits of George P. Mellick and his wife Ella, the obit for George Mellick notes his membership in the Mayflower Society and SAR), 8 November 1895 (obituary of Andrew D. Mellick), 7 January 1914 (obituary for Daniel F. Ginna), 16 January 1905 (obit for Stephen A. Ginna), ; Washington Post of 24 June 1947 (obituary of her paternal grandfather); Social Security Death Index #068-24-7421 (father, McGhee Gilpin) and #230-52-8618 (Isabella Tyson Gilpin); Dictionary of American Biography 19:104-5 (Tyson); Patty Barthell Myers, The Ancestors and Descendants of Lewis Ross Freeman with related families (1995), pp. 5-13, 21-2, 47-8, 421-3, 429-30, 439, 473, 466, 448 (Ayers, Freeman, noting that Elizabeth Dunn Ayers appears in this work); William H. Edwards, Timothy and Rhoda Ogden Edwards of Stockbridge, Massachusetts and their Descendants (1903), pp. 1-15, 28-29, 126, 129, 134, and 137 (Edwards, Pierpont, Ogden, Whiting, Lewis, noting that Catherine Whiting Ginna appears in this work, which is part of Google Books); NEHGR 93 (1939):203-4 (Bible record of Simeon Ayers and Abigail Dunham); Biographical Note for the Gilpin Family Papers, Southern Historical Collection #4535 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; National Register of the SAR (1902), p. 706 (George P. Mellick); Mayflower Families Through Five Generations 4 (E. Fuller), pp. 3-4, 6-8, 13-14, 34, 36-38, 105-6 and 22 (Bradford), pp. 1-8, 17-18, 55-57, 206-7; Mayflower Families in Progress: George Soule (5th ed. 2006), p. 10 (Walker which relies on Mayflower Quarterly 50:31-40); The Ancestry of Thomas Chalmers Brainerd (1948) (Whiting, Collins, Lathrop); connections to notable kin via the extensive writings of Gary Boyd Roberts, including The Ancestry of American Presidents (1995), Notable Kin, vols., 1 and 2 (specifically 1:107 which lists the progeny of Jonathan Edwards), and various notable kin columns appearing in the NEHGS NEXUS, New England Ancestors and online at, specifically nos. 65 (Clint Eastwood) and 56 (John Lathrop Descendants); and the work of William Addams Reitwiesner at, specifically the ahnentafel of George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. For the royal line of Elizabeth St. John Whiting to Henry II of England see RD600, pp. 442-44 and Douglas Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry (2004), p. 629; the royal line of Agnes Harris Spencer Edwards to Hugh Capet of France at RD600, pp. 548-50.

Martin Hollick is a reference librarian at the Harvard Law School Library.

Roger D. Mellick III

2009 Trustee of the Upper Raritan Watershed Association


Social Register Listings

Mellick M" (j Hartley) (EHnor G Waring) | P^^S4-8s73Rhin

Mellick M^ O Waring-Y.'38 | 133 E 64

Mellick MIM" J Hartley (Caroline P Hoagland)Rm.

?''To646. .Rumson N J


"Old Acre"
Far Hills N J

Mellick M^M" Roger D (Catharine Ginna)R.Ef.B.
Mellick W'' Catharine G-Myf. . . .[Myf.Ri.Ncd.

Mellick M' Roger D Jr

Melick House, Inman Avenue behind Plainfield Country Club

The home and wind-mill crowned farm buildings recorded here and on the preceding page by Reina Lawrence reappear, little changed, in a 1933 photograph identified as the Melick house in Images of American - Edison by Stacy E. Spies. The venerable dwelling stands today on Inman Avenue behind the Plainfield Country Club grounds, near Wardlaw-Hartridge School. Its site is part of the original Plainfield Plantation settled by John Barclay in 1684, south of the Cedar Brook. The Plainfield grant, covering most of what is now South Plainfield, was sold by the Barclays to Woodbridge Quaker John Laing in 1692. Courtesy of the Plainfield Library - Plainfield, New Jersey

from Plainfield, New Jersey's History & Architectureby John Grady and Dorothe Pollard

1281 Woodland Avenue

Plainfield Library Photo File

C-20532 1930 Collier Young Girl, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Young girl, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, posed on cushions, there is some connection to Roger Mellick.

1281 Woodland Avenue

Plainfield Library File

C-20535 1930 Y Collier Man with Four Horses, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with four horses, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick.

176 C-20534 1930 Collier Young Girl, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Young girl, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, posed on cushions, there is some connection to Roger Mellick.
177 C-20535 1930 Y Collier Man with Four Horses, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with four horses, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick.
178 C-20536 1930 Collier Man with Horse, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with horse, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick.
179 C-20537 1930 Collier Man with Horse, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with horse, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick
180 C-20538 1930 Collier Man with Horse, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with horse, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick.
181 C-20539 1930 Collier Man with Horse, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with horse, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick.
182 C-20540 1930 Collier Man with Horse, December 1930 1281 Woodland Avenue Man with horse, 1930, Plainfield, 1281 Woodland Avenue, the man may be Roger Mellick.

November 14, 1895 New York Times


In Aid of Muhlenberg Hospital – Good Attendance and Reason for Expecting Financial Success – The Booths.

PLAINFIELD, N. J., Nov. 13 – There was a grand opening of the kirmess at the Columbia Cycle Academy Monday night, and the building was decorated very elaborately.

Not since the charity ball have the society fold here been interested in a like event for such a worthy cause. The kirmess is given for the benefit of Muhlenberg Hospital, and, judging from the attendance at the opening night, the hospital will be greatly bettered financially.

Booths have been very prettily arranged about the academy, making an exceedingly tasty show. The equipment of the booths is as follows:

French Booth – Mrs. Albert Hoffman Atterbury, Mrs. Irving H. Brown, Mrs. Charles B. Corwin, Miss Bessie Ginna, Mrs. George C. Evans, Mrs. Charles J. Fisk, Mrs. Ellis W. Hedges, Miss E. E. Kenyon and Miss Whiton.

Florentine Booth – Mrs. I. N. Van Sickle, Mrs. David E. Titsworth, Mrs. W. M. Stillman, Mrs. John D. Titsworth, Mrs. F. A. Dunham, Miss Louise Clawson, Miss Bessie TItsworth, and Mrs. Lulu Lewis.

Gypsy Booth – Mrs. Joseph W. Reinhart, and Mrs. Howard Fleming.

Venetian Booth – Mrs. Hugh Hastings, Miss Emelie Schipper, Mrs. George A. Chapman, Miss Havbiland, Mrs. Samuel Huntingont, Mrs. Emil Woltman, Mrs. Samuel St. J. McCutchen, Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. C. S. West, Mrs. W. E. Lower, Miss E. R. Cock, Mrs. Frank O. Herring, Miss Huntington, Miss Maud Van Bosckerck, Miss MacCready, Miss Clara D. Finley, Miss Ahrens, Miss Aynne MacCready, Miss Mondanari, Miss Graff, Miss Yerkes, Miss Gertrude Walz, and Miss Pierson.

Japanese Booth – Mrs. Charles Seward Foote, Mrs. George Clay, Mrs. S.P. Simpson, Mrs. L. Finch, Mrs. Constantine P. Ralli, Mrs. William Lewis Brown, Mrs. L. Dennis, Mrs. WIlliam Pelletier, Miss Ellis, Miss Anthony, Miss Dryden, Miss Morgan, Miss Bowen, Miss Lawrence, and Miss Rodman.

Spanish Booth – Mrs. S. A. Cruikshank, Mrs. A. T. Slauson, Mrs. J. F. Wichers, Mrs. T. H. Curtis, Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman, Mrs. T. A. Hazell, Mrs. H. L. Moore, Mrs. D. T. Van Buren, Mrs. E. H. Mosher, Miss Harriott, Miss Louise Patton, Miss Maud Lord, Miss May Kirkner, Miss Louise Van Zandt, Miss Annie Horton, Miss Titsworth, and Miss Meredith.

German Booth – Mrs. Mason W. Tyler, Mrs. Logan Murphy, Mrs. John H. Oarman, Mrs. Charles J. Taggart, Mrs. Benjamin R. Western, Mrs. J. E. Turill, Mrs. Arthur T. Gallup, Mrs. Horsley Barker, Mrs. John Haviland, Mrs. George Wright, Mrs. Amra Hamragan, Mrs. William L. Saunders, Mrs. William Wright, Miss Annie Murphy, Miss Wright, Miss Western, Miss Bartling, Miss Helen Warman, Miss Emma Adams and Miss Ann Thorne.

Stationery Booth – Mrs. John Gray Foster, Mrs. Elliott Barrows, Mrs. A. W. Haviland, Mrs. John D. Miller, Mrs. James R. Joy, and Miss Emily R. Tracy.

Parisian Flower Stall – Mrs. Harry M. Stockton, Mrs. Evarts Tracy, Mrs. Daniel F. Ginna, Mrs. W. H. Ladd, Mrs. Frederick Yates, Miss Marlon Dumont, Miss Ginna, Miss Baker, Miss Huntington, and Miss Van Bosckerck.

Refreshments were dispensed by Mrs. Orville T. Waring, Mrs. George W. Van Bosckerck, Mrs. John Bushnell, Mrs. Gifford Mayer, Mrs. George H. Goddard, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. H. P. Reynolds, Mrs. C. C. Guion, Mrs. N. P. T. Finch, Mrs. Henry McGee, Mrs. De Revere, Mrs. Ruth C. Leonard, Mrs. George W. Rockfellow, Miss Annie Opdyke, Mrs. Van Alstyne, Mrs. Utzinger, Mrs. Nelson Runyon, Mrs. Henry Tapsley, Miss Martine, Miss Edith Allen, Mrs. J. Parker Mason, Mrs. J. K. Myers, Mrs. Walton, and Mrs. H. C. Adams

New York Times February 5, 1895


Entertainmnets Which Have Helped to Make the Week Pass Pleasantly

PLAINFIELD, N. J., Feb. 16 – On Wednesday evening a cotillion was danced at the home of ex-Mayor Q. V. F. Randolph of East Front Street.

Herman Simmonds of Watchung Avenue has gone to Florida, to remain until Spring.

Mrs. Dudley Insley of Tacoma and Miss See of Sing Sing are guests of Mrs. E. E. Runyon of Madison Avenue.

Mrs. Howell of Chester, who has been visiting her sister Mrs. F. D. Whiting of East Sixth Street, has returned home.

Next Tuesday evening the ladies of the Monroe Avenue Chapel will hold their annual supper.

Mrs. Robert Downy of Madison Avenue gave a tea this afternoon from 4 to 7.

By far the largest and most brilliant social function that has ever been given in this city was the Ackerman reception at the Casino on Monday night. About 500 guests were present, the largest number that has yet gathered in that pretty clubhouse and ballroom. Mrs. J. Hervey Ackerman received, assisted by Mrs. Robert Rushmore, Mrs. Ernest R. Ackerman, and Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman.

Plainfield Countil of the Royal Arcanum celebrated the addition of the two hundredth member to its ranks Monday night with an entertainment.

William C. Ayers, one of Plainfield's oldest residents, celebrated his eighty-sixth birthday Tuesday. He was born on Feb. 12, 1809, on the same day as Lincoln.

Wednesday evening the ladies of the Seventh Day Baptist Church held a sale and supper in the church.

An interesting meeting of the Monday Afternoon Club was held in the parlors of the Crescent Avenue Church Monday, at which David P. Hall gave a talk on parliamentary usage.

The Third Regiment Cadet Corps of this city will go to Bound Brook on Washington's Birthday to take part in the parade of that place.

Several new members were received into the Plainfield Bicycle Club at a meeting Monday night.

On Thursday evening, Feb. 21, a Martha Washington tea will be given in the First Presbyterian Church.

Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Bowers of Franklin Place entertained the Musical Club.

The Ladies Committee of the Young Women's Christian Association met Tuesday afternoon and elected the following officers: President – Mrs. Henry M. Maxson; Vice-President – Mrs. J. Wesley Johnson; Treasurere – Mrs. J. H. Manning; Secretary – Miss Embury.

Next month Miss Fannie Westphal will be married to George Gray of Brooklyn.

Tuesday, Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman of West Seventh Street gave a dinner in honor of her guest, Miss Cox of New York. The guests present were Miss Gertrude Waly, Miss Cox, Miss Marion Dumont, Miss Waldron, Miss Lawrence, Miss Carey, Harry Munger, Laurens Van Buren, Fred Waly, Dr. B. Van D. Hedges, Mr. Waring and Mr. Wharton.

A union meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Societies of the Crescent Avenue and First Presbyterian Churches as held Tuesday afternoon at the latter church. The subject discussed as "China," papers being read by Mrs. M. E. Dwight, Mrs. Luchey, Mrs. Cornelius Schenck, Mrs. Pruden, and Mrs. Wyckoff.

Next Saturday Mrs. Henry McGee of Washington Park will give an afternoon tea. The hours will be from 4 to 7 o'clock.

During the week Miss Florence Honneger of New Brighton, S. I., has been the guest of Mrs. J. R. Hill of Belvidere Avenue.

Plainfield's handsome new Young Men's Christian Association Building was formally opened Tuesday night. Addresses were made by Mayor Alexander Gilbert, the first President of the association; the Rev. Dr. William R. Richards and William D. Murray, the present President. The building cost about $50,000.

'Giggleswick' by Marjorie Blackman Elliott 1989

PGC Member Marjorie Blackman Elliott traces the history of the Mellick family and in particular PGC founding member Mrs. George P. (Ella Hartley) Mellick '15 and her well known estate, 'Giggleswick'

page 11. Mrs. Elliott writes how a house was built on the Giggleswick estate "for the Mellick's son Roger and his bride (Catherine Ginna)"

August 26, 1894 New York Times Article: Plainfield, City of Homes

Some of the others who do business in New York and have handsome homes here are . . .; Stephen A. Ginna of the Japan Works;

May 1982 Program: Plainfield Renaissance Designers' Showhouse

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May 15, 2012 Louise Kendall Morse Tweedy

SAN ANGELO Louise Kendall Morse Tweedy passed away at her home at the Tweedy Ranch on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 surrounded by her family. Louise was born June 9, 1921 in Plainfield, New Jersey. She was the youngest daughter of Lorine May Cross Morse and Edward Kendall Morse.

Louise's education began at Hartridge School in Plainfield and continued with Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut. As a young adult she attended a cooking school in New York City. She worked as an assistant x-ray technician and helped with physical therapy at Muhlenburg Hospital in Plainfield. Louise enjoyed mechanical drawing and drew blueprints for the engineering department of International Motors. Additionally, she was a member of the Junior League of Plainfield, New Jersey. She was also a member of the twentieth century club.

Louise spent her early years at East Hampton, Long Island; Crystal Lake in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and Nantucket, Massachusetts. She attended youth camp in Vermont.

Louise lived in Plainfield until her marriage to Andrew Mellick Tweedy of Knickerbocker, Texas. They were married in Plainfield at the Grace Episcopal Church on November 10, 1945. They moved to Knickerbocker where Andrew was managing the Tweedy family ranch. Louise quickly adapted to her new environment of West Texas and began helping Andrew with daily tasks on the ranch. She enjoyed horseback riding and later passed on her passion for the sport to her children. She was also a wonderful host. Due to her warm hospitality, the Tweedy home at Knickerbocker was a comfortable, inviting place for friends and relatives to relax and enjoy hours or days of conversation and recreation.

From 1954-1956, she volunteered time at the Knickerbocker school as a substitute teacher, theatrical properties mistress and helped organize events for school programs. In 1956, Louise and Andy moved to San Angelo while her daughters attended San Angelo schools returning to Knickerbocker in 1963. She was active with scouting programs for her daughters. She volunteered for the Young Women's Service League.

Louise was a competitive person and enjoyed games. She engaged her time playing bridge with her dear friends. She was an avid golfer and served as president of the Women's Golf Association in 1966. In 1972 and 1975, she won the Women's Championship at the San Angelo Country Club.

Louise followed her father and husband as a skilled marksman and enjoyed hunting ducks, dove, and quail. She, also, loved to fish on Dove Creek and the Gulf Coast.
Louise was preceded in death by her husband Andrew Mellick Tweedy, her sisters, Mary Lorine Morse, Margaret Morse Fargo, her brother in law Alvin W. Fargo, brother in law John B. Tweedy, and sister in law, Elizabeth T. Sykes.

Louise is survived by her daughters, Barbara Vannan Tweedy of San Angelo, Patricia Tweedy Wagner and her husband, Logan Wagner of Austin, and Sandra Mellick Tweedy of Knickerbocker and her granddaughter Eugenia Fenn Wagner of Austin. Her nieces, Lorine Fargo and Jane Fargo of Edison, New Jersey. A nephew Alvin Fargo and his wife Sara of Kentfield, California. Della Messer, her dear friend and companion. Her in laws: Dr. Edwin Sykes of San Angelo and Mardie Tweedy of Denver, Colo. Also numerous cousins and their spouses: Phil and Anne Ardery of Louisville, KY, Helen Tweedy of Silverdale, Wa, Barbara Flowers of Marina del Ray, CA. Also, Anne and Morris Reese of San Angelo, Edwin Sykes of San Angelo, Mellick and Barbara Sykes of San Antonio, Tx, Drew Sykes of Knickerbocker, Tx., Joe and Melinda Waring and Eva and Lee Horton of San Angelo, Charles and Diana Waring of Dallas, Tx., Richard Waring of Houston, Tx., Julie Ardery and Bill Bishop of Austin, Tx, Sarah and David Manning and Katherine Tweedy and Gerald Nelson of Denver, Co., Christopher and Susan Tweedy of Denver Co., John and Beret Tweedy of Boulder, Co. and their mother, Helen Chenery; Ryland and Pam Howard of San Antonio, Tx. and many more loved cousins, nieces and nephews.

Honorary pallbearers are Helen McAshan, Virginia Holland, Mary Kennemer, Charlene Stokes, Wanda Hagan, Odalia Martinez, Anne Reese, Eva Horton, Julie Ardery, Melinda Waring, Kate Tweedy, Lanna Duncan and Leslie Wilkenson.

A special appreciation is extended to Dr. Chris Barnett who was an encouraging advocate for Mother. Louise was also devoted to Lita Alamany and Eva Palacios for their weekly understanding and support.

A memorial service will be held at 11AM Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Arrangements are by Johnson's Funeral Home.

Memorials may be made to Knickerbocker Community Center ( P.O. Box 111, Knickerbocker, Tx, 76939) Baptist Memorial Hospice , Emmanuel Episcopal Church or a charity of choice .

.Published in GoSanAngelo from May 18 to May 20, 2012

January 28, 2006 Elizabeth Ragnhild Tweedy Sykes

Elizabeth Ragnhild Tweedy Sykes passed away on January 28, 2006 in San Angelo, Texas. She was the proud and gentle matriarch of a family that prospered under her love, energy, wisdom and devotion.

She was born October 22, 1918, in Portovello, Ecuador, a small town in the Andes, her father serving then as General Manager of a gold mine there. Her father was Andrew Mellick Tweedy of Knickerbocker, Texas; her mother Florence Dahl Tweedy, an R.N., was a third generation Norwegian-American of Washington State. Elizabeth¬'s childhood was filled with fascinating experiences, including travel through Indian country on a tributary of the Amazon River. In childhood she developed partial deafness, thought to have been secondary to anti-malarial medications. She became exceptionally proficient at lip reading. Her education in Ecuador was through the Calvert Course, designed for the children of American parents serving overseas. It was taught by a teacher brought to Portovello from America. For high school, she was sent to Hartridge School, a private girl¬'s school in Plainfield, New Jersey, hometown of the Tweedy family. She was President of the Student Council and recipient of the ¬"H¬" Medal awarded to the outstanding member of her graduating class. She graduated from Vassar College, Class of 1940.

She had a strong interest in anthropology and in the 1930¬'s identified several significant Pre-Columbian artifacts in the American West.

Her grandfather, Joseph Mellick Tweedy, was a pioneer West Texas rancher who, in 1877, established with three New Jersey friends, the Tweedy¬ĖKnickerbocker Sheep and Cattle Ranch in Tom Green County. It is still operated by Tweedy family descendants. He was an organizer and first president of the Wool Growers Association, antecedent of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association.

During World War II she returned to Texas where she met Captain Edwin M. Sykes Jr., Medical Corps, stationed then in the hospital at the San Angelo Army Air Force Bombadier School. They were married January 29, 1944, at St Marks Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Dr. Sykes¬' home town. After the ending of World War II and the completion of his surgical training, they settled in San Antonio. Upon his retirement in 1992 they moved to San Angelo and the Knickerbocker Ranch.

She was pre-deceased by her son, Thomas James Sykes, her brothers Andrew Mellick Tweedy, Jr. and John Bayard Tweedy, a sister-in-law Maria Margaret Sykes and her beloved cousins Katherine Tweedy Waring and Joseph Lord Tweedy of San Angelo.

She is survived by her husband of 62 years, four children, ten grandchildren, one great grandchild; a sister-in-law, Louise Morse Mrs. Andrew Tweedy; and a brother-in-law Dr. John H.J. Sykes of San Antonio.

Her surviving children are daughter Anne Bayard Sykes Reese & husband Morris Marcus Reese Jr, and their daughters Elizabeth Nickelson Reese Mrs. Christopher Haine, and Rachel Lantrip Reese Mrs. Michael Trulove; son Edwin Meredith Sykes III, his former wife Linda Moody and their children Sally Dahl Sykes Mrs. Owen Brainard, Edwin Meredith Sykes IV, Elizabeth Anne Bayard Sykes Mrs. Brent Rains, and Mary Janice Moody Sykes Mrs. Eric Reisdorf; son Dr. Mellick Tweedy Sykes and wife Barbara Taylor and their children Taylor Meredith Sykes Mrs. William Bowles, Mellick Tweedy Sykes, Jr., James Maestri Sykes and Anne Riordan Sykes; and son Andrew Drew Greenhow Sykes.

In San Angelo, she was a member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church and the Junior League. In San Antonio, she was a member of Our Reading Club, Military-Civilian Club, and the Junior League of San Antonio. She was a volunteer at Planned Parenthood of San Antonio and Sunshine Cottage, a school for deaf children. She also served on the Board of the Good Samaritan Center of San Antonio.

"Settle," Residence of Roger D. Mellick, Woodland Avenue

In this illustrated book, the Courier-News has sought to present some of the representative homes of The Plainfields and adjoining territory, together with such other buildings of interest and importance as would serve to convey an idea of the physical attractioins of one of the most beautiful and healthful cities in the Metropolitan District. The homes reflect the desirability of this community as a place of residence.

The churches, schools, clubs and public buildings pictured serve to give the stranger some conceptions of the beauty of the city and its right to be termed the "Queen City" of New Jersey.

With picturesque Watchung Hills as a background, this section with all its natural advantages, plus a progressive spirit, coupled with high class local governing bodies and a live Chamber of Commerce, is pecularily adapted for home sites and, as a result, it has enjoyed a steady and healthy growth for many years.

publication circa 1917

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Women's Auxiliary

Mrs. Roger Mellick
218 East Seventh Street

October 26, 1919 New York Times


Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell Carrere Married in St. James's Church

The marriage of Reginald Rowland, a son of Mrs. David E. Rowland of Plainfield, N.J., and Miss Beatrice Carrere, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell Carrere, took place at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon in St. James's Church, Madison Avenue and Seventy-first Street, the Rev. Dr. Frank Crowder officiating. The bride was attended by Miss Louise Cattus as maid of honor, and the bridesmaids included her cousins, the Misses Helen and Elizabeth Carrere, Susanne Field and Blanche Butler. Warren Ackerman was Mr. Rowland's best man, and the ushers were Story Rowland, a brother of the bridegroom; Robert M. Carrere, Edward Stevenson, and Roger Mellick


PLAINFIELD, N. J., June 28. Miss Caroline Frederica Streuli, daughter of H. Alfred Streuli of Hillside Avenue, a New-York silk manufacturer, was married at high noon to-day to Evarts Tracy, son of J. Evarts Tracy, a New-York lawyer, who lives in West Eighth Street here. The ceremony was witnessed by a large and fashionable gathering, which entirely filled the Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Dr. William R. Richards officiated.

The bride wore a beautiful gown of white satin with old lace trimmings. Miss Kathryn Yates was the maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Miss Bessie Ginna, Miss Marion Dumont, Miss May Tracy, Miss Margaret Tracy of Plainfield, Miss Lillian Brooks of New-York, and Miss Sidney Wharton of Pittsburg. Percy A. Stewart was best man. The ushers were Lewis S. Haslan of New-York, Yale Kneeland of Brooklyn, Wallace D. Simmons of St. Louis, Henry M. Sage of Albany, and Alfred Streuli and Robert S. Tracy of Plainfield.

Perhaps why the house was called "Settle"

Ella Hartley Mellick immigrated from Giggleswick, Yorkshire. The house in Yorkshire was called Catterall Hall.

Catterall of Giggleswick

Catterall Hall at Giggleswick near Settle in the upper Ribble valley is now the junior school of a major public school in the north of England, Giggleswick Grammar School, which was founded in 1554 by John Nowell of Capelside (or Little Mearley near Whalley, the names are often synonymous) who was chaplain to king Edward VI. Giggleswick Parish Church has testamentary burials recordin three Catteralls, John of Giggleswick, who died in 1539, and two Catteralls of nearby New Hall in Rathmell.

John Catterall of Giggleswick was named as his attorney by Stephen Hamerton of Helifield Peel in 1538.

Although Giggleswick, Rathmell (where the Catteralls had another seat at Hollin Hall) and Helifield are all very close to Halton West, which passed into the Catterall family by the marriage of Alan Catterall of Little Mitton (died 1380, grandson of the Alan who gained the Little Mitton estate by marriage with Isabella Halton), I have found no link betwene these branches of the Catterall family. Indeed, the Halton estate passed to the Talbot family in the next generation. However, the link must be there, just waiting to be found.

Giggleswick by Marjorie Blackman Elliott, 1989

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

December 12, 2015 Email

In our Inbox today was this lovely email:

While doing genealogy research I have come across your PGC website. My grandfather, John Kilgannon, was caretaker for the Mellick/Kroll estate. He and my grandmother and their children lived in the cottage down the driveway from the big house. I can remember bringing the newspapers down to the big house accompanied by the Kroll's large Irish Setter, "Big Red" each Sunday morning. There is a picture of me, my Dad and Grandfather in front of a huge lilac bush in the apple orchard on my first Holy Communion Day in 1956. My grandfather passed in 1959 and my grandmother moved in with us in Edison. I have many, many wonderful memories as a child of playing in the rock pools, the apple orchard and on the bridal path. My grandfather used to drive an old "woody" which was parked in the very large barn of a garage. There was a clock that was in the garage which froze that my brother has with a pencil written history on the back. I can remember the huge hydrangea bushes that were right outside my grandparents front door although that was never the door we entered. We always went around the back of the cottage up one step and into the house. That whole property was a kid's dream of a place to spend time. I have some pictures of the estate - one of my grandfather with a cow in a field with the big house behind him. Great memories!

Learn more about "Giggleswick" here:
Mellick, Mrs. George P. (Ella Hartley) '15
Mellick, Mrs. Roger Drew (Catherine Whiting Ginna) '28
Kroll, Mrs. Alexander (Nancy Dwinnell or Mrs. Prince H. Gordon) '60
Barrett, Mrs. William R. (Penny Kroll) '67
Farnum, Mrs. Henry W. (Priscilla Kroll) '80
Kroll, Mrs. Steven (Sally Lindsay) '80