Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Joy, Mrs. James R. (Emma Prentice McGee) '33

1931 Treasurer Book Active (Is Mrs. Joy's join date incorrect?)
1932, 1933 Treasurer Book Active

1932 Directory* Address: 960 Cedarbrook Road

* = This directory is not dated but presumed to be from the year 1932.

1934 Treasurer Book: Mrs. James R. Joy 2/5/34 PAID DEAD

Mrs. James R. Joy '32 is grandmother to Murray J. Rushmore, Jr. who's wife is Plainfield Garden Club member Mrs. Murray J. (Virginia) Rushmore, Jr. '71.

Helen Joy Rushmore, Mrs. James R. Joy '32's daughter, is daughter-in-law to Plainfield Garden Club member Mrs. Townsend Rushmore '20.

Mrs. Joy is also related to Mrs. Walter Miller McGee (sister-in-laws) and Mrs. Henry Augustus McGee (Emma Louise Whiting) '22

She is mother to Mrs. Wandell Mooney (Alice Joy) '47

March 31, 1921 New York Times wedding announcement

Rushmore - Joy

Miss Helen Joy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Joy, and Murray Rushmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Townsend Rushmore, all of Plainfield, NJ., were married yesterday afternoon in the First Methodist Church in Plainfield by the Rev. Bishop Charles Bayard Mitchell, who officiated at the wedding of the bride's parents.

The bride is a graduate of Wellsely College, class of '13, and served two years overseas with the YWCA. Mr. Rushmore graduated from Yale, class of '13, and was a First Lieutenant in the 314th Field Artillery overseas, serving through the Meuse-Argonne operations.

Merklee Family Geneology

Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Elizabeth Ann MERKLEE (15) & James McGEE

35. Henry Augustus McGEE. Born on 27 Dec 1850 in New York, NY. Died on 17 Oct 1914 in Plainfield, NJ.

He married Emma Louise WHITING. Born in 1853 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 26 Oct 1930 in North Plainfield, NJ.

They had the following children:
53 i. Clifford Whiting (1873-1958)
ii. Harry Livingston. Born on 13 Feb 1876 in Plainfield, NJ. Died on 26 Nov 1960.

iii. Raymond. Born on 11 Nov 1879 in Plainfield, NJ.

54 iv. Donald Ashbrook (1883-1937)

36. Caroline "Carrie" Leake McGEE. Born on 12 May 1853 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.

She married Charles E. HORNE. Died on 2 Oct 1922 in Plainfield, NJ.

They had the following children:
i. Elsie Rutherford. Born on 16 Sep 1876 in Plainfield, NJ.

55 ii. George Augustus (1877-)
iii. Arthur Whiting. Born on 5 Feb 1881 in Plainfield, NJ. Died on 26 Aug 1882 in Plainfield, NJ.

56 iv. Frederick Roland (1884-)

37. Gertrude Anne McGEE. Born on 20 Jul 1855 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died abt 1955.

She married Edward Graham ASHBROOK. Died on 16 Mar 1901 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

They had the following children:
i. Myron G.. Born on 29 May 1883 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. Died on 29 May 1883 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

57 ii. Charlotte Garwood (1885-)
58 iii. Margaret Garwood (1891-1990)

38. Walter Miller McGEE. Born on 27 Jan 1860 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 30 May 1952 in North Plainfield, NJ. Occupation: Standard Oil Company.

He married Mary Alice YERKES, daughter of Rev. David John YERKES & Sarah E. TAYLOR. Born on 13 May 1861 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 11 Jun 1949 in North Plainfield, NJ.

They had the following children:
i. Walter Vaughan. Born on 23 Jul 1884 in Plainfield, NJ. Died bef 30 May 1952. He married Florence WILDEY. Died in 1912.

ii. Alice Elizabeth. Born on 14 Feb 1891 in Plainfield, NJ. She married Herbert Sperry DUCRET.

39. Emma Prentice McGEE. Born on 9 Jul 1864 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 5 Apr 1934 in Plainfield, NJ.

She married James R. JOY.

They had the following children:
i. Alice. She married Wandell MOONEY.

ii. Helen. She married Murray RUSHMORE.

40. Adelaide Frances McGEE. Born on 10 Aug 1866 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 16 Sep 1958.

She married Herbert WELCH, son of Peter WELCH & Mary Louisa LOVELAND. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY.

They had the following children:
59 i. Dorothy McGee (1891-)
ii. Eleanor Loveland. Born on 3 Sep 1900 in Middletown, CT


Surnames: McGee, Ashbrook, Whiting, Horne, Joy, Welch
Classification: Query

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I had an old photograph of the McGEE family of Plainfield, Somerset County, NJ. Address of house in photo: 10 Willow Lane, Plainfield, NJ, dated 1892. It was a wonderful, large photo with numerous names written on the back, which I will list here:
Back row - left to right:
James McGee
Mrs. James McGee
Walter M. McGee
Harry L. McGee (seated on railing)
Alice Yerkes McGee (wife of Walter)
Clifford Whiting McGee, Sr.
Ed Ashbrook
Annie McGee Ashbrook (seated)
Emma Louise Whiting McGee (standing)
Henry A. McGee
Caroline McGee Horne
Charles E. Horne (faded)

Front row - seated left to right
Donald Ashbrook McGee
James R. Joy
Elizabeth McGee (daughter of Walter and Alice)
Emma McGee Joy
Herbert Welch
Adelaide McGee Welch
F. Rolande Horne (on bike)
George Horne (standing near bike)
Raymond Augustus McGee
Elsie Horne (daughter of Charles and Caroline Horne, on bike)
Vaughn McGee (son of Walter and Alice McGee, on bike)

A scanned image of the photo can be seen here:

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Womens Auxiliary

Mrs. Clifford McGee 60 Willow Avenue, N.P.
Mrs. Donald A. McGee 103 Sycamore Avenue, N.P.
Mrs. H. A. McGee 1 Orchard Place, N.P.
Mrs. W. M. McGee 101 Rockview Avenue, N.P.
Mrs. J. R. Joy 80 Myrtle Avenue, N.P.

Related to the Yerkes Family

1904 Chronicle of the Yerkes Family

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

December 28, 2014

Local blogger Dan Damon wrote this article, Suspicious fire at historic Plainfield building, regarding a fire at the Samuel W. Rushmore building on South Avenue. Many Rushmore relatives have been members of the PGC including current Affiliate Member Ginny Rushmore.

To learn more about this prominent family, click on these member albums:

Rushmore, Mrs. Murray (Helen Joy)
Rushmore, Mrs. Townsend (Jean Betram Murray) '20
Joy, Mrs. James R. (Emma Prentice McGee) '33
Mooney, Mrs. Wandell McMaster (Alice Joy McGee) '47
Joost, Mrs. Sherman Brownell (Marie Murray) '19
Murray, Mrs. James Everett (Alice Marshall) '20
Roome, Mrs. John Stanton (Dolores or "Dody" Murray) '57
Tilney, Mrs. Albert Arthur (Augusta R. Murray) '20
McGee, Mrs. Harry Livingston (Susan M. Howell) '18
McGee, Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) '22
Lockwood, Mrs. Frederick M. (Hazel Marshall) '52
Lockwood, Mrs. William L. (Amy M.) '25
Marshall, Mrs. Henry P. (Dorothy Burke) '30
Howell, Mrs. Josephus Halsey (Romaine Ray) '22
Chambliss, Mrs. Leopold A. (Anna Scott Yerkes) '50
Eddy, Mrs. Charles Brown (Ellen Coolidge Burke) '15

And through marriage on her husband's side, the late Mrs. Webster (Barbara Tracy) Sandford '50.

Plainfield firefighters responded early Saturday evening to a suspicious fire in a historic factory structure at South Avenue and Berckman Street.

The complex of three buildings, parts of which are over a hundred years old, most recently housed the Royal Apex Company, a manufacturer of gutters and other metal and plastic extruded products. The buildings have been vacant since 2007, when Royal Apex was bought out by Berger Building Products, Inc., and operations were moved to Pennsylvania.

Originally, the buildings housed the Rushmore Dynamo Works, owned by Plainfield entrepreneur and inventor Samuel W. Rushmore. Rushmore made his fortune in patents and manufacturing several key improvements in automobile technology.

Among his notable inventions – or improvements on those of others – are the automatic starter, cooling systems for internal combustion engines, the flared automobile headlamp, a searchlight, and locomotive headlights. At one time, half of all the automatic starters used in American automobiles were manufactured in the Plainfield location.

Rushmore sold the business in 1914 to the Bosch Magneto Company, with the proviso that the Rushmore name be used on its products for a number of years. When Bosch violated the terms of the agreement, Rushmore successfully sued (see here) for $100,000 (which would be over $2 million today).

Bosch, a German company with a U.S. branch, established a separate U.S. corporation, headquartered in New York City. Because of suspicions of its owners' loyalty, Bosch was nationalized in both the First and Second World Wars – with control returning to private hands in 1948.

Though several area fire companies responded to the blaze, it was quickly brought under control. A source told me the fire is suspected to be arson, a determination that will be made officially by arson investigators.

January 31, 2015 Correspondence

Dear Ms. Nichols,

My sincerest apologies for getting back to you so late. Our website had an "issue" with emails and I am just figuring it out.

Unfortunately, the only thing I would know about your family are the things posted on for Mrs. Mead:

Mead, Mrs. Frederick Goodhue (Marie Louise Myers) '15

Mrs. Mead was relating to other members of the Plainfield Garden Club:

Myers, Mrs. J. Kirtland (Mary Ann Stillman) '15
Quarles, Mrs. Ernest Augustus (Anita Mary Stillman) '22
Stillman, Mrs. Albert Leeds (Virginia Brown) '41
Stillman, Mrs. William Maxson (Elizabeth B. Atwood) '15
Stillman, Mrs. William Maxson (Ethel Lucille Titsworth) '42
Joy, Mrs. James R. (Emma Prentice McGee) '33
McGee, Mrs. Harry Livingston (Susan M. Howell) '18
McGee, Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) '22
Mooney, Mrs. Wandell McMaster (Alice Joy McGee) '47

I do recommend you contacting the genealogy department of the Plainfield Library 908-857-1111 as they would be more likely to help you further. Also, there may be information to be found at the Fanwood Library

Best of luck to you –

Susan Fraser
Communications Chair
Plainfield Garden Club
Founded 1915

December 27, 2014

My mother, Sandra Shepard Wright, was an only child and the great grand-daughter of Agustus D Shepard and Johanna Elizabeth Mead. I am looking for any information regarding great aunt Winifred Prentice Kay, and also Marie Riis [aka Rees] who was married to Agustus D. Shepard Jr. -Thanks!

Winifred Ohrstrom Nichols