Plainfield Garden Club

Member: McGee, Henry Augustus (Emma Louise Whiting) '22

1922 Address: 1 Orchard Place, North Plainfield

1929 Treasurer Book Active $5.00
1930 Treasurer's Book: Mrs. Henry McGree – pd – Died

Mrs. Henry A. McGee '22 is the mother-in-law of Mrs. Henry L. (Sarah M. Howell) McGee '18

Mrs. Henry Augustus (Emma Louise Whiting) McGee is related to the following PGC members:

Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) McGee
Mrs. James R. (Emma Prentice McGee) Joy
Mrs. Wandell (Alice Joy) Mooney
Mrs. Murray (Helen Joy) Rushmore
Mrs. Daniel F. (Katherine Whiting Lewis) Ginna '15
Mrs. Roger Drew (Catharine Whiting Ginna) Mellick '28

April 30, 1908 New York Times Wedding Announcement

McGee - Howell

The wedding of Miss Sarah Howell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Josephus H. Howell and Harry L. McGee, son of Mr. and Mrs Henry A. McGee, both of North Plainfield, NJ took place at the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Plainfield, NJ last night. The Rev. Dr. Herbert Welch, President of teh Ohio Wesleyan University, officiated. Miss Katherine W. Dwight of this city was the maid of honor and Donald A. McGee, brother of the bridegroom was the best man. Mr. McGee was graduated from Yale in the class of '96 and is a member of the Yale Club.

Yale Quindecennial record: Clifford Whiting McGee

Antecedents: Born October 5, 1873 at Brooklyn NY. His father, Henry Augustus McGee is Manager of the Standard Oil Company. Hs mother was Emma Louise Whiting. He has three younger brothers, all graduates of Yale. His home before entering college was at Springfield NJ where he prepared for Yale at the Leals School.

He has been connected with the Standard Oil Company in New York City ever since graduation. In politics he is a Republican and Councilman from the borough of North Plainfield, NJ. Is a member of the Park Club of Plainfield.

November 4, 1900 he married at Plainfield Emma Edith Schoonmaker, daughter of George B. Schoonmaker of New York City.

Home: 60 Willow Avenue, Plainfield, NJ

January 18, 1903 New York Times Plainfield Trust Election

Plainfield NJ – January 17 – The Plainfield Trust Company has elected these officers: President, Orville T. Waring of this city; Vice President, A. V. Heely of New York; Second Vice President, Henry A. McGee of North Plainfield; Secretary and Treasurer, J. Herbert Case of North Plainfield. The new Directors are Edwin S. Hooley, Charles J. Fisk, Charles W. McCutchen, J. Donald Morrow, Francis de L. Hyde, Edward H. Ladd, Jr., Henry A. McGee, Walter M. McGee, George P. Mellisk, Orville T. Waring, Henry G. Runkle, James W. Jackson and Frderick Geller.

October 18, 1914 New York Times obituary

McGee – Suddenly at Plainfield, NJ on Saturday October 17, 1914, Henry A. McGee beloved husband of Emma Louise McGee, in his 64th year. Services at his late residence, 1 Orchard Place, Plainfield, NJ on Monday, October 19 at 3:30 PM. Carriages will meet express train leaving foot of Liberty Street, New York City (C. R. R. of NJ) 2 o'clock

Merklee Family Geneology

Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Elizabeth Ann MERKLEE (15) & James McGEE

35. Henry Augustus McGEE. Born on 27 Dec 1850 in New York, NY. Died on 17 Oct 1914 in Plainfield, NJ.

He married Emma Louise WHITING. Born in 1853 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 26 Oct 1930 in North Plainfield, NJ.

They had the following children:
53 i. Clifford Whiting (1873-1958)
ii. Harry Livingston. Born on 13 Feb 1876 in Plainfield, NJ. Died on 26 Nov 1960.

iii. Raymond. Born on 11 Nov 1879 in Plainfield, NJ.
54 iv. Donald Ashbrook (1883-1937)

36. Caroline "Carrie" Leake McGEE. Born on 12 May 1853 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.

She married Charles E. HORNE. Died on 2 Oct 1922 in Plainfield, NJ.

They had the following children:
i. Elsie Rutherford. Born on 16 Sep 1876 in Plainfield, NJ.

55 ii. George Augustus (1877-)
iii. Arthur Whiting. Born on 5 Feb 1881 in Plainfield, NJ. Died on 26 Aug 1882 in Plainfield, NJ.

56 iv. Frederick Roland (1884-)

37. Gertrude Anne McGEE. Born on 20 Jul 1855 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died abt 1955.

She married Edward Graham ASHBROOK. Died on 16 Mar 1901 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

They had the following children:
i. Myron G.. Born on 29 May 1883 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. Died on 29 May 1883 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

57 ii. Charlotte Garwood (1885-)
58 iii. Margaret Garwood (1891-1990)

38. Walter Miller McGEE. Born on 27 Jan 1860 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 30 May 1952 in North Plainfield, NJ. Occupation: Standard Oil Company.

He married Mary Alice YERKES, daughter of Rev. David John YERKES & Sarah E. TAYLOR. Born on 13 May 1861 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 11 Jun 1949 in North Plainfield, NJ.

They had the following children:
i. Walter Vaughan. Born on 23 Jul 1884 in Plainfield, NJ. Died bef 30 May 1952. He married Florence WILDEY. Died in 1912.

ii. Alice Elizabeth. Born on 14 Feb 1891 in Plainfield, NJ. She married Herbert Sperry DUCRET.

39. Emma Prentice McGEE. Born on 9 Jul 1864 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 5 Apr 1934 in Plainfield, NJ.

She married James R. JOY.

They had the following children:
i. Alice. She married Wandell MOONEY.

ii. Helen. She married Murray RUSHMORE.

40. Adelaide Frances McGEE. Born on 10 Aug 1866 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Died on 16 Sep 1958.

She married Herbert WELCH, son of Peter WELCH & Mary Louisa LOVELAND. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY.

They had the following children:
59 i. Dorothy McGee (1891-)
ii. Eleanor Loveland. Born on 3 Sep 1900 in Middletown, CT

November 14, 1895 New York Times

New York Times November 14, 1895


In Aid of Muhlenberg Hospital Good Attendance and Reason for Expecting Financial Success The Booths.

PLAINFIELD, N. J., Nov. 13 There was a grand opening of the kirmess at the Columbia Cycle Academy Monday night, and the building was decorated very elaborately.

Not since the charity ball have the society fold here been interested in a like event for such a worthy cause. The kirmess is given for the benefit of Muhlenberg Hospital, and, judging from the attendance at the opening night, the hospital will be greatly bettered financially.

Booths have been very prettily arranged about the academy, making an exceedingly tasty show. The equipment of the booths is as follows:

French Booth Mrs. Albert Hoffman Atterbury, Mrs. Irving H. Brown, Mrs. Charles B. Corwin, Miss Bessie Ginna, Mrs. George C. Evans, Mrs. Charles J. Fisk, Mrs. Ellis W. Hedges, Miss E. E. Kenyon and Miss Whiton.

Florentine Booth Mrs. I. N. Van Sickle, Mrs. David E. Titsworth, Mrs. W. M. Stillman, Mrs. John D. Titsworth, Mrs. F. A. Dunham, Miss Louise Clawson, Miss Bessie TItsworth, and Mrs. Lulu Lewis.

Gypsy Booth Mrs. Joseph W. Reinhart, and Mrs. Howard Fleming.

Venetian Booth Mrs. Hugh Hastings, Miss Emelie Schipper, Mrs. George A. Chapman, Miss Havbiland, Mrs. Samuel Huntingont, Mrs. Emil Woltman, Mrs. Samuel St. J. McCutchen, Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. C. S. West, Mrs. W. E. Lower, Miss E. R. Cock, Mrs. Frank O. Herring, Miss Huntington, Miss Maud Van Bosckerck, Miss MacCready, Miss Clara D. Finley, Miss Ahrens, Miss Aynne MacCready, Miss Mondanari, Miss Graff, Miss Yerkes, Miss Gertrude Walz, and Miss Pierson.

Japanese Booth Mrs. Charles Seward Foote, Mrs. George Clay, Mrs. S.P. Simpson, Mrs. L. Finch, Mrs. Constantine P. Ralli, Mrs. William Lewis Brown, Mrs. L. Dennis, Mrs. WIlliam Pelletier, Miss Ellis, Miss Anthony, Miss Dryden, Miss Morgan, Miss Bowen, Miss Lawrence, and Miss Rodman.

Spanish Booth Mrs. S. A. Cruikshank, Mrs. A. T. Slauson, Mrs. J. F. Wichers, Mrs. T. H. Curtis, Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman, Mrs. T. A. Hazell, Mrs. H. L. Moore, Mrs. D. T. Van Buren, Mrs. E. H. Mosher, Miss Harriott, Miss Louise Patton, Miss Maud Lord, Miss May Kirkner, Miss Louise Van Zandt, Miss Annie Horton, Miss Titsworth, and Miss Meredith.

German Booth Mrs. Mason W. Tyler, Mrs. Logan Murphy, Mrs. John H. Oarman, Mrs. Charles J. Taggart, Mrs. Benjamin R. Western, Mrs. J. E. Turill, Mrs. Arthur T. Gallup, Mrs. Horsley Barker, Mrs. John Haviland, Mrs. George Wright, Mrs. Amra Hamragan, Mrs. William L. Saunders, Mrs. William Wright, Miss Annie Murphy, Miss Wright, Miss Western, Miss Bartling, Miss Helen Warman, Miss Emma Adams and Miss Ann Thorne.

Stationery Booth Mrs. John Gray Foster, Mrs. Elliott Barrows, Mrs. A. W. Haviland, Mrs. John D. Miller, Mrs. James R. Joy, and Miss Emily R. Tracy.

Parisian Flower Stall Mrs. Harry M. Stockton, Mrs. Evarts Tracy, Mrs. Daniel F. Ginna, Mrs. W. H. Ladd, Mrs. Frederick Yates, Miss Marlon Dumont, Miss Ginna, Miss Baker, Miss Huntington, and Miss Van Bosckerck.

Refreshments were dispensed by Mrs. Orville T. Waring, Mrs. George W. Van Bosckerck, Mrs. John Bushnell, Mrs. Gifford Mayer, Mrs. George H. Goddard, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. H. P. Reynolds, Mrs. C. C. Guion, Mrs. N. P. T. Finch, Mrs. Henry McGee, Mrs. De Revere, Mrs. Ruth C. Leonard, Mrs. George W. Rockfellow, Miss Annie Opdyke, Mrs. Van Alstyne, Mrs. Utzinger, Mrs. Nelson Runyon, Mrs. Henry Tapsley, Miss Martine, Miss Edith Allen, Mrs. J. Parker Mason, Mrs. J. K. Myers, Mrs. Walton, and Mrs. H. C. Adams

December 11, 1903

Daily Princetonian, Volume 28, Number 140, 11 December 1903 – GLEE CLUB CONCERT In Plainfield To-night. Program and List of Patronesses.


In Plainfield To-night. Program and List of Patronesses.

The second concert of the Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs will be given in the Casino of Plainfield, N. J., to-night at 8.15 o'clock. The clubs will leave Princeton to-day at 1.21 p. m., and arrive at Elizabeth at 2.20. Leaving Elizabeth on the C. R. R. of N. J. at 2.35, they will reach Plainfield at 3.03. The men will be entertained at the homes of the Princeton alumni, and immediately after the concert adance will be given in honor of the clubs. On the return trip the men will leave Plainfield on Saturday at 9.40 a. m., reaching Elizabeth at 10.04, leave at 10.06, and arrive in Princeton at 11. The program of the concert follows: PART FIRST. 1. Old Nassau, Carmina Princetonia Glee Club. 2. A Rag Time Ball, J. H.Jennings Banjo Club. 3. 1904 Medley, Arranged by K. S. Clark Glee Club. 4. Selections from Babes in Toyland, Herbert Mandolin Club. 5. Fantasienstuck, Arranged Banjo Club. PART SECOND. 1. Step Song, Carmina Princetonia Glee Club. 2. Gondoliere, Nevin Mandolin Club. 3. The 1904 Rakion, Joseph Chapman Banjo Club. 4. Solo, Selected Mr. Truesdale. 5. Espanola Viva, Arranged Glee and Mandolin Clubs. 6. The White Crow, Paul Eno Banjo Club. PART THIRD. 1. Bedelia, Schwartz Mandolin and Banjo Clubs. 2. Selection, Arranged Glee Club. 3. Danse Caprice, Grieg Mandolin Club. 4. Triangle Song, Carmina Princetonia Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs. The patronesses are as follows : Mrs. Charles F. Abbott, Mrs. Frederick H. Andrews, Mrs. Ernest R. Ackerman, Mrs. John T. Baker, Mrs. Eliot T. Barrows, Mrs. James R. Blake, Mrs. Charles I. Brooks, Mrs Howard W. Beebe, Mrs. E. H. Booth, Mrs. P. W. Bakely, Mrs. P. T. Brown, Mrs. J. Hervey Buchanan, Mrs. J. Edgar Corlies, Mrs. George A. Chapman, Mrs. J. B. Dumont, Mrs. M. E. Egerton, Mrs. Chapman Fisk, Mrs. Howard Fleming, Mrs. Walter Gaston, Mrs. Wm. T. Gaugh, Mrs. John F. Harmon, Mrs. Ellis W. Hedges, Mrs. Eugene H. Hatch, Mrs. W. E. Honeyman, Mrs. James Hayes, Mrs. Samuel Huntington, Mrs. Henry L. Hall, Mrs. Henry C. Irons, Mrs. D. C. Ivins, Mrs. William T. Kaufman, Mrs. William E. Lowe, Mrs. Edward H. Ladd, Jr., Mrs. E. L. Mack, Mrs. George P. Mellick, Mrs. H. Raymond Munger, Mrs. William H. Murray, Mrs. Henry A. McGee, Mrs. Walter Mc- Gee, Mrs. Samuel St. J. McCutchen, Mrs. Frank S. Martin, Mrs. Theodore W. Morris, Jr., Mrs. F. G. Meade, Mrs. Arthur J. Otterson, Mrs. D. W. Pond, Mrs. W. G. Peckham, Mrs. W. A. Pinto, Mrs. Joseph W. Reinhart, Mrs. David Rowland, Mrs. George S. Ring, Mrs. George T. Rogers, Mrs. Joseph M. Shellabarger, Mrs. Walter E. Stewart, Mrs. Lemuel W. Serrell, Mrs. Alfred F. H. Streuli, Mrs. Henry M. Stockton, Mrs. Joseph W. Sandford, Jr., Mrs. C. L. Sykes, Mrs. R. B. Strong, Mrs. George A. Strong, Mrs Duncan W. Taylor, Mrs. Evarts Tracy, Mrs. Lewis G. Timpson, Mrs. Mason Tyler, Mrs. Edward M. Van Buren, Mrs. George W. Van Boskerck, Mrs. A. Vandewater, Mrs. J. Vandewater, Mrs. William B. Wadsworth, Mrs. Orville T. Waring, Mrs. Lewis E. Waring, Mrs. Theodore D. Wilson, Mrs. E. Woltman, Mrs. John S. Zelie.

New York Times February 5, 1895


Entertainmnets Which Have Helped to Make the Week Pass Pleasantly

PLAINFIELD, N. J., Feb. 16 – On Wednesday evening a cotillion was danced at the home of ex-Mayor Q. V. F. Randolph of East Front Street.

Herman Simmonds of Watchung Avenue has gone to Florida, to remain until Spring.

Mrs. Dudley Insley of Tacoma and Miss See of Sing Sing are guests of Mrs. E. E. Runyon of Madison Avenue.

Mrs. Howell of Chester, who has been visiting her sister Mrs. F. D. Whiting of East Sixth Street, has returned home.

Next Tuesday evening the ladies of the Monroe Avenue Chapel will hold their annual supper.

Mrs. Robert Downy of Madison Avenue gave a tea this afternoon from 4 to 7.

By far the largest and most brilliant social function that has ever been given in this city was the Ackerman reception at the Casino on Monday night. About 500 guests were present, the largest number that has yet gathered in that pretty clubhouse and ballroom. Mrs. J. Hervey Ackerman received, assisted by Mrs. Robert Rushmore, Mrs. Ernest R. Ackerman, and Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman.

Plainfield Countil of the Royal Arcanum celebrated the addition of the two hundredth member to its ranks Monday night with an entertainment.

William C. Ayers, one of Plainfield's oldest residents, celebrated his eighty-sixth birthday Tuesday. He was born on Feb. 12, 1809, on the same day as Lincoln.

Wednesday evening the ladies of the Seventh Day Baptist Church held a sale and supper in the church.

An interesting meeting of the Monday Afternoon Club was held in the parlors of the Crescent Avenue Church Monday, at which David P. Hall gave a talk on parliamentary usage.

The Third Regiment Cadet Corps of this city will go to Bound Brook on Washington's Birthday to take part in the parade of that place.

Several new members were received into the Plainfield Bicycle Club at a meeting Monday night.

On Thursday evening, Feb. 21, a Martha Washington tea will be given in the First Presbyterian Church.

Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Bowers of Franklin Place entertained the Musical Club.

The Ladies Committee of the Young Women's Christian Association met Tuesday afternoon and elected the following officers: President – Mrs. Henry M. Maxson; Vice-President – Mrs. J. Wesley Johnson; Treasurere – Mrs. J. H. Manning; Secretary – Miss Embury.

Next month Miss Fannie Westphal will be married to George Gray of Brooklyn.

Tuesday, Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman of West Seventh Street gave a dinner in honor of her guest, Miss Cox of New York. The guests present were Miss Gertrude Waly, Miss Cox, Miss Marion Dumont, Miss Waldron, Miss Lawrence, Miss Carey, Harry Munger, Laurens Van Buren, Fred Waly, Dr. B. Van D. Hedges, Mr. Waring and Mr. Wharton.

A union meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Societies of the Crescent Avenue and First Presbyterian Churches as held Tuesday afternoon at the latter church. The subject discussed as "China," papers being read by Mrs. M. E. Dwight, Mrs. Luchey, Mrs. Cornelius Schenck, Mrs. Pruden, and Mrs. Wyckoff.

Next Saturday Mrs. Henry McGee of Washington Park will give an afternoon tea. The hours will be from 4 to 7 o'clock.

During the week Miss Florence Honneger of New Brighton, S. I., has been the guest of Mrs. J. R. Hill of Belvidere Avenue.

Plainfield's handsome new Young Men's Christian Association Building was formally opened Tuesday night. Addresses were made by Mayor Alexander Gilbert, the first President of the association; the Rev. Dr. William R. Richards and William D. Murray, the present President. The building cost about $50,000.

Frank B. Bennett & Company 1912

The Plainfield Trust Co.

On the fourth day of June, ten years ago, the Plainfield Trust Company of Plainfield, N.J., opened for business in an unpretentious store on one of the principal streets on that city. In three years, when by its aggressive methods it had acquired a deposit line of one and a half million dollars, it moved into its handsome building on Park avenue which it now occupies, and which is not only the most imposing edifice in Plainfield but is one of the finest banking houses in the State of New Jersey. In its new home the business of the institution has continued to prosper under the efficient management of its energetic and capable staff of officers until today the company reports deposits of four millions of dollars and a surplus and undivided profit account of two hundred and forty thousand dollars, or nearly two and a half times the amount of its capital.

In addition to the four million of deposits, the company has in its custody a million and a half of trust funds which are kept separate and apart from its assets. This trust business is but another indication of the confidence which the institution has won during the comparatively short period of its existence – a confidence that is based on the character of the service which has been rendered but on the personnel of its directors, all of whom are representative men in the community and who bring to the business the inspiration of some New York City's most important business activities as may be seen from the following:

and their connections: J. Herbert Case, vice-president Franklen Trust Co., Brooklyn; Frederick Geller, attorny and counseller-at-law, New York; Augustus V. Heely, vice-president The Farmers' Loan and Trust Co., New York; James W. Jackson, executor of the Jesse Hoyt Estate, New York; Edward H. Ladd, Jr. & Wood Bankers, New York; Charles W. McCutchen, Holt & Co., Commision Merchants, New York; Henry A. McGee, Standard Oil Co., New York; Walter M. McGee, Vacuum Oil Co., New York; Charles A. Reed, attorney and counsellor-at-law, New York; Isaac W. Rushmore, dairy products, New York; Frank H. Smith, register Union County, Elizabeth, N.J., Samuel Townsend, president Peoples National Bank, Westfield, N.J., Cornelius B. Tyler, Tyler & Tyler, attorneys, New York; Lewis E. Waring, Edward Sweet & Co., bankers, New York; and Orville T. Waring, Standard Oil Co., New Jersey.

Mr. H. H. Pond, secretary of the company, assumed this position two years ago, and during his uncumbency the deposits have increased from about $2,750,000 to $4,000,000. Mr. Pond has also been president of the New Jersey Bankers Association during the past year and in that capacity has won many friends both for himself and for the institution which he represents.

The Plainfield Trust Company conducts a banking trust, special, safe deposit and "banking by mail" department. Through the latter the institution has extended its operation all over New Jersey, and there are few towns in the state in which some of its deposits may not be found.

August 26, 1894 New York Times Article: Plainfield, City of Homes

Some of the others that do business in New York and have handsome homes here are H. A. McGee of the Produce Exchange;

Washington Park Historic District North Plainfield


Saturday, December 10, 4:00 - 9:00 PM. Tour starts at Church of the Holy Cross, corner of Washington and Mercer Avenues.

Founded in 1988, North Plainfield's only historic district will be featured in a Holiday house tour titled 'Architectural Treasures of North Plainfield'. Nine of the District's homes – mostly Victorians – will be featured, all dressed up for the Christmas holidays.

Tickets are $25 the day of the tour and may be purchased the Holy Cross Church, the tour's starting point, where maps will also be available.

Dear Washington Park Association:

Please link our website to your website. We
will do the same.

Plainfield Garden Club was established in 1915 and many of our early
members were residents of North Plainfield. You can read about the 250+
ladies on the website under "History"

Probably most notable was founding member Mrs. Charles Walter (Mary
Isabella Simpson)McCutchen '15

Other North Plainfield-Plainfield Garden Club Residents include:

Campbell Mabel C. Raper Mrs. William Hall 1928
Eaton Mary Winifred Parlin Mrs. Charles Aubrey 1915
Fleming Helen Hyde Mrs. Austin Lloyd 1919
Foster Fannie C. Groendyke Mrs. John Gray 1915
Hackman Elizabeth or "Betty" Reppert Mrs. Robert K. 1970
Howell Romaine Ray Mrs. Josephus H. 1922
Hyde Helen Miss 1917
Hyde Elilzabeth Kepler Mrs. Charles L. 1917
Hyde Carolyn Knowland Mrs. Frank de Lacey 1919
McGee Emma Louise Whiting Mrs. Henry Augustus 1922
McGee Sarah M. Howell Mrs. Henry Livingston "Harry" 1918
McGee Mary Alice Yerkes Mrs. Walter Miller 1922
Middledith Sarah Augusta Flanders Mrs. James F. 1920
Morison Fanny C. Lemmon Mrs. Nathaniel H. 1916
Murray Mrs. J. Everett 1920
Tingley Miss Dorothea 1932
Trewin Annette Mrs. C. Sidney 1945
Wells Mrs. Henry C. 1920
Wells Nancy G. Mrs. John R., Jr. 1957

We have just begun to post our archival information on line. If
interested, we could send you the addresses of these members. We are
always interested in learning more about them and welcome photographs of
their homes and gardens.

Enjoy the season -

The Ladies of the Plainfield Garden Club

1906 Yale

Donald Ashbrook McGee was married in Plainfield, N. J.,
October 17, 1908, to Miss Mary Ellen Valiant, who was born
in Baltimore, Md., the daughter of John Valiant and Mary
Elizabeth (Jordan) Valiant. One daughter:

Elizabeth, born Plainfield, N. J., May 14, 1911.


Surnames: McGee, Ashbrook, Whiting, Horne, Joy, Welch
Classification: Query

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I had an old photograph of the McGEE family of Plainfield, Somerset County, NJ. Address of house in photo: 10 Willow Lane, Plainfield, NJ, dated 1892. It was a wonderful, large photo with numerous names written on the back, which I will list here:
Back row - left to right:
James McGee
Mrs. James McGee
Walter M. McGee
Harry L. McGee (seated on railing)
Alice Yerkes McGee (wife of Walter)
Clifford Whiting McGee, Sr.
Ed Ashbrook
Annie McGee Ashbrook (seated)
Emma Louise Whiting McGee (standing)
Henry A. McGee
Caroline McGee Horne
Charles E. Horne (faded)

Front row - seated left to right
Donald Ashbrook McGee
James R. Joy
Elizabeth McGee (daughter of Walter and Alice)
Emma McGee Joy
Herbert Welch
Adelaide McGee Welch
F. Rolande Horne (on bike)
George Horne (standing near bike)
Raymond Augustus McGee
Elsie Horne (daughter of Charles and Caroline Horne, on bike)
Vaughn McGee (son of Walter and Alice McGee, on bike)

A scanned image of the photo can be seen here:

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Womens Auxiliary

Mrs. Clifford McGee 60 Willow Avenue, N.P.
Mrs. Donald A. McGee 103 Sycamore Avenue, N.P.
Mrs. H. A. McGee 1 Orchard Place, N.P.
Mrs. W. M. McGee 101 Rockview Avenue, N.P.

1908 Commercial and Financial Chronicle The Plainfield Trust Company

1914 Standard Oil Or the People: The End of Corporate Control in America


Henry A. McGee is director in the Standard Ol Co. of N. Y., vice-president of the Plainfield Trust Co., and trustee of the N. Y. Produce Exchange Safe Deposit and Storage Co. He was formerly member of the board of managers of the N. Y. Produce Exchange, which fixes the price of oil for the trade and in the Bowling Green Trust Co.

W. C. McGee was director in the Plainfield Trust Co., N. Y. Petroleum Soap Co., and Central Electric Construction Co. His office is in the Standard Oil building.

December 7, 1898 New York Times


He was Manager of the Devoe Works of the Standard Oil Company

James McGee, manager at 26 Broadway of the Devoe Works of the Standard Oil Company, died suddenly yesterday morning at his home, Washington Park, Plainfield, N.J., in his seventy-second year. Mr. McGee was in his office in the Standard Oil Building as late as Monday afternoon. He appeared to be in his usual health, and left o attend a meeting in the Methodist Book Concern Building. On reaching home in the evening he complained of illness, and Dr. Jenkins of Plainfield found cardiac irregularity, but under his care the symptoms abated and the patient retired. At the time he was usually called he was found dead in bed.

Mr. McGee was born in New York, and received a common-school education. He began his business career as a cotton broker, and was dealing in petroleum when he became a member of the New York Produce Exchange, of which he was a manager in 1875, Vice President in 1879 and 1886 and President 1886-17. In 1873 he became identified with the Standard Oil Company. As a business man he was widely esteemed. He had been since manhood deeply interested in the affairs and prosperity of the Methodist Episcopal Church and was its benefactor in various ways. At Plainfield he built the Monroe Avenue Church, and gave to the congregation the adjoining Epworth League Building. Part of the money for the newly erected parsonage came from him.

At the time of his death Mr. McGee was President and a Director of the New York Produce Exchange Safe Deposit and Storage Company and a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Fine Arts Society, the American Geographical Society, and the American Musuem of Natural History. He is survived by four daughters and two sons. Mrs. McGee died in 1896.

The Plainfield Trust Company

Henry A. McGee, Standard Oil Company, New York

September 14, 2013 Trip to Kykuit

The road from Plainfield to Kykuit was traveled once again on Saturday as 19 made the trip to see the famed estate of John D. Rockefeller.

"Once again" you say?

Why, yes. Many Plainfielders worked for Mr. Rockefeller in his New York Standard Oil offices as well as offices located in the oil refineries right off Route 1 in Linden where the descendant companies of Standard Oil still store, refine and ship petroleum. These Plainfielders perhaps were not invited to Kykuit, but Rockefeller's lifelong friend and spirtual advisor most likely was an invited guest . . . and perhaps even his wife, founding PGC Member Mrs. Charles A. Eaton '15

Mrs. Eaton and her husband had their lives and fortunes changed upon meeting the owner of Kykuit. Mr. Eaton was the preacher at Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, situated on Cleveland's 'millionaire's row,' and as a result he came to the attention of John D. Rockefeller, a summer resident of Cleveland who attended church there. Rockefeller and Eaton became lifelong friends, and this connection influenced Eaton's future path.

This connection with Rockefeller also influenced Mr. Eaton's favorite nephew, Cyrus S. Eaton, who went to work for Rockefeller as a college student and later became one of America's greatest industrialists. He is best remembered (for those of us that can remember back to the '70's) for his role in US relations with the Soviet Union. In the late '60's his business deals with Communist Russia and the Rockefellers earned quite a bit of bad press.

In 1909, the Eatons followed Rockefeller by moving to what is now Watchung, but at one time was considered part of Plainfield. Their house still stands on Valley Road. Although a "dairy farmer" on their Valley Road estate "Sunbright," Mr. Eaton's main role was that of preacher to a prominent Madison Avenue Baptist Church congregation. However, after Mrs. Eaton helped found the PGC in 1915, in 1924, Mr. Eaton ran for Congress, won his seat and stayed there until 1952.

Congressman Eaton rose to become chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and served on the Select Committee on Foreign Aid. Eaton signed the original United Nations Charter in San Francisco as part of a delegation representing the United States Government. He helped gain support for the Marshall Plan, also known as the Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, which was passed by Congress in 1948 by a vote of 329 to 74. For several years, he served in Congress alongside his nephew William R. Eaton, a Representative from Colorado.

Eaton was a steadfast opponent of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. However, he was frequently invited to the White House for meetings with both presidents Roosevelt and Truman because of his sharp understanding of international politics.

While in Congress, he and Mrs. Eaton entertained many foreign dignitaries at their home. Between raising her family, and supporting her husband's career, Mrs. Eaton was very active in the PGC, serving as President twice, 1921 - 23, and then again in 1928-30.

The other likely Plainfielder to have made visits to Kykuit would have been the original owner of "The Castle" located at 900 Park Avenue. Mr. Orville T. Waring lovingly built that house and was partners with John D. Rockefeller, after selling his petroleum interests to him and then becoming Director of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Mr. Waring's daughter was founding member Mrs. Lewis Gouveneur (Helen Frances Waring) Timpson '15. His daughter-in-law was Mrs. Orville G. Waring '35.

Mr. Waring had eight children and two wives, and many of his progeny were elite members of the Plainfield Garden Club: Fleming, Hyde, Mellick, Tweedy, and MacLeod. When Mr. Waring's daughters were wed, the news appeared in the New York Times along with reports of Mr. Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s attendance at the events and their gifts of "gold and silver ornaments."

To view the photos from the most recent trip to Kykuit, click here: Field Trip to Kykuit

Other members associated with the Standard Oil Company and the Rockefellers included the large McGee clan:
McGee, Henry Augustus (Emma Louise Whiting) '22
McGee, Mrs. Harry Livingston (Sarah M. Howell) '18
McGee, Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) '22

And of course Barbara Sandford was Rockefeller's neighbor on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, her father & John D. belonging to all the same clubs with the most notable distinction of being residents of "Millionaire's Row."

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1904 Chronicle of the Yerkes Family

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

December 28, 2014

Local blogger Dan Damon wrote this article, Suspicious fire at historic Plainfield building, regarding a fire at the Samuel W. Rushmore building on South Avenue. Many Rushmore relatives have been members of the PGC including current Affiliate Member Ginny Rushmore.

To learn more about this prominent family, click on these member albums:

Rushmore, Mrs. Murray (Helen Joy)
Rushmore, Mrs. Townsend (Jean Betram Murray) '20
Joy, Mrs. James R. (Emma Prentice McGee) '33
Mooney, Mrs. Wandell McMaster (Alice Joy McGee) '47
Joost, Mrs. Sherman Brownell (Marie Murray) '19
Murray, Mrs. James Everett (Alice Marshall) '20
Roome, Mrs. John Stanton (Dolores or "Dody" Murray) '57
Tilney, Mrs. Albert Arthur (Augusta R. Murray) '20
McGee, Mrs. Harry Livingston (Susan M. Howell) '18
McGee, Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) '22
Lockwood, Mrs. Frederick M. (Hazel Marshall) '52
Lockwood, Mrs. William L. (Amy M.) '25
Marshall, Mrs. Henry P. (Dorothy Burke) '30
Howell, Mrs. Josephus Halsey (Romaine Ray) '22
Chambliss, Mrs. Leopold A. (Anna Scott Yerkes) '50
Eddy, Mrs. Charles Brown (Ellen Coolidge Burke) '15

And through marriage on her husband's side, the late Mrs. Webster (Barbara Tracy) Sandford '50.

Plainfield firefighters responded early Saturday evening to a suspicious fire in a historic factory structure at South Avenue and Berckman Street.

The complex of three buildings, parts of which are over a hundred years old, most recently housed the Royal Apex Company, a manufacturer of gutters and other metal and plastic extruded products. The buildings have been vacant since 2007, when Royal Apex was bought out by Berger Building Products, Inc., and operations were moved to Pennsylvania.

Originally, the buildings housed the Rushmore Dynamo Works, owned by Plainfield entrepreneur and inventor Samuel W. Rushmore. Rushmore made his fortune in patents and manufacturing several key improvements in automobile technology.

Among his notable inventions – or improvements on those of others – are the automatic starter, cooling systems for internal combustion engines, the flared automobile headlamp, a searchlight, and locomotive headlights. At one time, half of all the automatic starters used in American automobiles were manufactured in the Plainfield location.

Rushmore sold the business in 1914 to the Bosch Magneto Company, with the proviso that the Rushmore name be used on its products for a number of years. When Bosch violated the terms of the agreement, Rushmore successfully sued (see here) for $100,000 (which would be over $2 million today).

Bosch, a German company with a U.S. branch, established a separate U.S. corporation, headquartered in New York City. Because of suspicions of its owners' loyalty, Bosch was nationalized in both the First and Second World Wars – with control returning to private hands in 1948.

Though several area fire companies responded to the blaze, it was quickly brought under control. A source told me the fire is suspected to be arson, a determination that will be made officially by arson investigators.