Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Dobbins, Mrs. Walter Clifford (Bertha Van Cleef) '20

1922 Address: 19 West End Avenue, Plainfield

1929 Treasurer Book Active $5.00 (Not listed in the 1928 Treasurer Book)
1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 Treasurer Book Active

1932 Directory* address = 19 West End Avenue, Plainfield

*= This directory is not dated but presumed to be from the year 1932.

1938 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. Walter C. Dobbins 1/4/38 Pd 1/19/38 Pd.

1940 - 1941 Treasurer Book: Mrs. Walter C. Dobbins 4/10/40 Pd 1/3/41 Pd. Resigned 4/41

April 21, 1895 New York Times society article

PLAINFIELD SOCIETY NEWS; Many Entertainments of Importance During the Week.

PLAINFIELD, N.J., April 20. – The close of Lent was marked in this city by the giving of a charming reception Monday afternoon by Mrs. E.B. Clark of Crescent Avenue, to introduce her two daughters, Miss Clark and Miss Bertha McCullough Clark. The house was elaborately decorated with beautiful Easter lilies, white roses, and smilax. . . . . .
. . . Horace J. Martin, Herbert S. Thatcher, E. Smith, C.F. Stephens, Walter C. Dobbins, I. Clarkson, and R. McVoy of John Hand Camp, Sons of Veternas, were the guests of Col. Hugh Reed Camp, at Somerville, Monday evening.

Walter C. Dobbins

1909 Listing him at 19 West End Avenue, reporter for The Daily Press

From Plainfield, New Jersey's History & Architecture by John Grady and Dorothe Pollard

"Cranehurst Mews" circa 18070, is straight out of a medieval fairy tale with it diamond-paned windows, brick arches, second story overhang supported by masonry consoles and hayloft doors. Converted in the 1930's, Dobbins former home on Field Avenue boasts compact, low maintenance landscaping. No one in the neighborhood can fathom how a street side planting of hostas magically survives the city's de-icing crews.

Intact from brick foundation to rooftop cupola, this sturdy building across the way frm "Cranehurst Mews" hosts an apartment above the garage. Courtesy of Michael J. Wroble

Historical People of Hillside Cemetary

Matthias C. Dobbins (1837-1909) Civil War Union Captain

1925 Meeting Minutes

1915 - 1923 List of Meetings

Plainfield Library First Baptist Deceased Files

Plainfield Library

Dobbins, Walter Clifford
Place of Death: Plainfield 7/14/1953
Spouse: Bertha C. Dobbins
Children: Mrs. Emma Borden
Address: 19 West End Avenue

Dobbins, Ann Eliza
Place of Death: Plainfield 9/28/1919
Spouse: M. Clark Dobbins
Children: Walter C.
Address: 19 West End Avenue obit 7/17/1963

Dobbins, Bertha Van Cleef
Birth: 1/29/1872
Baptized: 2/10/1904
Place of Death: Plainfield 6/25/1965
Spouse: Walter C. Dobbins
Children: Mrs. Emma Borden
Address: 19 West End Avenueobit 6/25/1965

Monday Afternoon Club Membership