Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Sanders, Mrs. David F. (Molly M.) '58

1958 Address: 735 Belvidere, Plainfield

1970 - 1973 Address: 1261 Rahway Road, Plainfield

1978 Address: 3401 Gulf Shore Blvd, Naples, Florida

President 1966 - 1968

1984 - 1985: Affiliate
1985 - 1986: Resigned

Archives of American Gardens, Smithsonian Horticulture Services Division
Reference Number = NJ370 for Sanders Garden

April 20, 19189 New York Times obituary for David Sanders

David Sanders, 42, Founder of Design Store
Published: April 20, 1989

David F. Sanders, founder of D. F. Sanders & Company, a modern-design store on Madison Avenue, died Monday at the New York University Medical Center. He was 42 years old and lived in Manhattan.

Mr. Sanders died of complications from AIDS, said his longtime companion, Craig Logan Jackson, who was with Mr. Sanders at his death.

Mr. Sanders, after working in retail stores, opened his own store with high-technology household objects in the SoHo area in 1980. In 1983, he founded the shop on Madison Avenue near 75th Street. He sold the business last year and remained vice chairman.

Mr. Sanders was born in Plainfield, N.J. He graduated from Cornell University.

Surviving are his mother, Molly, of Naples, Fla., and two brothers, Peter, of Athens, Ga., and Guy, of Orangedale, Nova Scotia.


entry NJ0370004

Photograph by Lois Poinier

Correspondence from Elisabeth Loizeaux

Thank you for the info on Marge Elliott. Come spring, we are planning to drive around and see what is left of some of these notable homes and gardens. Lois Poinier is still alive and "sharp as a tack" according to Cathy McGraw of the Short Hills Garden Club. She is living in Mystic, CT. Hopefully she will be able to provide some of the descriptions we need on her gardens. The plots thickens as they say!

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Elisabeth Loizeaux <> wrote:

Very interesting about Lois Poinier (I misspelled her name in previous mail) She, by the way, also did our own landscaping many years back. Yes, of course I would be able to identify other pictures of Driftway Farm, after all, my husband Peter was born there and we were next door neighbors all our married life in NJ.

I do not know the Sanders property at all, but am very familiar with Marge Elliot's (Mrs. William) on Black Birch Road in Scotch Plains. When Charles Detweiler moved her historic house from behind what is now Union County Tech. to its present location, we bought old beams belonging to a barn of that house and had them installed in our house, which was also designed by Charles Detweiler. We were quite involved with the Elliot project –– I wonder how much of her unique :farm" garden is still intact. Lois Poinier and Marge did a fantastic landscaping job, I am glad there are pictures. We had many GC meetings at Mrs. Elliot's house. Barbara Sandford will know all the details, she was a close friend of Marge's. I can't remember the number on Black Birch Road, but it is the only historic house in the development, in fact it has a marker, it's on the left hand side as you drive up Black Birch.

As far as "old Plainfield" family relationships and connections are concerned, Sally Booth, having grown up in Plainfield, would probably also be knowledgeable. Other than that Barbara Peek and Jane Burner also grew up in Plainfield. Consider me the expert on Loizeaux and Fosters.......


Correspondence with the Smithsonian

Dear Darlene, Hi! Thanks so much for the fill in and what fun! Although it sounds like unwrapping a big ball of twine, you are making some really great discoveries. I was sort of piecing it together from the emails that I was copied on, but this explanation fills in all the blanks for me. I saw that one of the gardens was designed by Lois Poinier. She is a member of the Short Hills Garden Club, and although she doesn't live in this area anymore she is in Mystic, CT she is still probably as sharp as a tack. Her mother was one half of a famous landscape design business in Short Hills Wodell and Cotrell. Many of their gardens are in the archives. Lois was the daughter of Mrs. Wodell. Good luck! - Cathy

From: Darlene Kasten []
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 8:44 AM
To: 'Cathy McGraw'
Cc: 'Susan King Fraser';
Subject: Smithsonian & PGC

Hi Cathy,

Mary Kent suggested I write you to fill you in on what I have been doing in connection with the Smithsonian Archives. I am sure you have been wondering with all the emails you have been copied on!

A small ad hoc committee within PGC has been busy reading through archives in the Plainfield Public Library to try to put together a master list of all members since our founding in 1915 in anticipation of the GCA Centennial in 2013. In doing so we have discovered all kinds of fun facts about our former members' accomplishments as well as pictures and descriptions of their delightful gardens. We had read in some of the minutes that some previously unknown garden pictures had been submitted to the Smithsonian by our then GH&D Chair Betty Hackman which led us to the Archives online. We saw an entry for an "unidentified" garden and requested a jpeg of the image thinking it would be of the garden identified in the minutes. We instead found that it was for another member's garden, Mrs. Roswell H. Rausch. Since then we have been given a number of other gardens to identify and describe which also belonged to former (deceased) PGC members, Sanders, Loizeaux and Elliott. We are actively trying to provide the Smithsonian with addresses and descriptions for these gardens. We are eager to complete their original submissions and hope they will be available online soon. All of these are available on the Plainfield Garden Club website (see links below).

In addition we requested jpegs of our Shakespeare Garden which were part of the original GCA collection.

There are also a couple of "mystery gardens" we have so far been unable to identify, .

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon on the photography circuit!

Thanks, Darlene Kasten

Rausch, Mrs. Roswell H. (Louise Cornell) '65
Sanders, Mrs. David F. (Molly) '58, President 1966 - 1968
Loizeaux, Mrs. J. Harold (Marion Foster) '40, President 1947 - 1949
Elliott, Mrs. William Potter (Marjorie Blackman) '46

Correspondence with Elisabeth Loizeaux

Not at all! This is a great help as we have very few "witnesses" in the club who can corroborate our findings. So happy you have taken the time to look through the albums. I guess I have the frigid weather to thank too!

We do plan on taking our questions to Barbara Sandford but we want to be prepared with all our questions. I am copying Susan Fraser on this email as she is the lead archivist on this project. She has been particularly interested in maiden names as these are integral to finding the connections to PGC. As an aside, I did find out from the Smithsonian that the 3 gardens (Loizeaux, Sanders and Wm. Elliott) they asked us to research were all submitted by Lois Poinier not the Plainfield Garden Club. They have additional pictures of Driftway Farm and I have asked to send them Perhaps you can help to describe those views as well? Are you at all familiar with the Sanders or Elliott gardens? I was planning to bring those pictures to Barbara to see if she can help. We have the addresses which the Smithsonian did not and we do plan to drive by in the spring to see if anything remains but personal anecdotes are simply the best. Susan and I have been loving the atmospheric descriptions of tea parties and weddings, etc.
"Talk" soon, Darlene

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Elisabeth Loizeaux <> wrote:

Darlene, I did look up my mother-in-law's album (and Bev Reid's). I do have questions about my mother-in-law. Charles Loizeaux, who was a two term State Senator in New Jerse y and my husband's father's brother ( I did not know that he was also the mayor of Plainfield) was married to a woman named Bertha .........?. They lived on Westervelt and Brook Ave. but as far as I know had no connection to PGC. Charles and Bertha would have been my husband's mother, Marion Foster Loixeaux's , brother and sister-in-law and it would make no sense to include them in her album, don't you agree? The photo, called "the Loizeaux garden" with a tent on their property has no connection to Marion Foster Loizeaux nor the PGC.

Connie Foster, married to Marion Foster' Loizeaux's brother David, was a member of PGC so her inclusion in the album makes sense.

I'm sorry, there were just too many Loizeaux in Plainfield. I think Marion, my mother-in-law, and I were the only Loizeaux members of PGC. Whoever looked up information at the Library in Plainfield , had a hard time identifying who all the different family members were. Marion Foster L. definitely never lived on Westervelt and Brook Ave. and had no connection to that "Loizeaux garden".


P.S. Fred Loizeaux : father of Bernice Swain
J. Harold Loizeaux: father of my husband Peter, husband of Marion Foster L.
Charles Loizeaux : State Senator and maybe mayor of Plainfield, brother of Fred and J. Harold above, no connection to PGC
Mabel Loizeaux Paulsen: mother of Bev Reid, and sibling of the above three men

By now I know you are sorry you asked!!

July 1, 1999

From the resignation letter of Meechy Loosli:

Mrs. Alden R. Loosli
45 Giggleswick Way
Edison, NJ 08820

etc. Even the friends I've made don't seem as numerous as they used to seem are they resigning too? Anyway, old age is getting to me. I'll miss you all but my best wishes will always be with you.

Yours sincerely,

Meechy Loosli

PS By the way in the list of former presidents printed each year it is Mrs. David F. SANDERS (1966 - 1968) not Saunders. I hope that can be corrected. DHL



Photograph by Lois Poinier



Photograph by Lois Poinier



Photograph by Lois Poinier

Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens

From the Corresponding Secretary file

not dated, presumed to be 1991


These are the people who contributed to the PGC in memory of Betty Fitzpatrick.

One list is for your reference I guess letters need to be written.

One list is for the Fitzpatrick family Send it to the Sleepy Hollow address and I'm sure they will get it. Anne

From the Corresponding Secretary file

January 12, 1961 Westfield Leader

Junior League
Group Meetings

Members of the Junior League of Plainfield held their annual
group meetings yesterday. Each January they meet. in small discussion
groups in members' homes.

Among the items on yesterday's agenda were the 1961-62 budget and possible money-raising activities for the coming year. Members brought to the discussions brochures prepared by the league ways and means committee outlining the various combinations of projects under consideration, Actual voting on the projects will be held at the Feb. 1 meeting.

Hostesses for yesterday's meetings were Mesdames George T.
Fischer, Richard P. Gonder, Asger F. Langlykke, David F. Sanders
and Edward W. Snowdon, all of Plainfield. Arrangements for the
group meetings were made by Mrs. H. Hunter Craig Jr., hostess chairman.

1261 Rahway Road

Plainfield Library Archives

Collection Detwiller
Title Proposed 3 Car Port
Description Proposed addition of car port to residence.
Building Type Residence
Work Type Alteration and/or Addition
Blueprint ID D-9766
Permit NOP501
Year of Permit 1964
Microfilm Roll 0214
Microfilm Frame 0183
Address 1261 Rahway Road
Historic District
City Plainfield
Architect Charles H. Detwiller Jr.
Architect Firm
Owner David Sanders
Business Owner

1974 Junior League Designer Showcase: The Martine House

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Cover to Page 25

1974 Designer Showcase Martine House Page 26 to End

In addition to saving the 1988 Program for the Designers Showhouse of Cedar Brook Farm (aka The Martine House) which was organized by the Muhlenberg Auxiliary, PGC Member Anne Shepherd also kept the 1974 Designers Showcase of the very same home, organized by the Junior League.

Within the program pages, you will find mentioned many PGC members. They include: Clawson, MacLeod, Kroll, Davis, Wyckoff, Stevens, Loizeaux, Swain, Hunziker, Connell, Foster, Dunbar, Elliott, Fitzpatrick, Gaston, Hackman, Holman, Lockwood, Morrison, Royes, Rushmore, Sanders, Williams, Barnhart, Bellows, Burger, Burner, Carter, Clendenin, DeHart, Detwiller, Eaton, Eckert, Fort, Frost, Gonder, Keating, Laidlaw, Loosli, Madsen, Mann, Marshall, Miller, Moody, Moon, Morse, Murray, Mygatt, Barrett, Peek, Perkins, Pfefferkorn, Pomeroy, Pond, Royes, Samek, Sandford, Sheble, Stevens, Shepherd, Stewart, Stout, Trewin, Vivian, Zeller, Cochran, Mooney and Hall.

1958 Check Book

No. 1339
Dec. 29, 1958
Mollie Sanders

May 3, 2002 Dorothy M. Watts

Dorothy M. Watts, 87, of Naples, FL, died May 1, 2002. She was born on Nov. 11, 1914 in Joliet, IL. Before establishing her home in Naples permanently in 1980, she and her husband, William "Waddy", had been winter residents since 1963. Their northern residence had been in Kenilworth, IL for 28 years and Wilmette, IL. Mrs. Watts was a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. She was a member of the Kappa-Kappa-Gamma Sorority. She was also a member of the Junior League, along with many other charitable organizations. She is survived by her loving daughter, Cici McDonnell of Vallejo, CA; a sister, Molly M. Sanders of Naples, FL; a grandson, David Watts O'Donnell of Vallejo, CA; and her companion of 11 years, Graciela Lora of Naples, FL. She was preceded in death by her husband, William "Waddy" W. Watts in 1993. Friends are invited to visit with the family on Sunday, May 5, 2002 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the home of Dorothy Watts. Donations may be made to Naples Community Hospital, 350 7th St., Naples, FL 34102 or The National Audubon Society, 3075 Sanctuary Rd. W., Naples, FL 34120 or Hospice of Naples, 1095 Whippoorwill Lane, Naples, FL 34105. The family has entrusted care and services to Hodges Funeral Chapel, 941-261-1237 .

Industrial research laboratories of the United States

Stavid Engineering, Inc.

President: David F. Sanders

September 20, 2009

Retired Lockheed Electronics, Stavid Engineering workers to mark milestone anniversary

Once upon a time giant and not so giant companies – such as Lockheed Electronics in Watchung and Stavid Engineering in North Plainfield – developed and supplied the U.S. military with electronics after World War II and throughout the Cold War.

While these companies are either defunct or have changed corporate ties, a cadre of past employees remains in touch through the LEC Star Dusters Club.

Some of the club's more than 300 members will celebrate 25 years of fellowship with a special anniversary luncheon Tuesday Sept. 22 at the Somerville Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks Lodge No. ...


1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook

May 21, 1959

April 23, 1965 Garden Club History Reviews Past 50 Years

A history of the Plainfield Garden Club was presented to members Wednesday by Mrs. Edward H. Ladd 3rd at the club's annual meeting in the home of Mrs. Edgar F. Davis, 1080 Rahway Rd. Mrs. Alexander Kroll was co-hostess.

The history has been published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Garden Club, which was formed in 1915.

The first part of the history was written by a charter member, now deceased, Mrs. Thomas Van Boskerck. The second part, covering the years from 1940-1965, was written by Mrs. Gerald Furman, and highlights the accomplishment of all the departments of the club.

Special emphasis is given to the three continuing projects: the Shakespeare Garden started in 1927; the Dogwood Collection, sponsored since 1946; and the Iris Garden begun in 1932; all in Cedar Brook Park. These three gardens have received national recognition and many awards for excellence.

The Union County Park Commission has just named the dogwood planting, "The Harriette R. Halloway Cornus Collection," in appreciation of the club's many years of service to park activities. Miss Halloway, 90, is the Garden Club's oldest living member and an authority on cornus and iris.

Mrs. Edwin J. Fitzpatrick, nominating chairman, present the slate of officers which was elected as follows: President, Mrs. Wayne J. Holman Jr.; first vice president, Mrs. David Sanders; second vice president, Mrs. F. Gregg Burger; treasurer, Mrs. William K. Dunbar Jr.; recording secretary, Mrs. C. Northrup Pond; and corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. Benson Wigton Jr.

Mrs. Holman and Mrs. Sandford will attend the annual meeting of the Garden Club of America in Cleveland, Ohio from May 10-14. Mrs. Holman will present a resume of recent program given by members of the Plainfield Club on the botanical background of the mallow plant family.

Mrs. John Wells of Valley Road, Watchung, said the club will again give scholarships to the Audubon summer camps or the N. J. State School of Conservation at Stokes Forest, as has been done since 1941. School teachers and scout leaders are eligible to apply for the scholarships.

A colored movie, entitled "Wings Over Blitzen," was shown, picturing wildlife in its natural state in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Ore.

Tea followed the meeting. Mrs. C. Benson Wigton and Mrs. Blanche P. Nash presided at the tea table, which was decorated with an arrangement of white spring flowers.

Tuesday, September 28, 1965 Courier News

The Plainfield Garden Club will celebrate its 50th anniversary at a formal reception at the Monday Afternoon Club at 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Mrs. Edward H. Ladd 3rd is general chairman.

Invitations have been sent to all members and their husbands, according to Mrs. Homer P. Cochran, invitations chairman.

Other chairmen are: Hospitality, Mrs. David F. Sanders; decorations, Mrs. William P. Elliott and Mrs. David S. Foster; and program, Mrs. Frederick M. Lockwood.

The Plainfield Garden CLub was organized in 1915 by 48 charter members under the leadership of the late Mrs. Frank O. herring. its primary concern, today as then, is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening among its members and to encourage interest in horticulture, conservation and civic planning and planting.

The Shakespeare Garden, Iris Garden and Cornus collection in Cedar Brook Park are several of the many civic projects initiated by the club.

Monday, October 5, 1970 Courier-News

City garden club to host zone meeting

PLAINFIELD – Four national officers of the Garden Club of America, several national committee chairmen and a number of zone chairmen from all over the United States will be guests of the Plainfield Garden Club Wednesday and Thursday at a New Jersey Zone meeting here. They will join some 45 delegates from the 11 garden clubs in the New Jersey area affiliated with the Garden Club of America.

This marks the first time the 55 year-old Plainfield Garden Club, which has been a member of the national organization since 1944, has hosted a zone meeting. An extensive tour of the Garden Club's many beautification and conservation projects in Plainfield will be a major activity on the Wednesday schedule.

There also will be business, horticultural and conservation meetings and special guests speakers, tours of private gardens of two members, a garden walk along Rahway Road, a dinner at the Plainfield Country Club Wednesday evening and a cookout luncheon at the F. Willoughby Frost barn on Rahway Road Thursday.

The emphasis on the two day meetings will be conservation. Dr. E. Alan Bromely, professor of nuclear physics at Yale University, will discuss clean power and its relation to conservation efforts at the dinner Wednesday.

Other speakers will be Dr. Robert E. Loveland, associate professor of Zoology at Rutgers University, who will discuss ecology at a conservation meeting Thursday morning at a 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. Alden R. Loosli, 927 Rahway Road.

Herb horticulture will be the topic Wednesday at a meeting in the Monday Afternoon Club, by Mrs. William Y. Dear Jr., a life member of the Herb Society of America.

The bus tour of Plainfield on Wednesday afternoon will include visits to the Vest Pocket garden in Park Avenue near Depot Place, which the Plainfield Garden Club planned and planted last year and cares for on a continuing basis; the Shakespeare Garden in Cedarbrook Park which was first conceived in 1927; the Iris Garden and the dogwood collection there; a number of plantings of shade trees in the downtown area and other beautification projects the club has undertaken or supported.

The garden walk, planned through gardens on Rahway Road, will take place Thursday morning from Mrs. Loosli's home at 11:30 a.m. following the conservation meeting.

The tour will include the grounds, home and gardens of Mr. and Mrs. Roswell H. Rausch, Mr and Mrs. DeWitt D. Barlow Jr., Mr. and Mrs. F. Willoughby Frost, Mr. and Mrs. David F. Sanders and Mr. and Mrs. David S. Foster and will conclude at the 200-year-old home of Mrs. Laurence S. Heely.

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stevens will be hosts of a cocktail part for the delegates Wednesday evening, prior to the dinner at the country club at which Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Fitzpatrick and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Lockwood will be hosts.

Mr. and Mrs. Rausch have planned a cocktail party prior to Thursday's cookout at the Frost barn and hosts at this luncheon will be Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Holman Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. David F. Sanders. Mrs. Holman is chairman of arrangements for the two-day meetings and Mrs. Sanders is co-chairman. Mrs. Arthur D. Seybold is president of the Plainfield Garden Club.

Monday, October 5, 1970 Courier-News

1973-1974 PGC Directory

1974-1975 Directory

1985-1986 Year Book of the Plainfield Garden Club