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Member: Louis, Miss Marie '33

1932 Directory* Address: Muhlenberg Hospital
Miss Marie Louis is listed in this directory as an "Honorary Member"

*The directory was not dated, but is guessed to date from 1932. Her membership year is suspect based on this directory.

In 1965, the 50th Anniversary of the Plainfield Garden Club, Miss Marie Louis was listed as an "Honorary Member" and deceased.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Plainfield Garden Club by Lucy Von Boskerck

1921 Modern Hospital

1922 Hospital Management

Indefatigable in devotion : the administration of Miss Marie Louis, R.N., F.A.C.H.A., Superintendent, Muhlenberg Hospital, 1920-1935 /

Richard Llewellyn Jones
American College of Hospital Administrators, 1978 - 130 pages

Marie Louis

1940 Archives excerpt

On different occasions our constitution and by-laws have been amended and membership enlarged and lessened. A few have resigned and too many of our cherished friends have gone gallantly down the long trail. Among them, Marie Louis, superintendent of Muhlenberg Hospital, one of our former honorary members, who by her knowledge of horticulture, supplied vegetables all year round to the patients, beautified the grounds and oversaw a small greenhouse. The forget-me-not in her own tiny garden are today a living memorial to her untiring energy and love of growing things.

1931 Study of Costs

June 21, 2008 Nancy Piwowar's full-page ad in support of Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg Hospital served the area residents in the 1918 flu epidemic. Muhlenberg survived the "Roaring Twenties," even though the amount of "free" work was 40% of the budget in 1924. Muhlenberg survived the "Great Depression" under the leadership of Miss Marie Louis. No patient was turned away and no services were cut, even though the towns were not supporting the indigent care bill. An effort was then begun to assess the towns for their fair share of indigent care. Miss Louis also engineered a plan and had a greenhouse built on Muhlenberg property to supply fresh vegetables for patients and staff for over 30 years. Muhlenberg was the site of many medical miracles including one in the 1930's when a teletype was sent out to the nation for assistance to save a dying infant. A retired military doctor answered and flew into Hadley Airport with the knowledge enabling a young Muhlenberg surgeon to perform the surgery due to the military doctor having lost the use of his hands during the war. That infant is now over 70 years old. Muhlenberg survived World War II through volunteerism even though half of the medical staff joined the armed forces. In the 1967 "black-out," which lasted 6 hours, Muhlenberg operated normally because leadership made sure there were adequate generators to continue to serve patients during times of need.

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Thesis covering the professional life of Marie Louis. (1872-1935) administrator of Muhlenberg Hospital,