Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Taliaferro, Mrs. William F. (Elizabeth Stewart) '15

1919 Address: 502 West 7th Street, Plainfield

1922 Directory: Not Listed

Minutes of October 27, 1917

The last meeting of the season of 1917 was indeed a memorable one.

On October the twenty-seventh, Mrs. Francis Lacy Hyde gave the Garden Club a unique and delightful entertainment. It was the end of the season of flowers, the harvesting time of the field's yellow grain.

The invitation was for half past five.

Mrs. Hyde received the Club in her spacious hall, after which the members strolled along the high-hedged paths and across the shadowy lawn. Across the road again to reach a wide clearing in the wood at the foot of the mountain. Darkness was falling fast, and there a huge fire blazed while the approaches to it were lined on either side with cornstalks and hung with fantastic Jack o' lanterns.

Seated in a circle ‘round the roaring fire, the Club was served with a hot supper, consisting of more luxurious fare than Halloween parties usually bring forth.

As we sat in jolly mood, the splendid harvest moon rose in the sky, making the scene perfect. All were loath to leave this beautiful autumn scene, but a short business meeting must need be held, when the minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

The president bade the club farewell until another season and the meeting adjourned with many expressions of appreciation to our hostess for the delightful evening she had given us.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Taliaferro

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Womens Auxiliary

Mrs. W. F. Taliaferro
502 West Seventh Street

1909 Plainfield Directory

Taliaferro Wm F, hosiery, h 502 W 7th

October 27, 1915 New York Times

ASKS DIVORCE IN CINCINNATI.; Peter V. Sherwood Sues ;- Wife Here Professes Ignorance.
Special to The New York Times. ();
October 27, 1915,
, Section , Page 5, Column , words

CINCINNATI, Oct. 26. – That his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Sherwood, of 100 East Sixty-first Street, New York, persisted in leading the life of a "social butterfly," refused to attend to her home, and ran him into debt in order to indulge in the butterfly life are some of the numerous charges made by Peter V. Sherwood in his suit for divorce, filed here today.

Sherwood, in his petition, said when he complained of expenses she told him she didn't care how he got the money, so long as he "got it." They were married in 1906 and have one child, Jeselyn.

Sherwood also said his wife compelled him to contribute largely to the support of her mother.

Mrs. Elizabeth Sherwood, when questioned last night about her husband's divorce proceedings in Cincinnati, said she had no interest either in denying or affirming the report. She asserted that there had been no dissension between her and her husband. If divorce proceedings had been begun against her, she said, she had no knowledge of the fact.

"I saw my husband only last night, and I expect to see him again tomorrow," said Mrs. Sherwood.

Mr. Sherwood is a member of the firm Taliaferro & Sherwood, manufacturing agents, at 346 Broadway. He married Mrs. Sherwood about seven years ago. The couple have one child, a daughter, 6 years old.

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