Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Dunbar, Mrs. William Kuhn (Elizabeth Atwood Biggs) '17

1919 Address: Woodland Avenue, Plainfield

1922 Address: Woodland Avenue, Plainfield

1929 Treasurer Book Active April $5.00 (Mrs. W. K. Dunbar not listed in the 1928 Treasurer Book)
1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 Treasurer Book Active

1932 Directory Address: 972 Woodland Avenue, Plainfield

* = This directory is not date but presumed to be from the year 1932

1938 Treasurer Book, Active: Mrs. Wm. K. Dunbar 1/4/38 Pd. 1/3/39 Pd.

1940 - 1941 Treasurer Book: Active Mrs. Wm. K. Dunbar 1/4/40 Pd. Died Mar. 20 1940

Mother-in-law to Mrs. William K. Dunbar, Jr. '47

William Kuhn Dunbar related to Henry Pearl Talmadge

Runkle, Mrs. Harry Godley (Jennie F. Randolph) '15

Plainfield Public Library Archives


Garden Club Plans For Flower Show

Plans were about completed for the flower show of the Plainfield Garden Club at a meeting yesterday in the home of the chairman. Mrs. Wallace Coriel, 963 Central Avenue. The show is to be held May 5 and 6 in the Assembly Room of the Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Richard Lawton, a prize winner in many horticultural exhibitions, is schedule chairman, and is spected to have schedules printed soon for distribution.

Fully two-thirds of the 50 classes scheduled are listed as "horticultural." The flower arrangment classes are in the minority. The schedule is planned to be of educational value to both experienced gardeners and beginners.

The committee includes Mrs. Corriell, chairman, Mrs. Dudley H. Barrows, secretary; Mrs. Harry Williams, treasurer; Mrs. C. Boardman Tyler and Mrs. William K. Dunbar, decoration and floor plan; Mrs. Henry L. DeForest, properties; Mrs. Henry Marshall, staging; Mrs. Lawton and Mrs. Henry C. Wells, schedule; Mrs. William S. Tyler, exhibits.

Also Miss Harriette R. Halloway, specimens; Miss Josephine Lapslety, entries; Mrs. Garret Smith, publicity; Mrs. Leslie R. Fort and Mrs. Edward H. Ladd Jr., judges, and Mrs. Clifford M. Baker, prizes.

Plainfield Public Libraray Archives

April 27, 1905 New York Times wedding announcement


PLAINFIELD, NJ, April 26 – Miss Helen Dunbar Talmadge, daughter of H. P. Talmadge, a New York banker, and Daniel Runkle, son of Harry G. Runkle of West Eighth Street, were married at the Crescent Avene Presbyterian Church at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The Rev. Dr. William R. Richards, pastor of the Fifth Avenue Brick Presbyterian Church of New York, officiated, assisted by the Rev. Dr. J. Sheridan Zelie. Three hundred guests from New York, Brooklyn, and Boston came to Plainfield on a special train, and there were 1,000 guests in the church when the ceremony was performed.

The bridesmaids were Miss Lucie Talmadge, a sister of the bride, and Miss Mary Gray Runkle, a sister of the bridgegroom. The best man was Williard Wadsworth of this city, and the ushers were Frank Fritz Randolph Deichman of Easton, Penn.; John Wright-Clark of Newark, Charles Runyon of New York, Arthur Talmadge of this city, and Edgar Fitz Randolph and Theodore Fitz Randolph of Morristown.

The bridge was gowned in white satin trimmed with point applique lace and carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley. Her bridesmaids wore white chiffon embroidered with silver and white hats with white plumes. They carried lilies. James Helfenstein, organist of Grace Episcopal Church, New York, played the wedding marches. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served by Sherry at the home of the bride's parents, in Belvidere Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Runkle will sail for a two years' trip abroad next week, and upon their return will reside in this city.

Henry Pearl Talmadge

Henry Pearl Talmadge

In 1871, he received an A. M. from Harvard. On April 18 1872, he married Lucy White, daughter of Heman Lincoln White and Lucy MacIntosh Dunbar. Mr. White, a New York merchang, was a descendent of Wm. White, of Haverhill, Mass., who came to America in 1636. (See "Descendants of Wm. White") Lucy MacIntosh Dunbar was named for Lady Lucy MacIntosh at her request and was a daughter of Rev. Duncan Dunbar, for many years the pastor of the MacDougal Street Church, New York City, to whose memory a drinking fountain has been erected by Parishioners on the south side of Washington Square. He was a Scotchman from Granttown on the Spee. (see his biography) Lord Dunbar (of Northfield) told Henry Talmadge, second, in 1906, that he though the Rev. Duncan Dunbar belonged to his family.

NOTE: This is the same lineage as Plainfield Garden Club member Mrs. William Kuhn Dunbar '15. Her husband, William Dunbar, was cousin to the children of Lucy White Talmadge and Henry Pearl Talmadge.

Lucy White was born in New York City May 22, 1852 and was a descendant of Lt. Governor Samuel Appleton, and Rev. George Phillips, founders of the well known famlies bearing their names, and of "Richard Warren, Gent.," of the Mayflower.

They lived with Mr. Henry Talamdge, at 538 Madison Ave,m New York City, until the spring of 1877, when they made their home at Netherwood, NJ. Their children are:

Lucy White, born September 1873
Henry, born May 15, 1877
Arthur White, born Feb. 25, 1880
Helen Dunbar, born August 30, 1881
Francis Cossett, born Jan. 191884

Henry Pearl has been in the banking house of Henry Talmadge & Co. since 1868 and was also president of the South Carolina Railway. He was organizer and president of the Southern Pine Co., of Georgia; director of the Phoenix National Bank, and the Empire Trust Co., of New York City, and vice-president of the latter. He served seven years as a member of the 7th Regiment of New York and his chief recreations are tennis, whist, and reading. He has a fine library, consisting of mainly historical works and subjects pertaining to the Far East.

Helen Dunbar Talmadge Runkle

She was born August 30, 1881, at Netherwood, NJ and married Daniel Runkle, April 26, 1905. He is the son of Harry G. Runkle and Jennie Randolph, niece of the late Governor Randolph, of New Jersey. Daniel was born May, 1881, went to the Hotchkiss School at Lakeville, Conn., and Sheffield Scientific School of Yale, where he was a member of the leading club, the "Tea Company," a Greek letter society. After traveling in Europe he went into the manufacture of iron pipes, a company reorganized many years ago by his grandfather, of which his uncle is president.

The Rev. Mr. Grey and Rev. Duncan Dunbar, two Scotch minister, and great grandfathers, respectively, of Daniel and Helen, were wrecked on one of the trips to America of Rev. Dunbar. They were at sea six months, and were only saved from starvation by the fact that the ship in the hurry of departure from Glasgow took on board a large quantity of potatoes as ballast. They are not known to have ever met before or after this trip, but becoming friends during their trouble corresponded many times afterward.

Daniel and Helen have:

Helen Talmadge, born in New York City, January 29, 1906

Duncan Dunbar

Duncan Dunbar; the Record of an Earnest Ministry a Sketch of the Life of the Late Pastor of the Mcdougal St Baptist Church, New York
byJeremiah Chaplin

Yale Class of 1935

CHARLES ELMER DUNBAR, "Chick," was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., December 24, 19??, but his home has been in Plainfield, N.J. since 1914. His father, William Kuhn Dunbar, graduated from Lehigh in 1893, and his mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Atwood Biggs, attended the Pennsylvania State College for Women.

Chick has one brother. His prepatory education was received at the Wardlaw School in Plainfield and at The Hill School. He took the applied economic science course and is a non-resident member of Calhoun College. In Freshman year Chich was on the Football Squad and served as captain of the Track Team, and he was a member of the University Track Team for the next two years, in Senior year being on the squad and also on the Calhoun Relay Team, he has numerals and a major "Yf' He was a member of the Student Council and the Prom Committee in Freshman year and of the Budget Committee in Sophomore and Senior years, and he served as chairman of the Junior Prom Committee and as secretary and treasurer of the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club in Junior and Senior years. Chick belongs to the Yale Political Union, St. Anthony and Delta Psi, and the Torch Honor Society. He roomed with E. E. Smith throughout his course, Zabriskie living with them in Sophomore year. He expects to go into manufacturing. His home address is 972 Woodland Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.

October 11, 1903 The Pittsburgh Press

On October 14 the wedding of Miss Elizabeth Atwood Biggs and Mr. William Kuhn Dunbar will occur.

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June 24, 2013 Real Estate Listing for 972 Woodland Avenue

Beds:5Baths:3 full, 1 partialSize:4000 sqftLot:–Built:1916Type:Single-Family HomeTax:–Added:142 days ago

972 Woodland Avenue

972 Woodland Avenue

972 Woodland Avenue

April 7, 1961 Courier News 25 Years Ago, 1936

Members of the Plainfield Garden Club exhibiting in the International Flower Show in New York were: Mrs. Leslie R. Fort, president, Mrs. Richard M. Lawton, Mrs. William S. Tyler, Mrs. Cornelius B. Tyler, Mrs. William K. Dunbar, Miss Dorothea Tingley, Mrs. Walter M. McGee, Mrs. Arthur G. Nelson, P. Marshall, Mrs. Edward H. Ladd Jr., Mrs. Stephen G. Van Hoesen, Mrs. Elliott C. Laidlaw, Mrs. Clinton F. Ivins, Miss Edna Brown, Mrs. Harold Brown, Mrs. Orville G. Waring, Mrs. DeWitt Hubbell, Mrs. Irwin Taylor and Mrs. Harry H. Pond.

Elizabeth Dukes Barlow

February 2, 2014

We received a very interesting email today regarding one of Plainfield Garden Club's "premier" families: The Barlows.

Robert Seyffert wrote to us to inquire if we knew any of the descendants of Elizabeth Dukes Barlow. Elizabeth was the daughter of Plainfield Mayor Dewitt Dukes Barlow. Robert Seyffert's grandfather, Leopold Seyffert, painted Elizabeth in 1919 and he wishes to know the whereabouts of the painting.

Robert himself has become somewhat famous. The New York Times wrote a wonderful article on him in 2010 and his quest for finding the portraits done by his grandfather.

Intrigued, the PGC network was quickly put to work and within hours the painting was located! It is in the possession of Elizabeth's great-grandson, Dewitt Dukes Barlow, in Rhode Island. Job well done PGC!

To learn more about the Barlow family, visit the PGC membership records for a few of the members of that family:

Barlow, Mrs. Carlton Montague (June Simms) '70
Barlow, Mrs. DeWitt Dukes (Mary Lee Brewer), Jr. '65
Dunbar, Mrs. William K. (Elizabeth Atwood Biggs) '17
Dunbar, Mrs. William K., Jr. (Elizabeth or "Libby" Hail) '37
Perkins, Mrs. Seymour, Jr. (Esther Moody Barlow) '49
Moody, Mrs. George T. '22
Cox, Mrs. Archibald (Frances Perkins) '25
Day, Mrs. Thomas Mills (Anne Perkins Smith) '16
Day, Mrs. Francis P. (Fanny Carter Keith) '50

Anne Shepherd sends in an edit: "Elizabeth Dukes Barlow was the mother of Dewitt Dukes Barlow not daughter and is the great grandmother of Anne Yearley who lives in Westfield. It is her nephew D.D Barlow who has the painting and lives in Rhode Island He is son of Mary Lee Barlow (Mrs. D.D. Barlow) who was a PGC member."

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership