Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Day, Mrs. Thomas Mills (Anne Perkins Smith) '16

1919 Address: 648 West 8th Street, Plainfield

1922 Address: 648 West 8th Street, Plainfield

1928 Treasurer Book April 15th $5.00
1929 Treasurer Book Active $5.00

1932 Directory*: Not Listed
* = This directory is not dated but presumed to be from the year 1932.

May be the mother-in-law to Plainfield Garden Club member Mrs. Francis P. (Fanny) Day '50

Anne Perkins Smith Day passed away 1947.

Also related to:

1. Barlow June Simms Mrs. Carlton M. 1971 1983 1996

2. Barlow Mary Lee Brewer Mrs. DeWitt Dukes Barlow, Jr. 1965 1997 1997

3. Perkins Esther Moody Barlow Mrs. Seymour, Jr. 1949 1958 1143 Evergreen Ave, Plainfield (1953-1981) 930 Woodland (childhood) 1737 Sleepy Hollow Lane (1981/1983)

4. Smith Florence Mrs. Garret 1927 1970 1971 132 Crescent Ave (1958) 653 Ravine Rd (1942) 516 Ravine Rd (1932) Runnels Nursing Home (1970)

5. Smith Mrs. Henry Brokaw 1959 1971 678 West 8th Street (1963) Woodhollow, Colts Neck

Cox, Mrs. Archibald (Frances Perkins) '25

May 15, 1908 American Lawn Tennis

Mention of cup being presented to tennis winners at Plainfield Country Club by Mr. Thomas M. Day

American Lawn Tennis

On the same page of this publication is an advertisement for Truell Hall, a resort in Plainfield. "45 Minuts From Broadway"

Who's Who in New York City and State 1913

Lawyer; b. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 13, 1864; s. Thomas Mills and Ellen C. (Pomeroy) Day; ed. Hartford public sch.; grad. Yale, B.A. 1886, LL.B., Yale, 188; m. Jacksonville, Fla., April 16, 1891, Anne Perkins Smith; children: Thomas Mills Day, 3d, b. Mar. 13, 1892; Francis Perkins, b. Nov. 2, 1896. Admitted to bar in Conn., 1888. Practices in N.Y. and New Jersey, with office in N.Y. City, 1898-1910. Mem. of Ass'n Bar of the City of N.Y. Clubs: Yale, Railroad (N.Y. City), Plainfield Country. Address: 62 Cedar St., N.Y. City

648 West Eighth Street

Plainfield Library

G-611 1934 Y Grimstead House at 648 West Eighth Street 648 West 8th Street Italianate house with two dormers at left of front gable, triple-window bay above full front porch, porte cochere at right, and curved driveway.

Courier News

Day Thomas Mills wife Anne Perkins (Smith) 4/19/1941 News
Day Thomas Mills wife Anne Perkins (Smith) 12/29/1947 Obituary

1894 Washington Park, North Plainfield

A unique feature of social life in Washington Park, North Plainfield, is the Park Club. In it has been demonstrated the possibility of a mixed club of ladies and gentlemen. The club was organized in March 1892. It at once purchased and moved the picturesque clubhouse which had erected for it on Washington Avenue, bordering on Green Brook. Its first officers were: President-Samuel Townsend; Vice-President-William J. Roome; Treasurer-George P. Dupee; Secretary-William L. Saunders.

The scheme of the club orginated in the minds of a few gentlemen, neighboring residents of the park, led by Foster Milliken and W. J. Roome, and organization was determined upon. The consummation of the work, in the purchase of the land and the erection of a clubhouse was largely due to the untiring energy of Mr. Milliken, which kept alive a flagging interest and compelled success. By an expenditure of $10,000, the club owns an attractive brick and shingled house, having on the main floor, which opens upon the street level, a Gothic-roofed assembly room, card and committee rooms, besides a ladies' dressing room.

On the floor below are capacious billiard and bowling rooms, and, as the land slopes from the street to the brook, this lower floor opens upon the level of the club grounds, and looks out on the tennis courts. The membeship numbers 100, of whom 4 are ladies, but every gentelmen's membership gives full club rights (except vote) to the lady members of his household and his sons, when they are expected to become members in their own right. It is roughly estimated that the membership of 100 means that 300 are entitled to club priviledges.

The ladies freely avail themselves of these privileges, and their constant prescence and participation in the active life of the club make it unique in club history.

The favorite club night is Saturday and in the season, it is not an unusual event to have present seventy-five ladies enjoying the club sports or engaging in social chats. Bowling and pool are their favorite excercises below, while dancing, singing and whist are enjoyed up stairs. Under the House Committee, invitation dances are given at intervals during the season, and under Junior Entertainment Committee monthly informal invitation dances are given for the younger set. Tuesday morning is devoted to the ladies exclusively, and then they gather in large numbers for club sports, gossip and tea.

Washington park is a quiet community of homes. A man's club could in no way live there; the participation of the ladies in the life of the Park Club has made club life possible, and to them the club acknoledges its debt. The club has become the centre of the social life of the community, and has made household entertainmnet less imperative and less burdensome. It extends the acquaintance and association of all, and promotes prompt interest in and recognition of desirable newcomers into the neighborhood. The entire debt of the club is represented by $9.500 of 5 per cent bonds, running twenty years, but payable at any time, at the option of the club. It has no other debt, and maintains itself from its revenues, without deficit. Because of the constant presence of ladies and children, no wines or liquors of any kind are permitted upon any part of the club property.

The present officers are: President - St. St. J. McCutchenl Vice-President - B. A. Hegeman, Jr.; Treasurer - George P. Dupee; Secretary - George D. Hallock. Other Governors are Charles A. Reed, George C. Evans, George C. Worth, B.M. Day, and M. S. Taylor.

August 26, 1894 New York Times Article: Plainfield, City of Homes

Courier News articles

Day Thomas Mills wife Anne Perkins (Smith) 4/19/1941 News
Day Thomas Mills wife Anne Perkins (Smith) 12/29/1947 Obituary

Genealogy for Anne Perkins Smith Day

Daniel Perkins SMITH, born 04 May 1821 in RI; died 16 Dec 1894 in Daytona Beach, Volutia Co, FL.
He was the son of 12. Moses SMITH and 13. Anna PERKINS. He married 7. Cornelia Carolina Christina
HOPKINS 02 Jun 1861 in Jacksonville, Duval Co, FL.
7. Cornelia Carolina Christina HOPKINS, born 23 Dec 1826 in St. Marys, Camden Co., GA; died 03
Aug 1897 in Jacksonville, Duval Co, FL. She was the daughter of 14. Benjamin HOPKINS and 15. Susan
Lodviski Dixon FLOYD.
Children of Daniel SMITH and Cornelia HOPKINS are:
i. Daniel Perkins Smith, born 25 May 1862 in Lake City, FL; died 21 Mar 1937 in New Smyrna, Volusia
Co, FL; married Carrie Lowd Nov 1889; born 26 Dec 1868 in New Smyrna, Volusia Co, FL; died 25
Nov 1928 in New Smyrna, Volusia Co, FL.
ii. Anne Perkins Smith, born 1864 in Jacksonville, FL; died 1956 in Plainfield, Union Co, NJ; married
Thomas Mills Day in Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL; died Unknown.

December 3, 1917 New York Times


Married to Lieut. E. F. Stevenson – Army Men as Ushers

Edward Ford Stevenson, a second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery of the national army, and Miss Mary Newport Popham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Popham of 55 East Seventy-sixth Street, were married on Saturday in Calvary Church by the Rev. Theodore Sedgwick, assisted by the Rev. Charles Whitney Popham of Belleville, N.J. The bride had Miss Celia Hiffins as her only attendant.

Lieutenant Stevenson is one of five brothers, all sons of Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Stevenson of Plainfield, N.J., and four of the brothers are in the army or preparing to enter it.

Frederick P. Stevenson, in the aviation section of the Signal Corps, now at Princeton, was the best man. Alan Stevenson, who is at school preparing for West Point, and another brother, Lawrence, who is a student at Andover and drilling there, were ushers, as were W. Sherbrooke Popham, Jr., a Lieutenant in the navy, and Albert N. Walker of Baltimore, Harvey Stevenson, a cousin, and Thomas N. Day of Plainfield, all Lieutenants in the United States Reserves. The reception was held at the home of Mrs. C. Grant La Farge, 124 East Twenty-second Street.

1909 Plainfield Directory

Day Alfred W, h 816 Madison Av
Day Edson L, mason, h 38 Harmony, N. P.
Day Frank, foreman, h 435 W 4th
Day John, h 230 Somerset, N. P.
Day Nursery, 444 W 3d
Day Ruth A Miss, h 92 Duer, N. P.
Day Thomas M, lawyer, h 740 Carlton av
Day Wm E, teller, h 110 Grove, N. P.
Day Wm H, mason, h 506 Watchung av

1915 - 1923 Book: Meetings of The Plainfield Garden Club

1915 - 1923 List of Meetings

July 8, 1925 Meeting Minutes

Yale Class of 1914

Thomas Mills Day, 3d, "Tom," was born in Jacksonville, Fla., March 4, 1892, and has lived in Jacksonville, and Plainfield, N.J.

His father, Thomas Mills Day, was born in Hartford, Conn., August 18, 1864. Mr. Day graduated from Yale with the Class of 1886, taking a B.A. degree, and received an LL.B degree in 1888. He is an attorney at law. Mrs. Day was Anne Perkins Smith, of Jacksonville, Fla. There are two sons in the family. Day's other Yale relatives include great-great-great-grandfather, 1902, great-great-grandfather, 1756, great-grandfather, 1797, and grandfather, 1837.

Tom prepared for College at Leal's School, Plainfield, N. J., and the Taft School, Watertown, Conn. He held a Day Scholarship, and has been active in crew and squash. Class Tennis Team. University Club. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Freshman year he roomed alone, 250 York Street; Sophomore and Junior years with George R. Coxe, 383 Berkeley, and 348 White; and Senior year with Rufus F. King, 130 Welch.

His permanent address is 740 Carlton Avenue, Plainfield, N. J.

Crescent Avenue Historic District

Application to the National Register of Historic Places

719-23 Watchung Avenue
c. 1880
Interesting gable with central square campanile tower with cross shape plan and flat roof with balustrade.

1885, the home of George R. K. Smith, "soap, N. Y." Later, also the home of C. Benson Wigton, Mayor of Plainfield

Projecting cabinet head windows, supported by small scrolled brackets – diamond shaped applied molding above the double arched window in the gable pediment – tower treatment.

May 15, 2013 Old Westbury Gardens

Elizabeth Dukes Barlow

February 2, 2014

We received a very interesting email today regarding one of Plainfield Garden Club's "premier" families: The Barlows.

Robert Seyffert wrote to us to inquire if we knew any of the descendants of Elizabeth Dukes Barlow. Elizabeth was the daughter of Plainfield Mayor Dewitt Dukes Barlow. Robert Seyffert's grandfather, Leopold Seyffert, painted Elizabeth in 1919 and he wishes to know the whereabouts of the painting.

Robert himself has become somewhat famous. The New York Times wrote a wonderful article on him in 2010 and his quest for finding the portraits done by his grandfather.

Intrigued, the PGC network was quickly put to work and within hours the painting was located! It is in the possession of Elizabeth's great-grandson, Dewitt Dukes Barlow, in Rhode Island. Job well done PGC!

To learn more about the Barlow family, visit the PGC membership records for a few of the members of that family:

Barlow, Mrs. Carlton Montague (June Simms) '70
Barlow, Mrs. DeWitt Dukes (Mary Lee Brewer), Jr. '65
Dunbar, Mrs. William K. (Elizabeth Atwood Biggs) '17
Dunbar, Mrs. William K., Jr. (Elizabeth or "Libby" Hail) '37
Perkins, Mrs. Seymour, Jr. (Esther Moody Barlow) '49
Moody, Mrs. George T. '22
Cox, Mrs. Archibald (Frances Perkins) '25
Day, Mrs. Thomas Mills (Anne Perkins Smith) '16
Day, Mrs. Francis P. (Fanny Carter Keith) '50

Anne Shepherd sends in an edit: "Elizabeth Dukes Barlow was the mother of Dewitt Dukes Barlow not daughter and is the great grandmother of Anne Yearley who lives in Westfield. It is her nephew D.D Barlow who has the painting and lives in Rhode Island He is son of Mary Lee Barlow (Mrs. D.D. Barlow) who was a PGC member."

Mary Cleveland Perkins Olmsted

February 6, 2014

Martie Samek shared with Sally Booth the October 2013 issue of the Roxbury Latin alumni magazine. Why? Because there was a wonderful article on Shakespeare Garden creator, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.

Frederick Jr. was a graduate of Roxbury Latin and the son of famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, creator of many of our nation's green spaces, perhaps most famous for the creation of Central Park.

Designing Shakespeare Gardens was not standard practice of the Olmsted firm. Olmsted and his sons were known for grand scale parks featuring vistas and monuments. How did it come to be that Plainfield possesses such a garden, designed no less by the Olmsteds?

When your Editor joined the PGC in 1997 she asked this very question to a much older member of the Club. The answer was not "Oh, it was just part of the Union County Park System that the Olmsteds were designing at the time." (A standard reply from local Olmsted researchers) Instead, the answer from this 75+ year-old member was, "Oh, someone here knew HIM."

"Him" would have to have been Frederick Jr. as his father had passed away by 1927. Doing research into our members has certainly proven they were the "movers and shakers" of the Gilded Age and post-Gilded Age period. Our members knew many of the most famous people of that time – All the US Presidents, Longfellow, Caruso, Mary Pickford and on and on.

But there has never been a connection to Olmsted – until now. On the second page of the Roxbury Latin article is a photograph of Frederick Jr.'s mother – Mary Cleveland Perkins Olmsted. Perkins. Of course. Mary was a member of the large Perkins clan which includes many PGC members. Perhaps Frederick Jr. did a favor for his cousins?

To learn more about the PGC Perkins members:

Perkins, Mrs. Seymour, Jr. (Esther Moody Barlow) '49
Cox, Mrs. Archibald (Frances Perkins) '25
Cox, Mrs. Edward Vermilye (Julia Bulkley) '35
Cox, Mrs. Fred J. (Elizabeth Rand Adams) '35
Day, Mrs. Thomas Mills (Anne Perkins Smith) '16

It is also rumored that the Olmsted Landscape Architecture firm designed several gardens for private residences in Plainfield. One in particular – Mrs. Van Boskerck's garden on Prospect. This garden was included by the PGC into the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens. However, we have NO photos or documentation about the garden. Although noted by the AAG – they post nothing online. Yet another GH&D Plainfield mystery to solve.

Other stories we have done on Olmsted (with more information about the genesis of the Shakespeare Garden):

October 17, 2012 Olmsted Lecture by Jeanne Kolva
October 17, 2012 Olmsted Lecture by Jeanne Kolva – edited

Thanks for sending this in Martie & Sally!

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Monday Afternoon Club Membership