Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Cooke, Mrs. William G. '16

1919 Address: 1400 Prospect Avenue, Plainfield

1922 Address: 1400 Prospect Avenue, Plainfield*

*In the 1922 directory, someone has crossed out the name of "Mrs. William G. Cooke, 1400 Prospect Avenue, Plainfield" Note the middle initial in this directory is "G" and not "J"

1932 Directory*: Not Listed
* = This directory is not dated but presumed to be from the year 1932.

1400 Prospect Avenue, Plainfield

Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Black locusts get no respect. People have largely quit planting them. The trees plant themselves, soldiering on, spreading both by seed and by shoots from their roots. They're often considered weeds. Capable of fixing nitrogen, black locusts don't need fertile soil and can grow almost anywhere. (1) The reason we no longer plant them in any numbers is their terrible problem with borers, a very difficult to control insect pest that can cause them devastating damage.

2007 from Gregory Palermo's Plainfield Tree Blog

September 2012

The current owner (September 2012) of 1400 Prospect Avenue entertained the Plainfield GC member with stories of the house which included how Plainfield GC Mrs. William J. Cooke '16 and her husband traveled a lot (he had some sort of professional connections in Washington, DC) and their son Billy Cooke was left at the house with a governess.

The Stouts (who lived across the street) could remember how they attended Billy Cooke's birthday parties.

The homeowner said that a pyschic came to the house once and said there were 6 ghosts there. One was detectable by the almond-scented pipe tobacco. Another ghost was detectable by the strong smell of chocolate. And yet another ghost would tug the hair of only true blonds. Upon reading the physical description of Bill Murrie, who lived and died in the house, as "towheaded" one should wonder if the tugging of the hair and the strong smell of chocolate are related. (Mr. Murrie being the well known, powerful Hershey executive.)

The homeowner also reported that one day, Mr. Murrie's son, Bruce, showed up in the driveway and asked to see the house.

Once the house was on a house tour and Plainfield Garden Club member Toddy Pond served as the docent in the dining room. Toddy Pond was the daughter-in-law of Plainfield Garden Club member Mrs. Harry H. Pond, who lived at 1400 Prospect circa 1917.

Monday Afternoon Club, 1888 - 2007

Mrs. Maurice B. Cooke, 1947-1951
Served as President. Relation?

Muhlenberg Twig 1918

The Olive Twig
Mrs. Frank D. Warren, President
Mrs. John P. Stevens, Vice-President
Mrs. Edward J. Patterson, Secretary

Mrs. Noah C. Barnhart
Mrs. Edwin V. Bartine
Mrs. William G. Cooke
Mrs. John Gray Foster
Mrs. Eugene H. Hatch
Mrs. Ellis W. Hedges
Mrs. S. Durell Lounsbery
Mrs. Walter M. McGee
Mrs. George P. Mellick
Mrs. Maybury B. Mellor
Miss Jessie Munger
Mrs. Mason M. Patrick
Mrs. Horace N. Stevens
Mrs. John S. Zelie

Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto phone book 1928

COOKE, Mr. and Mrs. William G.,
Miss Elizabeth Cooke
Mr. William G. Cooke, Jr.
460 Kingsley Ave., Palo Alto Tel. Palo Alto 189

1909 Plainfield Directory

Cooke Wm G, broker, h. 724 Berkeley av

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1920 Meeting Minutes

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