Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Ard, Mrs. Frank C. (Idah Catherine Chappelle ) '17

1919 Address: 604 Park Avenue, Plainfield

1922 Address: 604 Park Avenue, Plainfield

1932 Directory*: not listed
* = This directory is not dated but presumed to be from the year 1932.

June 2011: 604 Park Avenue listed as "shopping center"

604 Park Avenue Residence: Ard

December 14, 1907 New York Times Engagement Announcement

Miss Hoyt Puts Off Wedding

Mother's Illness Postpones Her Marriage with Dr. Frank C. Ard

PLAINFIELD, NJ – Dec. 13 – The wedding of Miss Ethelwyn Hoyt, daughter of Mrs. Florence Hoyt, of West Seventh Street, and Dr. Frank C. Ard, was set for yesterday, but announcement was made on Wednesday, the day before the date arranged, that the ceremony had been postponed.

It was stated that Mrs. Hoyt was ill and the anxiety of the bride had caused her to collapse. Mrs. and Miss Hoyt have gone South to recuperate.

Dr. Eugne F. Hoyt of West Fifty-eighth Street, New York, the father of the bride, said today that the ceremony would take place within two weeks, and denied rumors that the engagement had been broken.

Dr. Ard is a member of the Plainfield Country Club. He is on the staff of Muhlenberg Hospital and is an eye and ear specialist.

June 13, 1911 New York Times Wedding Announcement

ARD-CHAPPELLE – On June 5, 1911 at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. Bond Thomas, at Montvale, NJ, by the Rev. John Fair, Idah Catherine Chappelle to Dr. Frank C. Ard of Plainfield, NJ

June 23, 1922 New York Times article

WIN ON GOLF LINKS.; Mrs. Ard and Mrs. Sloane Take Four-Ball Event at Plainfield.

Special to The New York Times. ();
June 23, 1922,
, Section Sports, Page 20, Column , words

PLAINFIELD, N.J., June 22.–Mrs. Frank C. Ard and Mrs. Robert Sloane, with a card of 67 net, won the four-ball golf event for women at the Plainfield Country Club today. Other leading net scores were: Miss Zoe Terry and Mrs. C.D. Boice, 74; Miss Kate Bomann and Miss Louise Patterson, 75; Mrs. H. R. Moyer and Mrs. Frank T. Clawson, 88.

Courier News Articles

Ard Frank C. 8/22/1938 Obituary
Ard Frank C. 9/10/1938 News

Muhlenberg Hospital

Muhlenberg HospitalThe orginal Muhlenberg Hospital was located on West Third Street near Muhlenberg Place.After unexpected and annoying delays in the construction of the Hospital building, the building wascompleted and paid for, and on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1881, it was open for inspection. Therewas a large contingent of residents and addresses by many dignataries at the opening, and Job Malepresented the deed that conveyed the property to the Hospital. On November 28, 1881, Muhlenbergformally opened to receive patients.Notable Dates and Events of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries•The first surgical operation in the Hospital was performed by Dr. Endicott, M.D., of the Hospital'sstaff.•Dr. Charles A. Hart who was instrumental in the founding of the Hospital was not able to serve itlong because serious illness led to his severance of his Hospital service in 1883.•Dr. Harvey D. Burlingham. the first physician, appointed to the staff dies in 1886.•By 1887, Muhlenberg needed more room, and on July 5, 1887, the Board of Governors resolvedto purchase more property extending the boundary from Muhlenberg Place to South SecondStreet. On February 25, 1889, plans were adopted, prepared by Mr. Charles Smith, architect, for an addition to the main Hospital building designed for private patients and isolation. By October 28, 1889, this addition was open for patients.•All the Hospital buildings were lighted at night by oil lamps, and water had to be pumped. By thesummer of 1891, electric lights were introduced in all the buildings, and about the same timewhen the Plainfield Water Supply Company laid water mains in South Seconde Street pure andwholesome water was supplied.•1892 - first step taken in the training of nurses, one pupil appointed as an experiment.•June 26, 1893, Eye and Ear Department, directed by Frank C. Ard, M.D., was established for thetreament of diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat.•May 28, 1894, decision made to build an operating room, and in 1895, it was completed at a costof $2,800.•October 29, 1894, Department of Pathology and Bacteriology, headed by Benjamin van D.Hedges, M.D., was created.•December 10, 1894, the Board of Governors established a Training School for Nurses. The firstgraduates of the school were Miss Annie Wolfe and Miss L. Grace Clark in 1896, and graduationexercises were held at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church on May 21, 1896. By 1897, thedecision was made to extend the training to three years.•December 30, 1895, first ambulance was furnished by the Women's Auxiliary Board.•1896, the Board of Governors determined the need for a detached Nurses' Home. Evarts Tracy,architect, designed a two story and attic framed buildings, and Mr. Charles Westphal, the builder,completed it in 1897.•On November 27, 1899, the Board of Governors recognized the need for a more commodiousand quiet site. The current location was in a populated neighborhood near the railroad, whichwas noisy, and near extensive manufacturing plants. There was oppostion.

1925 Meeting Minutes

Woman's National Farm and Garden Association - 1918 - ‎World War, 1914-1918

Plainfield Library Bio Card

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Frederick Law Olmsted

Olmsted Associates Records: Job Files, 1863-1971; Files; 7007; Ard, F. C.; Plainfield, N.J., 1922

August 4, 2020 Calling All Photographers!

The GCA Bulletin will be featuring club projects relating to Frederick Law Olmsted in the Fall 2021 issue. Read here:

Dear Zone IV Bulletin Club Chairmen,
I hope you all have received your Summer 2020 issue of the Bulletin and have had a chance to look through it.  There is an article on Frederick Law Olmsted that is of particular interest because the Bulletin Committee is planning to highlight some of his gardens in the Fall 2021 issue.  The gardens we are planning to focus on must have these 2 criteria:  they must be a public park, and there must be a "passionate connection" to your club or to a club member. Do you know of any gardens that fit this criteria?  We want to identify these gardens fairly soon so that photographs may be taken of them in all the seasons.  Please let me know and we can brainstorm together to consider if it could fit the requirements.
Thank you so much for all you do, and I hope all good things for you in these beautiful August days.
Tucker Trimble Zone IV Bulletin Rep

Well, dare we say there is another club in GCA that has a more "passionate connection" to an Olmsted garden in a public park??

Photography Committee Chair Lisa Appel will be assisting us in coordinating some excellent photographs of the garden. We are please asking all members to take out their high resolution cameras (if you have them) and start photographing the garden. Yes, we do have some excellent photos from years past, but current ones would be much appreciated.

The Bulletin does accept iPhone photos, please just make sure you forward them in "Actual Size" so they have the highest resolution. All photos can be sent directly to Tucker but please also CC:

This is an excellent socially distanced activity and with not much happening in the garden club world at the moment, please embrace this excellent project!

News: The Garden Club of America to Support "Olmsted 200"

Check out the Olmsted Job Map (here) and see the local Olmsted design projects. They include:
1. Henry C. Irons [Mrs. Henry Clay (Helen B.) Irons '15]
2. Green Brook Park
3. Dr. F. C. Ard [Mrs. Frank C. (Idah Catherine Chappelle) Ard '17]
4. Library Square
5. Kenyon Gardens – extension of Cedar Brook
6. Cedar Brook Park
7. Mali Estate [Mrs. Pierre (Frances Johnston) Mali '18]

1. Fairview Cemetery
2. A. R. Rule in Wychwood

1. Rahway River Park
2. Watchung Reservation
3. Baltusrol Golf Club
4. Union County Park Commission
5. Warinanco Park