Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Patterson, Mrs. Edward J. '15

1919 Address: 749 West 8th Street, Plainfield

1922 Address: 740 West 8th Street, Plainfield

1928 Treasurer Book May 31st $5.00
1929 Treasurer Book Active April $5.00
1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934 Treasurer Book Active
1934 Treasurer Book Associate: Mrs. E. J. Patterson 6/19/34 PAID
Treasurer Book Associate: 1935, 1936

1932 Directory* Address: 740 West Eighth Street
* = This directory is not dated but it is presumed to be from the year 1932.

1937 Treasurer Book, under Associate: Mrs. Edward J. Patterson 1/11/37 Pd.

1938 Treasurer Book, Associate: Mrs. Edw. J. Patterson 1/7/38 Pd 1/16/39 Pd.

1940 - 1941 Treasurer Book: Mrs. Edw. J. Patterson 1/9/40 Pd. 1/3/41 Pd. Died August 1941

1915-1965 History of the Plainfield Garden Club

June 23, 1912 New York Times article London Travel is Near Flood

Society article listing Americans staying in London. Mrs. Edward Patterson is listed as staying at the Cecil with Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stevens.

Mrs. J. P. Stevens '15 is a founding member of the Plainfield Garden Club

1930 Blue Book Entry has the address as 740 West 8th Street, Plainfield

1930 Blue Book

Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J., 740 W. 8, Plainfield, N.J.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Plainfield Garden Club by Lucy Von Boskerck

740 West Eighth Street

Plainfield Library

G-625 1934 Y Grimstead House at 740 West Eighth Street 740 West 8th Street Five-bay colonial with gambrel roof, three dormers, and one-storey extensions at left and right sides, awnings on left extension, Edward J. Patterson.

June 15, 1922 New York Times


Defeats Miss Stuart, 6 and 5, in Plainfield C.C. Golf Tourney

Special to The New York Times

PLAINFIELD, N.J., June 14 – The first round for the women's championship at the Plainfield Country Club today resulted as follows:

First Eight – Miss Kate Bomann defeated Miss Florence Stuart, 6 and 5; Mrs. C. D. Boice defeated Miss Bertha Tilney, 2 and 1; Mrs R. S. Rowland defeated Mrs. C. B. Lawrence, Jr., 4 and 3, Miss Zoe Terry defeated Mrs. W. H. Rogers, 2 and 1.
Second Eight – Mrs. L. W. Hallock won from Miss Louise Patterson by default; Miss Priscilla Fraker defeated Mrs. H. R. Moyer, 5 and 4; Mrs. W. M. Alling defeated Mrs. Frank C. Ward, 2 and 1; Miss Lillie Moore drew a bye.

June 8, 1900 Census

Edward J. Patterson1
M, #51982, b. November 1872

Edward J. Patterson|b. Nov 1872|../g2/p2080.htm#i51982|Andrew Stuart Patterson|b. 23 Aug 1845\nd. 1903|../g0/p297.htm#i7413|Mary Ayers Hayt|b. 19 Oct 1846|../g0/p297.htm#i7417|John S. Patterson|b. 19 Feb 1812|../g0/p292.htm#i7299|Emily A. Ball|b. 16 Oct 1815|../g0/p292.htm#i7298|Ezra A. Hayt||../g0/p577.htm#i14410|Serbella J. Peck||../g0/p577.htm#i14411|
Pedigree to immigrant Mary Ball of New Haven CT
Edward J. Patterson was born in November 1872 at NJ.2 He was the son of Andrew Stuart Patterson and Mary Ayers Hayt.1Census & Residence
15 June 1880 St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO "Edward J." age 7, b. NJ, with parents, etc.1

8 June 1900 Plainfield, Union Co., NJ "Edward J." age 27, b. NJ, lawyer, with parents, etc.2

[S10] 1880 (June 1) U.S. Census, St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO, Enumeration District 135, p. 48 (back of stamped 103).
[S12] 1900 (June 1) U.S. Census, Plainfield, Union Co., NJ, Enumeration District 126, Sheet 13B (back of stamped 204).

1930 Blue Book

Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J., 740 W. 8, Plainfield, N.J.

New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants

Trenholm withdrew in 1895 to resume practice alone, and the firm name was shortened to Teele & Dennis and so stood for about five years to 1900. Then Teele & Dennis was consolidated with Patterson & Corwin, which was slightly senior in practice, under the title Patterson, Teele & Dennis. Andrew Stuart Patterson, CPA #41, twenty-odd years older than Teele or Dennis, reamained in the firm until his death on April 2, 1903. Through all the chnages in the firm names Teele continued a partner and after the withdrawal of Trenholm in 1895, and the death of Patterson in 1903, and of Dennis in 1904, he was the senior partner in the practice which he had begun alone in 1891.

1982 May Designer Showhouse: 1127 Watchung Avenue

Cover to Page 25

Page 26 to Page 51

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Page 76 to Back Cover

**INVENTORY: Mrs. H. Gordon Patterson

1920 Muhlenberg Hospital Womens Auxiliary

Mrs. E. J. Patterson
740 West Eighth Street

Mrs. S. H. Patterson
1111 Park Avenue

January 15, 1909 New York Times


E. H. Stillman of Detroit Turns in Lowest Card on Pinehurst Links


L. A. Hamilton, G. H. Perry and F. C. Jennings Get Trophies for Superior Scores in Annual Competition

S. H. Patterson, Plainfield, N. J., 92

1915 - 1923 Book: Meetings of The Plainfield Garden Club

1915 - 1923 List of Meetings

1925 Meeting Minutes

1920 Meeting Minutes

1915 Meeting Minutes

Plainfield Garden Club
Minutes of regular meetings
May 12, 1915 to March 20, 1918
From its origination

May 12 1915

Minutes of the 1st General Meeting

First general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. Conner on Wednesday, May 12th at 3.30 o'clock.

President in the chair. Roll call showed 39 members present.

During the meeting rain began to fall to everyones regret making a tour of Mrs. Conner's garden impossible.

A few ? of congratulations on the formation of the Club by the President was followed by some notices given, and request to have members offer to exchange plants when possible.

We then listened to a most comprehensive talk on perennials given by Mr. Maurice Field of New York which was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the members. He brought specimens of many plants showing how to divide and separate grubs and other garden enemies.


All felt stimulated and helped by his talk and as the rain prevented us from going in the garden his lecture of two hours ?? too long.

After a cup of tea the meeting adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy

May 26, 1915

Minutes of the 2nd General Meeting

Second general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. Barrows on Wed. May 26th at 3 oclock.

President in the Chair.

Roll call showed 33 members present.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

Giving to the inclement conditions of the weather the meeting was held indoors. ?? later on the sun came out and a visit to the garden was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. E. Yarde Breeze of Raritan ? Garden Club gave a very delightful paper on foreign gardens.

A letter was read from Mrs. W. S. Tyler giving notice of sale of garden things for the benefit of a young boy that she and some others were especially interested in.

It was noted ?? bring out of town guests and the Hostess. Plainfield friends After enjoying the hospitality of the hostess tea being served the meeting adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert secy

June 2 1915

Minutes of the 3rd general meeting

The third general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held in the garden of Mrs. Dumont on Wednesday June 9th at three oclock.

The president in the chair.

Roll call showed 25 members present. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Miss R. E. Zimmerman of Brooklyn gave a most interesting and helpful talk in "L?? garden flowers."

It was noted to have a "Bird talk" during the year and also to have Mr. Maurice Field give a course of lectures during our next season beginning in April.

It was a most glorious June day and the garden most beautiful which was enjoyed and appreciated by those present who strolled about among the flowers. Tea was served in the tea house. The meeting then adjourned.

Ella M. Gibert Secy

June 23 -1915

Minutes of the 4th general meeting

The fourth general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held in the garden of Mrs. Runkle, on Wednesday June 23rd at 3 oclock.

The president in the chair.

Roll call showed 25 members present.

Minutes of the former meeting were read and approved.

Mrs. L. A. Brown of Shedvira?? Garden Club Garden City L. I. read a most useful and interesting paper on color harmony in gardens she also answered very pleasantly all questions asked regarding plants and flowers.

July 14 1915

Minutes of the 5th General Meeting of the Garden Club was held on July 14 in the garden of Mrs. Fleming.

The day was a perfect summer one and we were addressed by Mr. L. V. F. Randolph who read an original paper on "What Some Plants Feel and Think."

An interesting discussion followed after which we took a stroll in Mrs. Fleming's charming garden and then were refreshed with fruit punch and cakes served under a ?? on the lawn. After a delightful afternoon meeting adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy
Per H. B. H.

September 15 1915

Minutes of the 5th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Garden Club was held at the delightful farm of Mrs. Eaton on Valley Road, on Wednesday, Sept. 15th. The President presiding.

In the absence of the Secy, Mrs. Patterson called the roll and heard the minutes of the last regular meeting. The Pres. Welcomed the members of the Club after the separation of the summer & suggested that some slight expression of gratitude for the please we had enjoyed at the Garden Club meetings or shown by a gift of 100 glasses of jelly to the Fruit & Flower ?ision. This idea was approved by the members present in that 2 glasses of fruit jelly from each member may be sent to the house of the Pres. For this purpose. A letter was read from Mr. Chester Jay Hunt extending a warm invitation to the Garden Club to visit his tulip gardens next spring and make a picnic of the day there. We then listened to a delightful talk on "Roses" by Mr. Geo. H. Peterson of Fair Lawn, N. J. and were afterwards ?? with fruit punch and cakes in an arbor on the grounds.

A visit to the farm buildings & flower garden brought to a ?? a delightful day.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy
From H. B. H.

September 22 1915

Minutes of the 7th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the Bungalow of Mrs. Mellick on Wednesday Sept. 22nd at three o'clock.

Mrs. E. J. Patterson acting as Sec'y in the absence of Mrs. Gilbert.

The afternoon was given up to a talk on "Birds in Our Gardens" by Mr. Bucher S. Bowdish Secty v ?? of the ?? State Audubon Society of was felt greatly moved by the pleasure of Mrs. William Dra??? Who has done so much for the conservation of Bird Life in America. The Club was entertained delightfully by Mrs. Mellick after which we adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy
Per H. B. H.

Oct 13 1915

Minutes of the 8th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the residence of Mrs. H. N. Stevens on Wednesday Oct 13th at 3 o'clock. Pres. In chair. After roll call & minutes of last meeting read to approved, a letter was read from our lecturer on "Birds" of the meeting before. Minutes were approved by two of the members. The day was like one in June and all enjoyed the interchange of ideas and the informal talk of our garden troubles. The lecturer of the day was Mr. Otto Shilow Sec'y & Treas. Of the Duer ? Co. who gave us a most instructive and helpful talk on "the care of our gardens." All had so many questions to ask that after a long ?? it was difficult for Mr. Shilow to get a cup of tea before his departure for Philadelphia.

All expressed the wish that we might have the pleasure of having him again. After a social gathering about Mrs. Stevens tea table, the club adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert, Secy
Per H. B. H.

NOTE: This next entry follows in the order the Meeting Minute notebook was photographed, however the date is "1916" not sure if this entry is from 1916 or was not recorded correctly as "1915" which seems unlikely.

Oct. 27, 1916

Minutes of the 9th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the residence of Mrs. E. T. Barrows on Wednesday Oct. 24? At 3 o'clock.

The Pres. In the chair. After the roll call and the minutes of the previous meeting read & approved, the Pres. Brought up the subject of the mid winter lecture, to be held in the evening and for which an admission should be charged.

After some discussion it was decided to have Mr. Shilow give his illustrated lecture "Flowers From Snow to Snow" admission to be 50 center and each member to be responsible for two tickets.

The time and place was left to be determined.

The Pres. Expressed our great sorrow in the death of Mrs. Louis Hyde the members of the Club all standing and moved that a note of condolence be sent to Mr. Hyde and his family.

The Pres. Announced that Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Ivins had provided a lecture from Mr. Field for the . . . instead of having a meeting of their homes this year. He then spoke to us on "Bulbs.: Late in the afternoon tea was served & the meeting adjourned.

Lucy Van Boskerck
Secy pro tem

1915 - 1918 Meeting Minutes

Crescent Avenue Historic District

Application to the National Register of Historic Places

122 East Ninth Street
c. 1890

In 1895, the home of William H. Drayton, "Stock broker, N. Y"

1954 - 1970 296 Images from Plainfield Library Scrapbook