Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Fleming, Mrs. Austin Lloyd (Helen Hyde) '17

Formerly listed as Miss Helen Hyde

1919 Address: Johnston Drive, North Plainfield

Also see:

Mrs. Charles L. Hyde (Elizabeth Kepler) '17
1919 Address: 1416 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield

Mrs. Frank DeL. Hyde '19*(* = appeared in the 1919 Plainfield Garden Club Directory)
1919 Address: Hydewood Hall, North Plainfield

May also be related to Dorothy Fleming Waring (Mrs. Orville G.) '35
Left the club in 1960. Died 1963. Address: 1339 Highland Avenue, Plainfield (1942/1958)

Hyde Mausoleum at Hillside Cemetery

Built of marble, the Hyde plot at Hillside is one of the grandest.
September 14, 2011
Hillside Cemetery
Photo by S. Fraser


September 14, 2011
Hillside Cemetery


Hillside Cemetery
September 14, 2011

New York Times Marriage Announcement October 19, 1919


Marries Capt. A. F. Fleming of Toronto at Her Home, Oakmond, Plainfield

Miss Helen Hyde, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kepler Hyde, was married to Austin Floyd Fleming of Toronto, Canada at Oakmond, the home of the bride's parents, at Hydewood Park, Plainfield, N.J. The officiating clergymen were pastor of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church and the Rev. John Moment.

The bride, in white tulle and pearls, was attended by her cousin, Miss Carolyn Hyde, daughter of Mrs. Francis de L. Hyde, as maid of honor. The bridesmaids were the Misses Agnes Fleming, sister of the bridegroom, and Edith Hyde Colby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Colby. They were in cream and lace over yellow chiffon. Young Miss Ann Colby, another cousin of the bride, was the flower girl.

Russell Fleming acted as best man for his brother. The ushers were Oliver Edward Hyde, Francis de L. Hyde, Louis K. Hyde, Jr., Murray P. Fleming, Godfrey Hyde, and Goldwin O. Fleming.

Mr. Fleming's father was four times Mayor of Toronto. During the war Mr. Fleming saw service in France, Egypt, and Palestine as Captain in the Royal Air Force. The bride is a grandaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyde. They will reside in Toronto after a honeymoon trip by motor

Louis Kepler Hyde

Louis Kepler Hyde. - -In every flourishing community there are certain men, who by their enterprise, straightforward business methods and public spirit maintain the prosperity and progressiveness of the place, and among such citizens of Titusville no one is more worthy than he whose name forms the heading of this brief tribute to his merit. His paternal grandfather came to this section of Pennsylvania from Lebanon, Connecticut, about 1820, and from that time to the present the Hydes have been representative citizens of the western part of the Keystone state. In 1633 William Hyde, the progenitor of this family in the United States, arrived on these shores from England, his native land. (See Chancellor Walworth's Genealogy of the Hyde Family.) The maternal great-grandfather of Louis Kepler Hyde, a Mr. Kepler, came here from Wurtemberg, Germany, and was very highly educated, speaking six languages.

The parents of the subject of this outline are Charles and Elizabeth (Kepler) Hyde, the former widely and favorably known throughout this portion of the country as a merchant, lumber dealer, oil producer, etc., in addition to which varied enterprises he has been president of three national banks and president of the New Orleans & Northwestern Railway Company. As a financier and business man he has been remarkably successful, and the same qualities which have wrought out his prosperity seem to have been inherited, in a notable degree, by his son.

Louis Kepler Hyde, the last of the Hyde family name born in Hydetown. Crawford county, is now in the prime of early manhood, his birth having occurred July 30, 1865 In 1867 his parents removed to Titusville, and from 1868 to September, 1887, he was a resident of Plainfield, New Jersey, to which attractive suburb of New York City his parents moved in 1868 Eleven years ago he returned to Titusville, where he has since made his home. He was given excellent educational advantages; from 1874 to 1879 he attended Charlier Institute, at No. 158 West Fifty-ninth street, New York; for the succeeding four years he was a student under the tutelage of Dr. Pingry, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Mr. Leal, of Plainfield, same state, for three years and one year respectively. He then entered the academic department of Yale College, in New Haven, Connecticut, and in June, 1887, he was duly graduated at Yale. Many of the pleasant associations of his college days he keeps up through his club relationship, as he is identified with Chapter Phi (mother chapter) of the D. K. E. Society at Yale; the Plainfield Yale Club; the D. K. E. Club of New York; and the University Athletic Club of New York. Besides, he belongs to the Prentiss Club, of Natchez, Mississippi; the Thistle Club and the Canadohta Club, both of Titusville; and the Tourilli Fish and Game Club of the Province of Quebec, Canada.

His happy school days finished, Louis Kepler Hyde settled down to the serious business of life, and in the fall after his graduation at college he assumed the duties of the vice-presidency of the Second National Bank of Titusville, and also became assistant cashier of the Hyde National Bank, of that city. In March, 1889, he was installed as cashier of the Second National Bank, and has ever since served in that capacity. In August, 1888, he became the junior member of the firm of Charles Hyde & Son, which firm of bankers succeeded the Hyde National Bank. In 1890 Louis Kepler Hyde was made vice-president of the New Orleans & Northwestern Railway Company; the following year its president, and in 1892 was appointed receiver and general manager for the railroad. He continued to acceptably fill this responsible position until March, 1898, when he was elected vice-president and general manager of the railroad, with headquarters at Titusville, and as such he is still acting.

In the multiplicity of his business cares he never neglects his duties as a citizen, and is one of the most active and interested members of the Titusville Relief Association and the Titusville Industrial Association, of the latter being one of the board of managers. He is also one of the trustees and treasurer for the Titusville Tannery. In politics, he stanchly upholds the Republican party platform, believing in protection for American industries and sound money.

June 30, 1891, Mr. Hyde married Miss Verna Emery, and their only child, Helen Hyde, was born November 18, 1892. Mrs. Hyde is a daughter of the late Hon. David Emery and Susan Angeline Emery, the former an extensive oil producer and merchant of Crawford county for many years, and known far and wide throughout this region as a man of unusual ability and judgment.

Titusville Herald, October 20, 1919

Miss Helen Hyde Became Bride of Austin L. Fleming

Miss Helen Hyde, daughter pf Mr.
d Mrs. Louis Kepler Hyde, was married to Austin Lloyd Fleming, son of
Mr. and . Mrs. R. J. Fleming of Toronto, Canada Saturday afternoon,
Oct. 18., at "Oakmont" Hydewood Park, PlainIIeld, N.J., The Rev. Dr.
Charles A. Eaton, former pastor, of Madison Avenue-Baptist church, New York, assisted by theRev. John Moment of the Crescent Avenue Presbyterlan church of Piainfield, performed the ceremony.

The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of white tulle embroidered in pearls, over white satin, with white satin courtrain, with a simple veil of tulle, held in place with a bandeau of pearls and orange blossoms. She carried a bouquet of orchids and bonvardia. Miss Carolyn Hyde, daughter of Mrs. Francis deL. Hyde of Hydewood Hall, Plainfield, acted as her cousin's maid of honor and the bridesmaids were Miss Agnes Fleming, sister of the groom, and Miss Edith Hyde Colby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Colby of Llewellyn Park, Orange, N.J. They wore gowns of cream lace over yellow chiffon, topped with hats of dark brown velvet and carried bouquets of Ophelia roses. The flower girls, Miss Ann Colby, another cousin of the bride, wore a gown of sheer white organdie and Valenclennes lace over yellow and carried bonvardia and Ophelia roses. Russell Fleming acted as best man for his brother and the ushers were Oliver Edward Hyde, Francis deL. Hyde, Louis K. Hyde, Jr., Murray P. Fleming, Godfrey Hyde and Goldwin O. Fleming.

The couple received the congratulations of their relatives and friends under a bower of autumn leaves in the drawing room. The house was decorated throughout with yellow and white chrysanthemums, with festoons of oak leaves.

During the war, the groom saw service in France, Egypt and Philestine as captain in the Royal Air Force.

After the ceremony, Mr. Fleming and his bride left by motor on their honeymoon trip and they will shortly reside in Toronto.

Among the guests at the the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. John. L. Emerson, Mrs. C. F. Emerson, Miss Lacie C. Emerson and Charles R. Church of Titusville.

Canadian Royal Air Force

Name: Austin Lloyd Fleming

Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 46, 111
Victories: 8
Born: 07 August 1894
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario
Died: 26 January 1969
Place of Death: Malaga, Spain

A stockbroker and the son of Robert and Lydia (Orford) Fleming, Austin Lloyd Fleming joined the Royal Flying Corps in November 1916. After successfully completing flight training, he was posted 46 Squadron on 8 June 1917. Later that year, he was reassigned to 111 Squadron in Palestine. Flying the Bristol F.2b and S.E.5a, Fleming scored eight victories during the first four months of 1918. He was injured on 11 September 1918. After the war, he lived in the United States for a few years, then returned to England. During World War II, he served with the Royal Air Force.

Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 17 Jan 1918 0920 111 Bristol F.2b (A7192) 1 C (DES) Kalkilieh
2 18 Jan 1918 1130 111 Bristol F.2b (A7198) 1 C (DES) 2 Jaffa-Arsuf
3 23 Jan 1918 1145 111 S.E.5a (B358) Albatros D.III (DES) Tul Keram
4 24 Jan 1918 1130 111 S.E.5a (B538) C (DES) NW of Tul Keram
5 29 Jan 1918 1530 111 S.E.5a (B538) C (CAP) SW of Junction Station
6 10 Mar 1918 0930 111 S.E.5a (B540) Albatros D.III (DES) E of Bireh
7 12 Apr 1918 0715 111 S.E.5a (B6242) Albatros D.V (OOC) Tul Keram
8 12 Apr 1918 0720 111 S.E.5a (B6242) Albatros D.V (OOC) Tul Keram

WWI Military Cross

Military Cross (MC)
T./Lt. Austin Lloyd Fleming, R.F.C.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He attacked a formation of three enemy machines, and forced the leading machine, which was a two-seater, to land, although the other two were attacking him from behind. He then attacked and destroyed another of the enemy machines, and engaged the third, which succeeded in escaping. He destroyed four enemy machines during one month, and showed splendid courage and skill on many occasions.

Country: Great Britain
Established: 28 December 1914; revised 26 August 1916
Criteria: The Military Cross (MC) was awarded in recognition of distinguished and meritorious services in time of war to officers–both foreign and domestic–of certain ranks.
Notes: For services during the Great War, the London Gazette announced the award of the Military Cross (MC) to members of the flying services 1,122 times:

Airmen who received the Military Cross: 999
Airmen who received a first Bar to the Military Cross: 113
Airmen who received a second Bar to the Military Cross: 10
Royal Warrant:
GEORGE THE FIFTH by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India: To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting:

WHEREAS We did by Royal Warrant under Our Sign Manual dated 28th December, 1914, institute and create a new Decoration entitled "The Military Cross" to be awarded to Officers of certain ranks in Our Army in recognition of distinguished and meritorious services in time of war:
And whereas We are desirous that certain alterations should be made in .the regulations governing the said Decoration, We do hereby ordain that the provisions of Our said Royal Warrant shall be cancelled, and that the following regulations shall be substituted in lieu thereof:–
Firstly: It is ordained that the Cross shall be designated "The Military Cross."
Secondly: It is ordained that The Military Cross shall consist of a Cross of Silver having on each arm the Imperial Crown and bearing in the centre the Royal and Imperial Cipher.
Thirdly: It is ordained that no person shall be eligible for this Decoration nor be nominated thereto unless he be a captain, a Commissioned Officer of a lower grade, or a Warrant Officer Class I. or Class II. in Our Army, or Our Indian or Colonial Military Forces, and that the Military Cross shall be awarded only to Officers of the above ranks on a recommendation to Us by Our Principal Secretary of State for War.
Fourthly: It is ordained that Foreign Officers of an equivalent rank to those above mentioned, who have been associated in Military Operations with Our Army, or Our Indian or Colonial Military Forces, shall be eligible for the award of The Military Cross.
Fifthly: It is ordained that anyone who, after having performed services for which the Military Cross is awarded,, subsequently performs an approved act of gallantry which, if he had not received the Cross, would have entitled him to it, shall be awarded a bar to be attached to the riband by which the Cross is suspended, and for every additional such act an additional bar may be added.
Sixthly: It is ordained that the names of those upon whom We may be pleased to confer this Decoration shall be published in the London Gazette, and that a Register thereof shall be kept in the Office of Our Principal Secretary of State for War.
Seventhly: It is ordained that the Military Cross shall be worn immediately after all Orders and before all Decorations and Medals (the Victoria Cross alone excepted), and shall be worn on the left breast pendent from a riband of one inch and three-eighths in width, which shall be in colour white with a purple stripe.
Eighthly: It is ordained that the Military Cross shall not confer any individual precedence, but shall entitle the recipient to the addition after his name of the letters M.C.
Ninthly: It is ordained that any person whom by an especial Warrant under Our Royal Sign Manual We declare to have forfeited the Military Cross shall return the said Decoration to the Office of Our Principal Secretary of State for War, and that his name shall be erased from the Register of those upon whom the said Decoration shall have been conferred.
Lastly: We reserve to Ourself, Our heirs and successors full power, of annulling, altering, abrogating, augmenting, -interpreting, or dispensing with these. Regulations, or any part thereof, by a notification under Our Royal Sign Manual.

Given at Our Court of St. James's, this 23rd day of August, 1916, in the seventh year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty's Command,

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1339 Highland Avenue

November 26, 2012

Zestimate What's this? $543,909 $245K $751K -$19,967 – 11/22/2012
Rent Zestimate What's this? $2,428/mo $1.6K $3.9K/mo -$97 – 11/19/2012

Listing agent: Wendy Burney, Call 908-668-5252 for information. This beautiful colonial is filled with traditional features. All large rooms, beautiful hardwood floors, crown molding, FP in Living room, Classic B & W tiled entry foyer, Large Eat-in Kitchen with all stainless steel counter tops, large butler's pantry, family room with curved french doors our to patio, first floor den. full finished basement, beautiful curved staircase to second floor. Large Master bedroom with dressing room and full bath with tub and shower. Very large lot at 116 x 203

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1339 Highland Avenue

1918 Meeting Minutes

1919 Meeting Minutes

1915 Meeting Minutes

Plainfield Garden Club
Minutes of regular meetings
May 12, 1915 to March 20, 1918
From its origination

May 12 1915

Minutes of the 1st General Meeting

First general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. Conner on Wednesday, May 12th at 3.30 o'clock.

President in the chair. Roll call showed 39 members present.

During the meeting rain began to fall to everyones regret making a tour of Mrs. Conner's garden impossible.

A few ? of congratulations on the formation of the Club by the President was followed by some notices given, and request to have members offer to exchange plants when possible.

We then listened to a most comprehensive talk on perennials given by Mr. Maurice Field of New York which was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the members. He brought specimens of many plants showing how to divide and separate grubs and other garden enemies.


All felt stimulated and helped by his talk and as the rain prevented us from going in the garden his lecture of two hours ?? too long.

After a cup of tea the meeting adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy

May 26, 1915

Minutes of the 2nd General Meeting

Second general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. Barrows on Wed. May 26th at 3 oclock.

President in the Chair.

Roll call showed 33 members present.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

Giving to the inclement conditions of the weather the meeting was held indoors. ?? later on the sun came out and a visit to the garden was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. E. Yarde Breeze of Raritan ? Garden Club gave a very delightful paper on foreign gardens.

A letter was read from Mrs. W. S. Tyler giving notice of sale of garden things for the benefit of a young boy that she and some others were especially interested in.

It was noted ?? bring out of town guests and the Hostess. Plainfield friends After enjoying the hospitality of the hostess tea being served the meeting adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert secy

June 2 1915

Minutes of the 3rd general meeting

The third general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held in the garden of Mrs. Dumont on Wednesday June 9th at three oclock.

The president in the chair.

Roll call showed 25 members present. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Miss R. E. Zimmerman of Brooklyn gave a most interesting and helpful talk in "L?? garden flowers."

It was noted to have a "Bird talk" during the year and also to have Mr. Maurice Field give a course of lectures during our next season beginning in April.

It was a most glorious June day and the garden most beautiful which was enjoyed and appreciated by those present who strolled about among the flowers. Tea was served in the tea house. The meeting then adjourned.

Ella M. Gibert Secy

June 23 -1915

Minutes of the 4th general meeting

The fourth general meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held in the garden of Mrs. Runkle, on Wednesday June 23rd at 3 oclock.

The president in the chair.

Roll call showed 25 members present.

Minutes of the former meeting were read and approved.

Mrs. L. A. Brown of Shedvira?? Garden Club Garden City L. I. read a most useful and interesting paper on color harmony in gardens she also answered very pleasantly all questions asked regarding plants and flowers.

July 14 1915

Minutes of the 5th General Meeting of the Garden Club was held on July 14 in the garden of Mrs. Fleming.

The day was a perfect summer one and we were addressed by Mr. L. V. F. Randolph who read an original paper on "What Some Plants Feel and Think."

An interesting discussion followed after which we took a stroll in Mrs. Fleming's charming garden and then were refreshed with fruit punch and cakes served under a ?? on the lawn. After a delightful afternoon meeting adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy
Per H. B. H.

September 15 1915

Minutes of the 5th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Garden Club was held at the delightful farm of Mrs. Eaton on Valley Road, on Wednesday, Sept. 15th. The President presiding.

In the absence of the Secy, Mrs. Patterson called the roll and heard the minutes of the last regular meeting. The Pres. Welcomed the members of the Club after the separation of the summer & suggested that some slight expression of gratitude for the please we had enjoyed at the Garden Club meetings or shown by a gift of 100 glasses of jelly to the Fruit & Flower ?ision. This idea was approved by the members present in that 2 glasses of fruit jelly from each member may be sent to the house of the Pres. For this purpose. A letter was read from Mr. Chester Jay Hunt extending a warm invitation to the Garden Club to visit his tulip gardens next spring and make a picnic of the day there. We then listened to a delightful talk on "Roses" by Mr. Geo. H. Peterson of Fair Lawn, N. J. and were afterwards ?? with fruit punch and cakes in an arbor on the grounds.

A visit to the farm buildings & flower garden brought to a ?? a delightful day.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy
From H. B. H.

September 22 1915

Minutes of the 7th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the Bungalow of Mrs. Mellick on Wednesday Sept. 22nd at three o'clock.

Mrs. E. J. Patterson acting as Sec'y in the absence of Mrs. Gilbert.

The afternoon was given up to a talk on "Birds in Our Gardens" by Mr. Bucher S. Bowdish Secty v ?? of the ?? State Audubon Society of was felt greatly moved by the pleasure of Mrs. William Dra??? Who has done so much for the conservation of Bird Life in America. The Club was entertained delightfully by Mrs. Mellick after which we adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert Secy
Per H. B. H.

Oct 13 1915

Minutes of the 8th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the residence of Mrs. H. N. Stevens on Wednesday Oct 13th at 3 o'clock. Pres. In chair. After roll call & minutes of last meeting read to approved, a letter was read from our lecturer on "Birds" of the meeting before. Minutes were approved by two of the members. The day was like one in June and all enjoyed the interchange of ideas and the informal talk of our garden troubles. The lecturer of the day was Mr. Otto Shilow Sec'y & Treas. Of the Duer ? Co. who gave us a most instructive and helpful talk on "the care of our gardens." All had so many questions to ask that after a long ?? it was difficult for Mr. Shilow to get a cup of tea before his departure for Philadelphia.

All expressed the wish that we might have the pleasure of having him again. After a social gathering about Mrs. Stevens tea table, the club adjourned.

Ella M. Gilbert, Secy
Per H. B. H.

NOTE: This next entry follows in the order the Meeting Minute notebook was photographed, however the date is "1916" not sure if this entry is from 1916 or was not recorded correctly as "1915" which seems unlikely.

Oct. 27, 1916

Minutes of the 9th General Meeting of the Garden Club

A regular meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at the residence of Mrs. E. T. Barrows on Wednesday Oct. 24? At 3 o'clock.

The Pres. In the chair. After the roll call and the minutes of the previous meeting read & approved, the Pres. Brought up the subject of the mid winter lecture, to be held in the evening and for which an admission should be charged.

After some discussion it was decided to have Mr. Shilow give his illustrated lecture "Flowers From Snow to Snow" admission to be 50 center and each member to be responsible for two tickets.

The time and place was left to be determined.

The Pres. Expressed our great sorrow in the death of Mrs. Louis Hyde the members of the Club all standing and moved that a note of condolence be sent to Mr. Hyde and his family.

The Pres. Announced that Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Ivins had provided a lecture from Mr. Field for the . . . instead of having a meeting of their homes this year. He then spoke to us on "Bulbs.: Late in the afternoon tea was served & the meeting adjourned.

Lucy Van Boskerck
Secy pro tem

1915 - 1918 Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2013 Trip to Kykuit

The road from Plainfield to Kykuit was traveled once again on Saturday as 19 made the trip to see the famed estate of John D. Rockefeller.

"Once again" you say?

Why, yes. Many Plainfielders worked for Mr. Rockefeller in his New York Standard Oil offices as well as offices located in the oil refineries right off Route 1 in Linden where the descendant companies of Standard Oil still store, refine and ship petroleum. These Plainfielders perhaps were not invited to Kykuit, but Rockefeller's lifelong friend and spirtual advisor most likely was an invited guest . . . and perhaps even his wife, founding PGC Member Mrs. Charles A. Eaton '15

Mrs. Eaton and her husband had their lives and fortunes changed upon meeting the owner of Kykuit. Mr. Eaton was the preacher at Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, situated on Cleveland's 'millionaire's row,' and as a result he came to the attention of John D. Rockefeller, a summer resident of Cleveland who attended church there. Rockefeller and Eaton became lifelong friends, and this connection influenced Eaton's future path.

This connection with Rockefeller also influenced Mr. Eaton's favorite nephew, Cyrus S. Eaton, who went to work for Rockefeller as a college student and later became one of America's greatest industrialists. He is best remembered (for those of us that can remember back to the '70's) for his role in US relations with the Soviet Union. In the late '60's his business deals with Communist Russia and the Rockefellers earned quite a bit of bad press.

In 1909, the Eatons followed Rockefeller by moving to what is now Watchung, but at one time was considered part of Plainfield. Their house still stands on Valley Road. Although a "dairy farmer" on their Valley Road estate "Sunbright," Mr. Eaton's main role was that of preacher to a prominent Madison Avenue Baptist Church congregation. However, after Mrs. Eaton helped found the PGC in 1915, in 1924, Mr. Eaton ran for Congress, won his seat and stayed there until 1952.

Congressman Eaton rose to become chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and served on the Select Committee on Foreign Aid. Eaton signed the original United Nations Charter in San Francisco as part of a delegation representing the United States Government. He helped gain support for the Marshall Plan, also known as the Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, which was passed by Congress in 1948 by a vote of 329 to 74. For several years, he served in Congress alongside his nephew William R. Eaton, a Representative from Colorado.

Eaton was a steadfast opponent of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. However, he was frequently invited to the White House for meetings with both presidents Roosevelt and Truman because of his sharp understanding of international politics.

While in Congress, he and Mrs. Eaton entertained many foreign dignitaries at their home. Between raising her family, and supporting her husband's career, Mrs. Eaton was very active in the PGC, serving as President twice, 1921 - 23, and then again in 1928-30.

The other likely Plainfielder to have made visits to Kykuit would have been the original owner of "The Castle" located at 900 Park Avenue. Mr. Orville T. Waring lovingly built that house and was partners with John D. Rockefeller, after selling his petroleum interests to him and then becoming Director of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Mr. Waring's daughter was founding member Mrs. Lewis Gouveneur (Helen Frances Waring) Timpson '15. His daughter-in-law was Mrs. Orville G. Waring '35.

Mr. Waring had eight children and two wives, and many of his progeny were elite members of the Plainfield Garden Club: Fleming, Hyde, Mellick, Tweedy, and MacLeod. When Mr. Waring's daughters were wed, the news appeared in the New York Times along with reports of Mr. Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s attendance at the events and their gifts of "gold and silver ornaments."

To view the photos from the most recent trip to Kykuit, click here: Field Trip to Kykuit

Other members associated with the Standard Oil Company and the Rockefellers included the large McGee clan:
McGee, Henry Augustus (Emma Louise Whiting) '22
McGee, Mrs. Harry Livingston (Sarah M. Howell) '18
McGee, Mrs. Walter Miller (Mary Alice Yerkes) '22

And of course Barbara Sandford was Rockefeller's neighbor on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, her father & John D. belonging to all the same clubs with the most notable distinction of being residents of "Millionaire's Row."

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

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