Plainfield Garden Club

Member: Foster, Mrs. Howard Crosby (Ethel Emmagene Pratt) '18

1919 Address: 932 West 7th Street, Plainfield

1922 Address: 932 West 7th Street, Plainfield

1927 Treasurer Book, under Associate: Mrs. Howard C. Foster 2/1/37 Pd.

1929 Treasurer Book Active $5.00 (Not listed in the 1928 Treasurer Book)
1930, 1931, 1932, 1933 Treasurer Book Active

1932 Directory* Address: 932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

* = This directory was not dated but presumed to be from the year 1932.

1934 Treasurer Book Active: Mrs. H. C. Foster 1/22/34 PAID Transferred
1934 Treasurer Book Associate: Transferred Mrs. Howard C. Foster 7/24/34 PAID
Treasurer Book Associate: 1935, 1936, 1937

1938 Treasurer Book, Associate: Mrs. Howard C. Foster 1/11/38 Pd 1/11/39 Pd. 1/17/40 Pd. 1/16/41 Pd.

Mother-in-law to Mrs. David Scott (Constance Elena Titus) '46

Related to the following PGC Members:

Foster, Mrs. David Scott (Constance Elena Titus) '46
Foster, Mrs. Henry Pratt (Katherine G. or "Kay") '69
Foster, Mrs. John Gray '15
Loizeaux, Mrs. J. Harold (Marion Pratt Foster) '40
Pratt, Mrs. Harlan Butterfield (Jane Brewer Atwater) '53

Ethel Emmagene Pratt Foster '18

Married to Howard C. (Crosby) Foster
Built a home at 932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

Mother to David Scott Foster and mother-in-law to PGC Member Mrs. David Scott Foster '46

Grandmother to David Scott Foster, Jr.

Probably related through her husband to founding PGC Member Mrs. John Gray Foster.

Ethel Emmagene Pratt

before she married Howard

Howard C. Crosby

Born February 7, 1877
Died March 25, 1941

To see all the photos, visit Scott Foster's Picasa photo page

June 1903 Wedding Invitation

September 23, 1903

Ethel married Howard in New York City

Ethel and Howard's first home in Plainfield

address unknown

Ethel and her children Marion, Ruth, Henry and David



Henry, Marion, David
seated Ethel, Ruth and Howard

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

circa 1924 - 1925 as the family moved in.

Notice no plantings as of yet

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

circa 1924 - 1925

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

new plantings

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

June 8, 1937

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

Roses grow

Note shovels on the lawn

Henry, Ruth, David and Howard Foster

in the arbor

Howard C. Foster with horituculture display behind

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield
In the living room Howard reads Fortune magazine.

Note the plants, display and picket-fence-edged plant stand behind the couch.

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

The garden

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield

The garden

Ethel Emmagene Pratt Foster '18

working on her needlepoint

Ethel Emmagene Pratt Foster '18

932 Cedarbrook Road, Plainfield


Ethel Emmagene Pratt Foster '18

Hillside Cemetary, Plainfield

Hillside Cemetery

September 14, 2011
Photo by S. Fraser

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

August 26, 1894 New York Times Article: Plainfield, City of Homes

Some of the others who do business in New York and have handsome homes here are . . .; Benjamin A. Hegeman, Sr. and Jr., of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad;

932 West Seventh

Plainfield Public Library
Detwiller Archives;collection=blueprints/search_results;architect=detwiller;collection=blueprints;_page=21/blueprint;id=10271;num=511/

Collection Detwiller
Title Existing Aleration at 936 West Seventh Street
Description Plans showing use of a house as three apartments.
Building Type Residence
Work Type Alteration and/or Addition
Condition Acceptable
Blueprint ID D-10271
Permit NOP926
Year of Permit 1973
Microfilm Roll 0218
Microfilm Frame 0293
Condition 1003
Address 932 West Seventh Street
Historic District
City Plainfield
Architect Charles Detwiller, Jr.
Architect Firm Charles H. Detwiller, Jr.
Owner Frank Burdick
Business Owner

January 12, 1896 New York TImes

A WEEK'S EVENTS IN PLAINFIELD.; Numerous Receptions – Doings of Clubs and Societies.

PLAINFIELD, Jan. 11. – A reception was given by Mrs. I C. Pierson of Watchung Avenue, Tuesday evening. She was assisted in receiving by her daughters, Mrs. Malcolm MacKenzie of New-York and Miss Mabel Pierson; Miss Corbitt of New-York, Miss Cochran of Wilmington, Del., and Miss Hunter of North Adams, Mass.

The members of the North Plainfield Dramatic Club were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bailey, Jackson Avenue, Tuesday evening. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Keneey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neeley, Mr. and Mrs. James Harper, Miss Mary Hughes, Miss Ellen Mullon, and Frank Off.

A Past Master's jewel was presented to Calvin H. Rugg of Jerusalem Lodge, F. and A.M., Tuesday evening. The same evening John J. Lynch, for several years President of the Plainfield Catholic Club, was presented with a gold-headed cane by the members of the club.

A. D. Shepard and family of the Gables have gone to Buckingham, New York, for the Winter.

The class of '96 of the North Plainfield school was entertained by Miss Emma and Miss Bertha Stevens Wednesday evening.

Mrs. John Valiant of Craig Place gave a reception and tea Wednesday. She was assisted in receiving by Mrs. H.K. Carroll, Mrs. A. A. Tafty, Mrs. F. H. Randolph, Miss Grace Carroll, Miss Bessie Valiant, Miss Florence Valiant, and Miss Mary Steiner.

The Park Club gave an entertainment Wednesday night at the clubhouse on Washington Avenue. The patronesses were Mrs. C. A. Reed, Mrs. Samuel St. John McCutcheon, and Mrs. J. H. Howell.

Miss Imogene See of Sing Sing, N.Y., is a guest of Mrs. Elmer E. Runyon of Madison Avenue.

Miss Eda Mills of Summit Avenue gave a party to her friends Wednesday night.

Miss Mollie Lawrence of New York and Miss Mather of Bound Brook are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marion S. Ackerman of Crescent Avenue.

Miss Emily Coriell of Church Street is visiting in Brooklyn.

Miss Edith Allen of Webster Place is spending the Winter in Flushing.

Mrs. J. H. Ackerman and daughter, Lydia, have returned from a two month's trip to the Pacific coast.

Miss Randolph, daughter of Thompson F. Randolph of New-York, is visiting her sister Mrs. Judson Bonnell of East Front Street.

Mrs. Lewis of Binghampton, N.Y., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Ginna of Watchung Avenue.

Miss Rachel Fay Buckley of Newburg, N.Y., and Harry Ellis Green of Plainfield were married Wednesday night at the bride's home.

Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Moore of Ithaca, N.Y., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Squires of North Plainfield.

Miss Laura J. Runyon of East Fifth Street is visiting friends in Philadelphia.

Miss Harriet Loomis of New York City is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Morse of Franklin Place.

Miss Josie Burlingham of Albany Normal College is a guest of ex-Councilman Seymore G. Smith of Crescent Avenue.

Miss Jennie Foster of New York and Howard Foster of Princeton Colelge are guests of D. N. Groendyke of Mercer Avenue.

Miss Helen L. Moore of New York is the guest of her sister Mrs. S. A. Cruikshank, of Belvidere Avenue.

Miss Freeman of Rahway is visiting her aunt, Mrs. W. C. Ayres, of West Second Street.

Miss Baldwin of Baltimore has gone home, after a visit with her uncle Councilman J. H. Valiant of Craig Place.

Howell Division, no. 97, Sons of Temperance, celebrated its twenty-seventh anniversary Wednesday evening. AMong those present form the out of tow were A. P. Sutphen of Somerville, Grand Worthy Patriarch Ross Slack of Excelsior Division of Trenton, Past Grand Worthy Patriarch Fred Day of Newark and Worthy Patriarch Evenson of Newark, and Worthy Patriarch Evenson of Philadelphia. James J. Perine of Brooklyn is the only living charter member of the division.

Mrs. Yerkes, wife of the Rev. Dr. D. J. Yerkes of the First Baptist Church, has gone to Greenville, S.C., to visit a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Ackerman, who are making a tour around the world, are now at Hongkong.

Residence of Howard Crosby Foster, 932 Cedarbrook Road

In this illustrated book, the Courier-News has sought to present some of the representative homes of The Plainfields and adjoining territory, together with such other buildings of interest and importance as would serve to convey an idea of the physical attractioins of one of the most beautiful and healthful cities in the Metropolitan District. The homes reflect the desirability of this community as a place of residence.

The churches, schools, clubs and public buildings pictured serve to give the stranger some conceptions of the beauty of the city and its right to be termed the "Queen City" of New Jersey.

With picturesque Watchung Hills as a background, this section with all its natural advantages, plus a progressive spirit, coupled with high class local governing bodies and a live Chamber of Commerce, is pecularily adapted for home sites and, as a result, it has enjoyed a steady and healthy growth for many years.

publication circa 1917

1909 Plainfield City Directory

Foster Charles, foreman, h 963 W 6th
Foster Edith H wid Charles W, h 331 E. 7th
Foster Hubbard, h. 104 E 9th
Foster John*, driver, h 682 W 3d

1925 Meeting Minutes

April 8, 1925 Meeting Minutes

April 8, 1925 Meeting Minutes

April 8, 1925 Meeting Minutes

May 13, 1925 Meeting Minutes

May 13, 1925 Meeting Minutes

May 13, 1925 Meeting Minutes

May 27, 1925 Meeting Minutes

1915 - 1923 List of Meetings

1918 Meeting Minutes

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Monday Afternoon Club Membership

Detwiller blueprints 932 Cedarbrook

August 8, 2015

Library offers trove of vintage Plainfield home blueprints for sale

Plainfield homeowners and history buffs are getting a one-of-a-kind opportunity as the Plainfield Public Library prepares to offer upwards of 3,000 blueprint originals from its Detwiller Collection for sale to the public.

The blueprints offered for sale are part of a trove of many thousands recovered from a dumpster at City Hall by the late Plainfield architect and artist Charles Detwiller.

While many of Plainfield's grand homes and mansion are among the blueprints (though fewer than originally, owing to some 'fingering' before strict controls were put in place), the appeal of the collection will be stronger for those who live in or admire the more modest vintage homes from the turn of the 20th century to the World War II era.

These homes include many classic Tudors and other 'cottage' and 'revival' styles, as well as 'foursquares', ranches and Cape Cods and more contemporary stules.

These represent the bulk of Plainfield's building stock from its most expansive period and they were often enough improved or expanded – giving rise to the need for plans showing the original building and the proposed alterations to be filed with the City's inspections department.

It is those blueprints, which have now been cataloged and digitized, that are being offered for sale. In library parlance, they have been de-accessioned, meaning that they no longer need be kept permanently by the Library and are available for dispostion to private parties.

The Library has a portal to the Charles Detwiller Blueprint Collection on its website (see here) and has made a complete list of the blueprints for sale also available online (see here).

The list is alphabetized by street name, and then number. However, I would advise reading the Library's instructions closely so you make the proper notations for your request (see here) – easing the staff's task in finding the item(s) in which you are interested. Paying attention to the suggested time frames needed and numbers of items per request will help you avoid headaches. So, please read and follow the instructions carefully – as carpenters like to say, 'measure twice, cut once'.

The sale will run from September 1 to November 13, 2015 in a two-step process –

You check the offerings to find items that interest you, making careful notations; and

You and the Library work out a pick-up appointment, at which you will be able to view the actual items and make a final decision on your purchase.

Single-page blueprints are priced at $50 each and multiple-page sets at $100. Cash or credit cards are fine, but the Library will not accept personal checks.

Proceeds of the sale will be used to finance the further digitization of the blueprint collection – meaning that we can look forward to another offering of materials at some future point.

The Detwiller Collection is absolutely unique in its size and scope, covering decades of Plainfield history and thousands of buildings throughout the city. Plainfield residents owe Charlie Detwiller a debt of gratitude for his perspicacity that cannot be repaid.

And we owe a debt of gratitude to Library Director Joe Da Rold for the vision that saw in these rescued documents an invaluable resource for the community, and devised means and methods of ensuring these fragile records would be available to Plainfield residents permanently through having them digitized.

Mr. Detwiller is the late husband of PGC Honorary member Cath Detwiller. Mr. Detwiller's Aunt Laura was a long-time member of the PGC and a very talented botanical artist. Read about the Detwiller family here:

Detwiller, Mrs. Charles H. (Catherine or "Cath" Campbell), Jr. '57

Detwiller, Miss Laura Cecelia '29

And Mr. Detwiller's in-laws:

Campbell, Mrs. William Hall (Mabel C. Raper) '28

Davis, Mrs. F. Edgar (Dorothy or "Dottie" Campbell) '60