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New Class Series Coming to Kula

Look What's New for Spring!

Kula is pleased to announce 3 new class series:

7-Week Advanced Vinyasa Flow Series Starts April 11th

Explore the next level of your vinyasa practice with this powerful, creative 75 minute flow. Practicing dynamic postures while moving through challenging and creative transitions and sequencing. Arm balancing, inversions and transitioning will be used throughout the practice as we follow a well formatted vinyasa class.

This class is meant to challenge seasoned yogis while benefitting the yoga teacher community, keeping teachers fresh and excited within their own personal and teaching practices. Claudia and Colleen are excited to offer this class to the many students and teachers they have practiced along side and mentored, and look forward to meeting new students as well. Each are true to the vinyasa experience and look forward to sharing their many hours of teaching experience with the yoga community!

Vinyasa yoga experience recommended.

DATES: 7 Mondays from 4/11 - 5/23
TIME: 11:30 AM -12:45 PM
INSTRUCTORS: Claudia Fejko and Colleen Brady
COST: $15/class drop-in or $84 for the 7-week series (pre-paid); Regular-priced class packs accepted. (Note: "New Student Specials" and Groupons are not eligible for this series.)


4-Week Kundalini Class Series starts April 21st

"Kundalini yoga is the science to unite the finite with infinity." - Yogi Bhajan
Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is known as the yoga of awareness. It combines meditation, mantra, physical exercise, and breathing techniques to elevate the spirit . It is designed to give you an experience of your highest consciousness.

This class series will be offered by Amy Jeanette, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Amy teaches yoga and leading dance classes at studios all over the eastern United States and we are excited to have her join our Kula family.

This class is open to all levels of yoga experience, including beginners.

DAY: 4 Thursdays, beginning April 21st
TIME: 4:30-5:45 PM
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Jeannette
COST: $15/class drop-in or $48 for the 4-week series (pre-paid); Regular-priced class packs accepted. (Note: "New Student Specials" and Groupons are not eligible for this series.)


8-Week Mommy & Me Yoga Series Starts April 20th

Parenting is a constant learning experience where flexibility, grace, boundaries, strength, endurance perseverance and love are all necessary. And just as they are necessary in parenting they are also necessary in our yoga practice. What better way to mix the two than to have a mommy and me yoga class.

In this class we will sweat a little and move a lot. We will engage with your babies & toddlers and get a sense of peace and calm, even if baby isn't cooperating. Learning that flexibility is not only physical, but also mental is an integral part of this class. Learning how to breath and stretch and increase our flexibility leads to a healthier life and decreases the chance of injury. Likewise, an open mindset when life doesn't go as planned, helps us cope and become happier with our lives and family. We will also focus on setting boundaries that can help us stay safe and learn how to sync listening to our own bodies with the needs of our children.

DAY: 8 Wednesdays beginning April 20th
TIME: 9:15-10:30 AM
INSTRUCTOR: Chris Decker
AGES: Birth to 3 years
COST: Regular drop-in rate ($15); Regular class packs can be used (Note: "New Student Specials" and Groupons are not eligible for this series.)
PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: If you will be attending class, please send Chris a text at 973-479-7934 by noon on Tuesday of each week you plan to attend.

Hope you are all enjoying your Spring and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Linda, Joe and Gus : )

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