Design Engineering Can Get Your Idea To Market Faster.

Contact: David McBride

Bringing a new product or new production method to market can be costly, time consuming and potentially dangerous. With traditional methods of building physical models for trial and error testing, the cost of the concept/design phase can make a large impact on the bottom line.

At the SiMT, our team of engineers can facilitate structured brainstorming sessions and custom workshops to bring a fresh perspective to some of your design challenges. Once the design challenges have been mastered, your concept can seemlessly be realized in our Rapid Prototyping Center.

You'll gain the expertise of engineers with experience in automotive, industrial, and consumer products holding numerous patents and real-world experience. DFMA workshops will take your concept and objectively measure it with regard to manufacturability. Also, custom training is available on a variety of CAD systems.

Call David McBride at 843-413-2735 to learn more about how the SiMT staff can partner with you to quickly and efficiently bring your idea to market.