Merritt Island Moose Lodge
3150 N Courtenay Pkwy,Merritt Island Florida
LOOM #2073 WOTM #1544

Privacy Policy

The LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE (L.O.O.M.) and it's co-companion the WOMEN OF THE MOOSE (W.O.T.M) is a private membership organization. The general public is not invited to participate in the organizational activities listed on any of our pages.

The Moose Private Policy is in place to protect you and the Moose fraternity. The Private Policy is simple: Either you are a member of a Lodge or Chapter, or you are a Guest! All guests must be signed in, cannot make purchases, and must leave when the member leaves.

It is mandatory that all guests wear a form of identification such as a sticker, tag or ribbon, clearly distinguishing that individual as a guest. Only adults are required to wear a guest identification to prevent an inadvertent sale to a non-member.

A guest is defined as anyone not a member of the Order; not a member of the Lodge or the Chapter. A member that has fallen in arrears on their dues is a member not in good standing and is not entitled to attend lodge meetings or to enjoy social quarter's privileges. Only after the member has been dropped from the rolls are they allowed in the lodge as a guest (12 months past do). They may reinstate as a member by remitting the required dues to Moose Heart and receiving a membership card.

The current situation we are experiencing with membership renewal has led to temporary membership cards being provided as part of the membership renewal package (60 days). Please keep the temporary membership cards and use them so that you may continue to come to the lodge. If you have not received your new membership card by the expiration of the sixty day temporary card come to the office and see Phyllis about obtaining credentials to get you through the time period needed to receive your membership card. We will work with you.

Be proud to show your Moose Membership Card to the Greeters, the Bar Tenders, a lodge Officer or the lodge Administrator upon request. They are protecting you and our fraternity.

You are welcome to request membership in this organization if the activities you see on these pages interests you,. Please phone or e-mail us with your name, address and phone number and a qualified member of the organization will get back to you to arrange an
orientation visit.