The Cad Academy

The CAD Academy features industry leading 3D engineering, architectural and related design software titles, certification programs and learning resources. The CAD Academy was created to prepare students for the jobs opportunities of the new design economy. Today's student must be able to compete in a global market. 3D software out performs legacy 2D CAD programs by more than 300 percent. Are your student's prepared?

The CAD Academy curriculum meets the industry certification requirements of federally funded programs such as Perkins or No-Child Left Behind and includes printed textbooks, digital training videos, powerpoint presentations, lectures, tutorials and more. Curriculum maps to the American Design Drafting Industry Certification for General CAD, Architecture, Civil and Mechanical. Our program allows students to explore career pathways through real-world projects while establishing a solid understanding of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and architecture.

The CAD Academy features an extensive list of 3D software programs and resources. Students will find knowledge of our 3D software titles will open up 3X more job opportunities for them in engineering when compared to competitive solutions. The CAD Academy curriculum is approved by the American Design Drafting Association for Architecture, Civil, Mechanical and General CAD.

The CAD Academy prepares instructors and students for industry certification from the American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) for Architecture, Civil, Mechanical and General CAD. The ADDA certification validates industry specific knowledge and isn't based upon software competencies. Software is a tool of the profession. Knowledge of a profession is what makes the professional. The CAD Academy further supports student advancement by allowing students to checkout software licenses for homework and exploratory studies. In addition to the curriculum resources delivered with The CAD Academy instructors also have access to online training, curriculum and tutorials via our instructor portal.

The Engineering and Architecture Suite Includes:
* SolidWorks
* Bentley PowerCivil
* Bentley MicroStation
* Google Sketch Pro
* ArchiCAD
* Blender
* Discovery Channel

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