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Visiting Day Information

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read:
Due to high risk for puppy diseases being caught from visitors shoes, skin and clothing when visiting, I now ask that all visitors planning a trip to meet our puppies to PLEASE DO NOT plan a visit to other kennels or puppies before coming here. My apologies but it is for the safety of the puppies.

Let me explain my reason for that we ask that you do not visit other puppies in kennels or just your neighbors back yard before visiting us.
Puppies receive thier immunity to puppy diseases from thier mom until they are around 7 or so weeks old, no one really knows the exact time frame making it impossible to feel safe about thier immunity. Pups are vaccinated at 6 to 8 weeks old and then again at 10 to 12 weeks and final shot 14 to 16 weeks. Until thier final shot they are not safe from contracting puppy diseases that are lurking EVERYWHERE, especially dog parks and areas with high concentrations of other dogs, not to mention the grocery store, gas station and even the Vets office, so you could unknowingly bring DEADLY diseases to our kennel.
My long drawn out point here is that puppies go to thier furever homes at 8 weeks with thier 1st of 3 puppy shots. They will be in your care for the 2nd and 3rd shot and they are NOT immune from puppy diseases until they receive thier 3rd shot. Since they are high risk until the last shot it is my responciblily to keep them safe until they are in your care. Thank you so much for understanding..

The other thing I always like to mention before a visit is that the puppies are puppies and may jump up on little legs, so you may want to be sure little ones have on long pants in order to play with the puppies.

Please WEAR PLAY CLOTHS when possible. Though our babies have indoor/outdoor areas to play, They ALWAYS choose outside in the puppy play yard, ESPECIALLY when it rains!, LOL!

What can I say They LOVE the water and the rain perks them up! I do everything possible to keep all the puppies clean but you sure would not know it most days, even 5 minutes after a bath, grin and especially on rainy days.

Don't worry I will gladly give the pup of your choice a good bath before going home that day, they usually love the baths too. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your visit! Royce Ann and the Gang!