Woodside-Atherton Garden Club

School Gardens Project

"School Gardens and "Food for Thought"

Every week since 2015, WAGC members have worked in the Selby Lane School Garden in Atherton, transforming it from an abandoned plot of land into a flourishing vegetable garden and outdoor bilingual classroom. Local businesses and neighbors donated supplies, tree companies donated wood chips and tree stumps for seating, and Eagle Scouts helped spread mulch & chips. School families enjoyed fresh produce, while the children and parents worked alongside garden club members. It was such a success, "Edible Silicon Valley" featured the bountiful Selby Lane School Garden in their Summer 2016 Tour.

Teachers & volunteers now use the garden space for science, math, environmental studies, art and after-school tutoring lessons for grades K-5. The renowned San Francisco non-profit "Education Outside" (EO) chose the Selby Lane School Garden as their first venture outside the city. Currently EO has 49 schools dedicated to teaching California mandated NGSS science all year around in an outdoor setting. Certified AmeriCorps instructors teach a minimum of 32 hours each week, outside, in all 49 school gardens.

WAGC's vegetable gardens combined with Education Outside became known as "Food for Thought." The program has expanded to Redwood City's John Gill school, and WAGC volunteers hope to continue meaningful outdoor education and vegetable gardens in all 16 Redwood City elementary schools.

Selby Lane School Garden Video
September 28, 2016