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You already know all the buzz words; cost effectiveness,
maximize savings, profitability, cash flow, and the list goes on.
Prudent spending has always been important, but in todays
healthcare environment it's more critical that ever to a practice's
survival. We encourage our Members to work with our business
partners (OHC ONE) to save money. Likewise, we invite our
Members to recommend vendors they would like to see become
OHC ONE partners.

We work with our exclusive OHC ONE business partners tp provide
meaningful and pertinent discounts to our Members. Through
OHC ONE we seek out industry-specific suppliers and arrange deals
and discounts only available to OHC members.

The power of many
It's clear that our (work) environment continues to change.
There is constant pressure for new and updated programs
and equipment. Through ongoing communication with our
membership, we work with our partners to provide substantive
group discounts on those items important to the practice's

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