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Credentialing & Compliance

Accuracy | Completeness | On-Time Payments | Cash Flow

Credentialing might be one of the last things the federal
government hasn't decided to "fix" just yet. It's still a process
that's left to individual states and other jurisdictions. But left
undone or done incorrectly a practice's cash flow may suffer.
Let us reduce your administrative burden and handle your
physician's credentialing.

Timely Submission
Most credentialing can be done in 90 days, but you should give
yourself almost twice that long. Payers are merging and
supersizing. As a result, any leeway is continuously going
away. Each payer has their own requirements, timelines, and
processes, so let us manage this process for you.

Right the first time...avoid delays
Some credentialing experts estimate that as many as 85% of
applications are missing critical information. Outdated, missing
or incomplete information will not only slow the process but
often causes an even more indepth review of the application.
We are here to assist in making sure the credentialing document
is complete, accurate, and fully up-to-date BEFORE it's submitted.
Let our experience work for you and avoid delays in payments.

OSHA, HIPAA ... and the alphabet soup
Pressure is being put on private practices to remain compliant
by numerous state and federal agencies. We bring the resources
to bear to make sure our Members have ample opportunities to
meet the compliance requirements. And we work hard to provide
these opportunities such that disruption to the practice's workday
is minimized.

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