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An organiziation is only as good as its people. Often, our
busy schedules and deadlines cause us to rush some very
important decisions. We're here to help make sure that
filling a critical role in your practice isn't one of them.

Choose from the Best
Hiring - the necessary evil. You need a position filled and
obviously want the best possible person. To make certain
you find that person can be a time consuming and nerve
racking process. But it doesn't have to be!

We will advertise for, screen, and interview top-quality
candidates on your behalf. After the appropriate background
checks, we will make recommendations so that you may
chose from the top 2 or 3, thoroughly vetted candidates.

Know the Law
There are many pitfalls when it comes to employment law.
We can't prevent legal actions but we will provide access to
legal support services should you need them. Should you
need HR support, we will share our HR resources and labor
employment attorneys to provide our Members with guidance
to make good business decisions.

Handbook Template & more...
Whether your practice consists of a couple of people or a
couple of dozen, you need an employee handbook; an ominous
task. We will provide a legally-reviewed handbook template along
with assistance to customize it for your specific practice.
Don't wait until there's an issue or a problem. We'll help you
get a handbook in place that works for your organization and
meets state and federal guideline requirements.

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