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Features of Andy's Web Tools

When you open an account with us, we will email you a password. You can then access your account, online, at any time. No more waiting for a week while your web guru gets around to changing the hours on your home page.

There's no software to download and install. You can use Windows, Mac or Linux because all standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari) are supported. New features are immediately available to you and you don't ever have to upgrade anything.

Creating or editing your web pages is easy...just enter text into the text boxes and then add images the same way you would attach them to an email. Andy's Web Tools will resize your images to fit the web page!

All The Tools You'll Need For A Great Website!

Here is what you get with Andy's Web Tools. All of the following features are included in your Andy's Web Tools subscription

The Home Page tools allow you to control the text and photos on your home page. You can upload banner links and build rotating headlines, display featured items such as featured menu items or featured products. You can pull in movies from YouTube.
The Contact Page tools provide a form that allows your guests to submit questions to you. Your site will automatically respond to your guest, confirming that you received their query, and it emails you their question. You control the text, photo, and message that your guests see. Anti-spam controls minimize use of your contact form to only legitimate submissions.
The Guest Book tools give your site a form similar to common guest book feature found on a lot of sites. Your guests sign your guest book. Once you approve each message, it gets added to your public list of guest comments. Anti-spam controls and your review process minimize use of your guest book to only legitimate submissions.
The Photo Album tools let you build any number of photo albums. Choose from many different photo album styles to keep your site lively. Andy's Web Tools automatically sizes your photos for optimum downloading and makes sure your pictures fit your site pages, so you can take pictures right off your camera and add them to your site quickly.
The Links Page tools let you build an attractive page on which you can share links with your partners.
The Navbar Links tools give you the power to control your navbar. Organize your navbar links into whatever hierarchy you need. You can use popular fly-out sub menus to keep your navbar clean and attractive.
The Appointments tools give your site a form that collects appointment submissions from your guests. You can review the request and then contact that person to confirm or discuss the appointment.
The Staff Profiles tools provide you with a convenient way to list bios for the people in your organization.
The Menu tools let your restaurant build interactive, categorized menu pages with photos and pricing. Each menu category can be styled separately, and you can mark items as specials to be shown automatically on your homepage.
The FAQ Page tools let you build a simple FAQ page. If you need to categorize entries, you can group questions and answers and provide lead-in text for each category.
The Locations tools let you build a page for all locations for your business or organization. Easily upload map photos or location photos and link to online map services to help your guests find you in the real world.
The Newsletter tools let you build an online newsletter. Easily email your newsletter to your site members. Collect members through automatic "subscribe to our newsletter" links strategically built into your site.
The Calendar tools let you build a list of events or a full-fledged calendar. The intuitive control panel lets you configure recurring events that are aware to holidays and weekends, etc.
The Discussion Forum tools incorporate a full featured discussion forum into your Andy's Web Tools site. Guests sign up, configure their own profile, post messages and watch threads. It's a great way to keep guests returning to your site.
The Products tools let you build a complete online catalog. Categorize your products into whatever hierarchy you can dream up. Our Basic Subscription does include the products tools, without " buy now" buttons and inventory management features. Our Shopping Cart subscription gives you the "buy now" buttons, behind-the-scenes use of PayPal to collect money, and simple inventory management tools.
The Downloads tools let you add files to your site. Word documents, PDF's, MP3 audio files, etc.
The Custom Page tools give you a means to add any type of basic page to your site. You can add YouTube movies, add photos, link to other sites, even password-protect your custom pages.

Shopping Cart Features

All Andy's Web Tools subscriptions have all the tools listed above, including the Products Tools. If you only want to show your products on your website, you can do that with a Basic Subscription. If you want to sell products through your website, you'll want a Shopping Cart subscription which adds "buy now" buttons to your products, customize product options and shipping, includes behind-the-scenes use of PayPal to collect money, keep track of orders and includes simple inventory management tools.

A shopping cart subscription adds familiar "buy now" buttons to your site's product pages

With a Shopping Cart Subscription, you'll be able to specify product options, such as t-shirt sizes, colors, etc. for your products. You can choose if product options are asthetic, or if options change the price of an item.

With a Shopping Cart Subscription, give your guests a shipping calculator that uses the base shipping prices you specify. Whatever shipping methods you desire can be added to your products, and shipping options are customizable for each product. If you'd rather let PayPal calculate shipping, you can enter the weight of your products and PayPal will calculate exact shipping charges based on your shoppers' zip code.

You can sell files with an Andy's Web Tools Shopping Cart Subscription. Photographers can sell high resolution versions of photos that can only be downloaded once a purchase is made. Your Andy's Web Tools site will handle the behind-the-scenes work of emailing your buyers instructions for logging in and keeping track of who bought what. You just post your products and watch the money come in.

Simple order and quantity management is built into Andy's Web Tools. You'll have a record of orders in your control panel. Your Andy's Web Tools site can be configured to track your quantities and remove "buy now" buttons when your product quantities are empty. Or you can choose to sell out-of-stock items and have the system display messages to your guests about your backordering policies. All of this happens automatically with the built-in tools! The easy Shopping Cart Wizard will get you set up in minutes – not weeks or months.

Your buyers don't need a PayPal account. Your site will collect money by using PayPal, but your buyers don't have to have a PayPal account to pay for their orders. The check-out forms give your buyers the option of using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and e-Checks, in addition to paying from a PayPal account.

Other Features of Andy's Web Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are supported by your Andy's Web Tools site. This means you can use Google's excellent traffic monitoring and site verification tools, and your site is ready for programs such as Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site.
Add Movies to your site pages by linking to YouTube. Your movies appear directly in your site pages with the YouTube player controls that your guests are familiar with.

Email Features

Email hosting is included in your Andy's Web Tools subscription. Once you assign a domain name to your Andy's Web Tools account, you'll have your own email accounts with your domain! (i.e.,

100 email accounts.
Webmail lets you check your email when you're away from your office computer.
Easy-to-read help pages tell you exactly how to set up popular email programs such as Microsoft Outlook or MacMail. You can also use popular mobile devices such as a Blackberry or an iPhone to read and send email.
Powerful spam filtering helps to keep the riff-raff out of your inbox. You won't be bothered with any complicated spam filter set-up. Ours just works.
Email Management tools are built directly into Andy's Web Tools, allowing you to quickly add email accounts. You can create email aliases that deliver incoming messages to more than one person. You can add aliases such as that you can use on your site instead of your personal email.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is simple. We charge a flat monthly subscription fee that includes everything. You won't be sold a starter package that's purposefully limited or tricked into buying more than you need. You can try it risk-free for 14 days, and you can cancel at any time.

Basic Subscription
$29 per month
Includes all the tools, domain, web and email hosting.

Shopping Cart Subscription
$39 per month
A shopping cart subscription is the same as a basic subscription, but it includes extra tools needed by businesses who wish to sell products with their website.

Optional domain name registration - $12 per year

We don't include domain name pricing in our subscription price because many of you already have a domain name and you shouldn't have to pay a hidden cost for something you already have. For those of you who need a domain name, you can register one through us for $12 per year.

Summary of Hosting

Domain Hosting – you can register a domain through Andy's Web Tools, or you can move your existing domain name to Andy's Web Tools name servers, or you can simply forward web traffic for your existing domain to your Andy's Web Tools account. There are no hidden fees.
Web Site Hosting – All site pages and images for your Andy's Web Tools site are hosted on our secure web servers. There are no hidden fees. We currently do not support direct FTP access for uploading third party content or CGI programs.
Email Hosting – After you assign a domain name to your Andy's Web Tools account, you can set up email accounts through Andy's Web Tools. 100 email accounts. There are no hidden fees.

We Offer The Level Of Support We'd Want To Get!

Great support is one of the best things about Andy's Web Tools. You will get real answers to your questions. It may seem silly to say that, but if you've spent any time dealing with other web companies, you know that's not always the case!

Here are all the support options available to our customers:

  • Online documentation
  • Email support
  • "Ask Andy" feature
  • Phone support 888 725-2639 (9am-7pm EST, M-F)
  • Live Webinars

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